Mary Christof, Queen of Hearts

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The Cat/Alleluia

He just sat there, absentmindedly licking his paw before settling back into the bed he was given, watching everything from the comfort of the spot. One wouldn't, and didn't know what ran through Paolo's mind, or even where he came from anymore.

He seemed to enjoy Queen Mary's presence, though, and as he watched, one began to wonder. They knew he had a lady cat, and several kittens, but hell knew where they were. He just happened to saunter along the street, holding his head like someone ran him over, or worse, yet lifting himself up repeatedly in the face of danger and found young, slightly pathetic Alice. It was no Oliver and Company, but what the hell, it made for a good inter-species friendship.

"Here,'re such a lovely kitty. Did Mama take good care of you? She's very sleepy right now, but she'll wake up good as new soon, isn't that heavenly? Good kitty..."

Mary's tender voice as she fed him once more, watching the doctor carve the sleeping Alice's head open like a pumpkin.

Both of them flinched, as the snapping nerve endings cut the brain off from her comatose body, the doctor picking it up and handing it to Mary like he had done this before.

"Her tongue and eyes. I politely request them also."

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