Season of love

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A collection of short stories. This book is for my lovely wife Veera kundal who understands my heart the best, even much more than me

Romance / Drama
Anil Kundal
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Season of love (First Story)

…It was the arrival of spring, every branch, flowers , and fruits, every image of nature, would unintentionally attract one's heart to itself . As far as vision could reach , only greenery and greenery would fill the eyes.

Many couples were sitting in the lush green grass of Premlata Park, lost in each other, enjoying the cool and gently flowing wind of the twilight . Some married couples belonged to the rich prestigious colonies located close to the park, but most of the bachelorettes came from far-flung colonies. The expansion of the park and the complete arrangement to hide and fall in love were special attraction for them.

If someone would look around and see the full range of the boundary inside the park , then all the pairs seemed to be emblematic of today's environment but apart from that, there was nothing special about it. But seeing a couple, he must have been bothered and stood there silently eavesdropping into their deep and sweet conversation.

That old-age couple was in fact , working as a magnetic power for everyone who would look at them. Taking a look at them just once and anyone would continue looking at them.

The old man had his head kept on the lap of the old woman, and while lying in an athalty posture, was talking to her in a very loving manner, and the old woman was listening to him attentively with a loving posture, stroking his hair with her delicate and soft fingers .

"Rajni, only I know how much I cried that night, oh my god. You have very simply said, "My path and yours are different now on. I'm now someone on whom you have no right over. I'll get married soon, so my mind, body, and wealth ate all taken by someone else The Rajni who you loved more than yourself, is lost somewhere in the merciless crowd of this world. I too feel a lot of anger , but I'm helpless just like it, no matter how much I want you, I can't have you to myself, I wish my heart hadn't loved you......

If I ask you something, will you promise to give it to me? I know you love so much that you'll give away your life too with any regret ....

But I want... Your life. Never shed tears for me, think that I was unfaithful, a few silver coins changed my intentions. It's the truth. Why will you shed tears on my disloyalty? Goodbye my love...." ..."Really Rajni, you have no idea what went across in my heart that day! I wanted to see you happy in every situation, so I went away as far as I could.. far... so far that..." The old man opened his eyes and said to his loving lady while gazing at her tender face with never ending love.


But as soon as he saw her, he sat up in awe and said with great astonishment, " what is it, Rajni? You are crying ..?"

"No, no,. That's in the eyes..." The old woman tried to avoid it.

"Tell me the truth, what's the matter, yaar?" The oldman persuaded her to speak up.

"No, no. Dear everything is alright"

"Then why the same hesitation ..."

"Rahul, you had gone so far that you didn't even care to once turn back see?"

"For whom would I turn back or look back ?'

"For me, Rahul.."

"But you..!"

"Yes, for me, I tried looking for you everywhere but I heard nothing from you. And today when we have finally met....

"Why would I disturb your happiest married life?"

"I was not married at all and still unmarried,dear!"


"Yes, Rahul!"


After thinking for a while, the old man fell into a relaxed posture with a unconstrained mind and placed his head in the lap of the old lady again. Then he gazed at het.

All of a sudden the old lady got excited and was about to say something, "I,..." But the old man put a firm hand on her mouth and said , "Don't say anything, Priya! I got to know everything. Our youth has been snatched away from us in that turmoil. But we have got another chance to relive the lost moments.

.. Let's forget the past and live in this wonderous moment......"

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