Mary Christof, Queen of Hearts

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Gilded Cages

The scene was almost--I’d say a cross between Romero and Stephen King as the mob of brown robes drew ever closer toward the castle-- “Arisu wa! Watashi o tasuketekudasai, karera wa sudeni jurī o chōkai shobun shimashita!” --and I could almost sense Mary’s soft grin getting wider as his feet careened toward the door in slight windblown terror.

“Sta fratribus nostris faciam diatore revocare eum sanum. Absit ut miraretur Benedicti et tollant singuli de silva venerunt. Adflictio puer?”

With a flick of her wrist, she bid them back to the fraternity house, rubbing her hands together gleefully. I, frankly, was excited that he was here at last with me.

She was excited for an entirely different reason, as evidenced by her short little giggle as she examined him like a slab of meat, or one of her own personal projects--

“Thea mi? Sed recenti adventu iusti mente tua...”

--and judging by the fact that her son created everything, that was plainly obvious in and of itself. Yet, she enticed the incendiary brother to drink of the sudden teapot and cup.

“Afferte de puero saccharo fac cito, bone!”

The only sign that I still had a voice was the increasingly effete pantomiming of desperation I had made with my earlobes--to the familiar. I had no idea whether this was a demon still, and I couldn’t ask, for after spending a few months in its keep I couldn’t tell what was which anymore. I felt groggy, I felt sluggish, I felt entirely under her control and I liked it!

I obediently poured the sugar into the two cups, a Cheshire grin supplanting sadness as I basked in his presence.

“Quid refert hic amor?” It felt strange, having tea naked in a bathroom with nothing protecting me but the pubic hairs on me and whatever was left of my dignity combined with the blessing of--Mary.

Realizing that he had yelled an apostate language as he was running, the young prince had figured he had ought to--make it up to the Princess somehow, bowing in front of her as though he were lowly.

“Princeps carissime noli timere exaudivit me.”

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