Mary Christof, Queen of Hearts

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Truth or Dare

“Dare, I suppose? It worked when he did it,” I said, pointing at the cat before meekly attempting to hide a smile myself, gulping and biting my tongue. Mary had exited my body for the moment, proud of herself for having enticed me into her game.

“...besides, I already gave you my heart. I’m not about to lose another organ, like a kidney or an eye. I could rattle off my right hand, though it’s useless except for a paperweight.”

I could sense it. That excited smile. It was like the smile of a rich gambler that had--experience! Finesse! Composure!

“I can’t be too careful, you know! I’m not prepared for more of this stuff...and you already had your fun in my body, see--and that went as well as you’d expect in the modern world! Terribly awkward...”

The cat seemed to have fallen asleep in her lap, after she caressed it with her gentle hand--her eyes bore into mine, almost, and it made the game that much odder. I hoped the dare was something exciting, something doable, but thrilling and fulfilling--damn, she knew it, too.

She also knew of the curiosity I bore over her, and the attempts at converting the prince to her Father’s flock--with that, the grin just got wider, to a shoulder-clutching degree.

“I should probably get to sleep--we’ll continue in the morning...yeah?” Goddamn, was I nervous.

The grin settled down to a warm smile, as I tilted my head a bit and kicked off my shoes, lighting the blue candlelight and yawning heartily. Judging by the look I was getting, the fact the cat was safely tucked into a bed next to mine and given food (we hadn’t quite classified him as a stray yet) plus how comfortable my nightgown was in the wake of my sudden parturiency, this was to be one strange dare.

“Oidhche mhath, leannan. Tha gaol agam ort."

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