Mary Christof, Queen of Hearts

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Next to Normal

"And now, legally, its name is Hadassah. The last name and the middle we can fix later."

"You didn't even check if it has balls or not. You just went ahead and assumed it was a girl because OF COURSE YOU DID--also, nice outfit. The Halloween look works for you."

"It's a girl, no balls attached."

The demon shuddered, as Mary's sly little grin pierced him like a spear. Maybe it was the idea of her humble voice, through the coarse mouth of a young unmarried woman, actually saying the word "balls." Maybe it was the fact she was actually right.

"How do you know? It's not even out. That's like predicting a movie's plot before it's even produced."

To that, she snatched his choker in her fingers, pulling him close. "Trust me, she's a girl. And, she shall rule alongside her mother, baptised in the ways of my Father soon."

"But the mother hasn't been baptised yet...what will you do about her, hm? You have two stained souls..."

"Oh yeah? And you're an idiot. Don't worry your stupid little demon head, I'll deal with that minefield get out of here, you!"

I had to be dreaming. I had to be...this was only one of a million unusual paths I had wanted to take, a fantasy that'd never come true because of distance and age and commitment.

Which was good. Very good. I had commitment to someone.

I just didn't know that she had wormed her way into it, that she felt to my suffering body after so many years like a spectre come to stay, a wine I had sipped once because everyone else had done it before when the seller had been in town--mysteriously disappeared and then arrived to entice me again.

"I'm gonna be fine...I'm gonna be fine...I just have to keep fighting, I'm gonna be's just another're gonna get through this. Just keep going--smile, that's were born to smile and brighten other people's days. Eventually, I'm gonna deal with you, but not today. Not increments."

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