Mary Christof, Queen of Hearts

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Take My Eyes, I'd Rather Be Blind

"Oh Lord, as I stumble into the clear light of your teaching, please let me surrender my eyesight to you. For these blind eyes, they cannot see. Take my ears, too, while you're at it--for these ears hear lies!"


The sound of my ears being yanked and torn off as if they were little more than Post-it-Notes.


My eyes. Like marbles, with nerve endings tied to the ends.

Her tiny smirk as she picked them up, brown and shining like misplaced jewels in the night, as she took a bag from the closet.

My tongue.

My brain.

My eyes.

My ears.

All of them submitting to something I had only heard for my carcass, lifeless, my organs stewing in its brown cauldron, yeah, she had quite a plan for that...the dare wasn't over yet.

In fact, with all this in her keeping, as well as my newly refurbished beating heart pounding blood to my lungs and whatever was left of them, my dare had only just begun.

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