Mary Christof, Queen of Hearts

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Season of the Witch/John, The Baptist

“Who is she who comes forth as the morning rising? Fair as the moon, bright as the sun, more terrible than an army set in battle array?”- Song of Songs 6:10

"So, why can't I imbibe again? Something about pigswill? Or was it "the Devil's piss"?" I'd asked, agog as her blue veil swirled around her body. "A little libation wouldn't hurt, and it isn't like I have that many worldly pleasures to my name anymore. Pardon me for asking again, but with the new cognizance on it being blessed--yes, presence of a meal and such...but why plant within me such a desire? It looks pleasant with company around, too. Why that choice of words, if it is blessed wheat or something?" The smile caught me off guard again, as did everything today, but I waited for my answer anyway, rather patiently. "Why do you think I have supplied other addictions in place of it? Like John the Baptist, I do not wish you to drink strongly, for I hear what you would do under the spell of it, leading farther away from my family. Besides, wouldn't you like to be charmed by my charisma instead, hm?"

"Well, if you say so...I can't deny your charisma is something to be proud of--oh, right." She kissed my head, stroking my hair. "And m'am?" I asked, before stopping in gauche diffidence. "Never mind."
Her smile said it all for me, and frankly, asking too many questions sounded strange. I figured keeping this hidden would be a better bet, for possible rodomontade was not a pit I wanted to fall into regarding this gift of mine. I wasn't perfect, nor did I exactly want the front of being so. Who could handle it?
But trying was always a good step. Marching toward inner peace and tranquility was my goal, and once I got that, everything else would fall into place like a chess set.
"Can I still wear the hot pink suit? It's...please? I've never begged for an article of clothing in my life...okay, fine, maybe a few, but it looks so pretty and--not cursed like the Hope Diamond is? A little more attainable, maybe?"

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