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Adam: From Nowhere (On-going)

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Our universe is strange and inexplicably wide and big however, isn't it infinite and if not, what's out there? Another universe or trillions of universes with different realities carrying different possibilities for the same person living as we know in what we called our universe? Adam: From Nowhere is the first part of the ongoing story entitled Adam written by Insecurus.

Romance / Scifi
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How do I describe it? Extravagant as melodrama or perhaps, profound− because the rhythm being made out from keyboard of the piano, carried emotions perhaps, being played out of frustration− its Beethoven's Fur Elise, him in black suit was playing through my old friend's piano.

I shifted my gaze to the people from that place and really, I could clearly see how a delineation of marvel showed from their face as they're watching him making beautiful at the same time, filled with moroseness melodies through the keys.

As for me, I let my thoughts wander while listening to the beautiful sound. The familiar subtleness of it served as an expressway to the past− a sad past because its rhythm actually was the last rhythm I ever heard from the piano keys that was played by his fingers.

I thought that would be last rhythm I would be hearing made by him because I know this idea might sound like a crackpot, but I can't help myself to see Adam from him, Adam who's gone for ten years and who's already dead.

(A/N: Hello guys, this is the first part of the Adam Series entitled Adam: From Nowhere. Maybe in August, the first part will be finished and I'll start working with its second part. However, just a friendly reminder I'm not a native speaker of English language so you're really going to encounter a lot of mistakes of my grammar and language expressions just let me know so we could correct it. Beside, if I finish this, I'll do a grammar check. Thank you)
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