Mary Christof, Queen of Hearts

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Kali, the Demon of Children

The cat noticed her, slumped in the background--and its eyes sparkled in mischievous delight. Something's wrong, it thought, she looks sad. Come on, come on, I know what you're's not fair, is it? She has all the pieces to win the game...say it, then. Go on, Kali.

"Cheater, it's not fair. You have all the pieces, you're not playing fair anymore! You have no right to just change the rules of the game like that! Claude, help!"

Gotcha. Good girl, just dig yourself deeper.

I tingled, grabbing my throat in pain as she began to shriek, to the delight of both the cat and Mary. "YOU HAVEN'T WON YET! YOU HAVEN'T WON YET, YOU DIRTY SLUT! YOU DIRTY GREEDY SLUT!"

I found myself trying to hug Royal, only pulling myself back on Mary's request. "DIRTY LITTLE GREEDY..."

"Kali and Lucifer--what a lovely couple...I still wish to have both of your hosts at my table, and--"


"--as I was saying," Mary spoke, winding strands of my hair around her carmel hand, "--they're both mine, or going to be, as God has put them under my protection. Both of them."

"It's not true love, though. They are too far apart, thy haven't seen each other, they're impatient and nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh...princess."

A sharp, childish chuckle as she stroked my head, which had now had little needless stress curls popping out of it. "Enough."

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