Mary Christof, Queen of Hearts

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The Sisterhood Bond/Mary O'Flagherty

My brain started pounding--if brains could pound as hard as hearts did, mine wasted no time or a beat--especially after the news had hit of two brothers escaping the house they shared--and who the friars were. “Yesli by u menya byla bulava , ya bystro izmel’chit’ ikh golovy za nepodchineniye!”

Olga smirked, instinctively picking up her mace and wiping it down with a wet tissue before licking her salivating lips.

" ... Non habemus ut facerent fratribus monialium prorsus Ecclesiae proponere emittit. Eamus in minore bene dicemus?”

“O, sic Maria. Quid istuc capere rebelles?”

“Dimitte me adversus singulos separatim. Fortasse quid mali essem, modo video.”

“Bene, hoc est, ubi velis...

I mumbled, before instinctively stuffing my hands in the robe pockets and carrying onto the shower again and continuing to chat with Mary--specifically something that had peaked my interest since we made the pact, her head raised high and forward as she was, the bluish hypnotic glow around me getting brighter with each naked step toward the bathroom.

“Miror - tu non indicasti mihi, quae adhuc nomen tuum. Ego scio quia filii vestri quae est fabrilis, Michael aliquid certius Italian, quod Hieronymus et Diaz Olga scriptor Dandrige est - sed hoc tui est, quod insigniter aereum---is Usque in nomine tuo , quod erat suspicari poterat, et O’Flagherty . Odigitria O’Flagherty Mariae , quam Cel . Et dicit , quod minus sonat ... alienum jus? Dandrige potest credere , nomen tuum Quin ... sed - quod quidem etiam ex modo mihi videtur.”

“Tace, puer. Identitatem mortalis, quia non opus est - quamvis subtili ratione.” Her warm smile mesmerized me, and before I could snap myself out of it, she reeled me back in.

“Non opus est? An non metuis salutem ? Non utique in omnibus ... ... ... Mihi dolet dubitans tu uero, regina...”

I shook my head slowly in entranced agreement, shutting the bathroom door and stripping like a girl in a nightclub, the windows shut until--

"Kore wa tsumitobachida, watashi wa anata o oshiete! Kono kuni wa kenpō o motte imasen?”
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