Mary Christof, Queen of Hearts

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The Heart/Good Little Dictation Machines

"I believe you'll like this, sweetheart."

I looked at the cat, then looked at the sky, then began to swiftly pray to Saint Michael before raising my eyebrow. "Hadassah will not be harmed, and neither, dearest, will you. I promise--now, open up."

Another curious eyebrow raise, before she giggled and pointed at my crossed hands, over my chest. "Open up, Alice."

Ten minutes and a gooey, blood-spattered hand later, my chest was burning to her great delight. "You said you weren't going to hurt me!" I shouted, blinking thrice.

"It's working...shhhh, shhhhhhh...I know, darling...I'm not hurting you...I only wish to help..."

"It burns. Patrick Bateman's suit, it burns!"

"I know, I know...shhhhhhh, it's just a sting, darling..."

You could barely hear the sobbing before I involuntarily fell asleep, new heart thumping. The brain, however...that would be tough, as I wouldn't be a sleeping beauty for long and unlike my heart, my brain was full of everything but her plans.

"You'll be part of the family soon, I won't give up on you, my love. You've made your move in this game, my dear--and I enjoy it! Quite contumacious...Olga, bring me Michael's horn."

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