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The Leftens came to Earth in 2022. They came from another galaxy with the intent to conquer. Earth was left under their rule after a pathetic attempt from Earth to rebel. Scarlett is living life on the run. She never stays in one place too long with the fear that the leftens will capture her. After a year of living by just surviving on what she scavenges, she comes across a squad of Leftens that she can’t escape from.

Romance / Scifi
T.N. Jewell
4.5 18 reviews
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When the Leftens came to Earth, they made promises of peace as long as humans submitted to them. No harm would come to humans. They were promised that they would live a normal life with the Leftens as their leaders. They were only there for another planet to colonize.

The humans were given 24 hours to decide if they were going to fight against these aliens or allow them to conquer Earth. If they chose to fight, the Leftens warned they would not show mercy. Cities would be destroyed and millions would die. Governments rallied together to decide if they could trust these aliens. While they decided, Leftens and their fleet orbited Earth to allow them to make their decision.

Nobody knew what the Leftens were. The government withheld all information on the Leftens from communities. Everybody was put into lockdown and became glued to their TV waiting for the moment when the government would explain what was happening. Families anxiously waited as military soldiers were deployed all over the U.S. to maintain peace in cities and neighborhoods and to ensure chaos didn’t erupt.

After 24 hours, Earth leaders made a collective decision. They were confident that if all countries came together they could destroy the Leften fleet and maintain leadership on Earth. The message was conveyed to the Leftens that Earth would not submit to them.

One hour after the message was delivered, Earth descended into chaos.

*A/N: This is just basic information that I felt was necessary to include. More information will be explained in future chapters. I will probably add more to this part in the future.

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