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Not Now

By Chummy122 All Rights Reserved ©



in to her world comes three gentle men but only one is the love of her live.

Untitled chapter

‘In mathematics or any area that deals with numbers, there are some equations that need to be followed to get to the final answer. If life in general had an equation, it would be a long and exhausting one that that no one would ever get to the bottom of. Life is a precious gift from God that we all have to value and be thankful for. It is the best thing that one would ever ask for. It is something that one would never get back or would never have once it is taken, we live once. Life can be exciting, boring, exhausting and anything that one would feel about life they have. People live differently, some are rich and those are the ones who enjoy life as they have everything they need. They wake up today looking forward for tomorrow and more of today to come. They have and see reasons to live as they have something to live for, to enjoy all the good life they made for themselves so their lives can run on smoothly. ‘Diamonds don’t just fall from the sky, one has to dig deep to obtain them… like in the Bible, book of Proverbs chapter 12 verse 27 says, ‘if you are lazy, you will never get what you are after, but if you work hard, you will get a fortune’ and verse 14 continues to say, ‘your reward depends on what you say and what you do; you will get what you deserve. Still in the book of Proverbs chapter 13 verses 4 says, ‘no matter how much a lazy person may want something, he will never get it. A hard worker will get everything they want.

And then on the other hand, life is very difficult. People have no place to lay their heads. They have nothing to put in mouths to fill their empty stomachs. Nothing they wishes ever come their way. They give up easily and see no other reason to stay alive. They lose hope and start having some thoughts that God for some reason abandoned them, ‘God never says no but not now’. Never in life give up on something if you want it so badly, go after it even if you failed before but you will make it at the end… a road to a long journey is never well paved. There are some holes to stumble through and one has to buckle up tightly, be patient, stay strong and have a positive attitude about making it and pray all the way. When life throws lemons at you, make a lemonade out of them. God prepared something good for the all of us cos He would never like to see us suffering. Pray and what you prayed for would come even much than what you asked for. Have something to live for. Wish for a better life, dream big and chase them.’

‘Now having said that class, I want to hear from all of you. I want you to tell me of all that you dream of…’ says Mrs. Tima an English teacher.

‘Kgm! I want a big family after marrying the woman of my dreams. She is not far from here, I already know her. I want four kids, two girls and two brothers for them. They all will be going to private schools. I want a better life for them than the one I had. I want a job that will make me recognizable nationwide if not worldwide. That is why I am working very hard in school and I also want to change people’s minds, I want them to learn about the importance of fearing God…’ says Mels

Mrs. Tima stands from where she is sitting and now clapping her hands.

‘I don’t want to say anything to that my boy, that’s a great life you want to have and please make sure you chase it… let’s hear others.’

‘I just want to be rich and for people to respect me…’says Matt.

‘Oh my word! Do you think there is anyone who would respect you if you don’t respect anyone even yourself? For the Bible says, ‘do for others what you want them to do for you’. Do you think you will ever get rich if you do not show much seriousness to your school work? Just take a look at this test paper; you got only 24% or you just going to rob a bank to make your dream come true?’ Bay asks as she laughs at Matt.

‘Being rich and everyone respecting you is what each individual wish for but how possible can it be if one isn’t serious Matt? You should work hard to earn those… ’ Mels adds.

‘Okay! We heard Mels and Matt, let us hear the rest of the class.’ Mrs. Tima continues.

‘Bay! What are you waiting for, let us hear you…’ Matt shouts.

Bay gives him an evil eye and starts.

‘Did you really have to do that? Okay everyone, I just want to marry a man from outside this continent especially the white one. We will see how many children to have if we really have to…’ Bay stops.

‘Wow! That’s the exact dream I once had when I was growing up. You travel the world and get to know places you have never been to when you visit your in-laws…’ Mrs. Tima adds.

‘She is just lying to all of us, I am her boyfriend…’ Matt says

‘Teacher just continue with the lesson and ignore him, that’s how he is, always seeking attention…’ says Mels looking at Matt with furious eyes face.

‘Kgm!’ Mrs. Tima cleares her throat.

‘I want to know something here my dear, are you going to wait forever to see that man you dream about or you will be dating these ones here to kill time because he might take long to come for you?’ Mrs Tima asks.

‘Yes! Tell us, what are you planning to do with us? Why do all pretty girls like white men? You now want us pretty boys to end up marrying ugly ducklings.’ Matt gives Bay a covert look.

‘Ma’am! I am going to wait for him. I am going to lose my virginity to him.’

‘Talking about your virginity we are not sure… who knows.’ says Matt putting his head on the desk.

‘Matt! You know as much as I do that you are not my favorite person. You are a nobody but you think you know better than anyone else. I don’t know why Mr. Spencer made me sit next to you, I wish things were differently…’ says Bay

‘Because we are a perfect combination’…Matt drops his face to the floor.

‘It’s enough Bay, he heard you. If he did not, he does not have a human spirit. Look at him, he is even scared to look at you when he talks, his eyes are glued to the ground;’ Mels laughs.

‘He is right… he and the floor he is staring at are the perfect match…’Bay says.

Other students laugh.

‘That’s so impressive my girl, I believe you are going to chase your dream and live it…’

‘We will see.’ Matt whispers.

‘Teacher! Why do never tell Matt to stop with his nonsense? He is always infuriating Bay…’ says Mels.

‘Yes! Mels is right Mrs. Tima, you never take action against him and it’s like it’s becoming a habit to him…’ says some other boy in class.

‘My dear children, you had it the wrong way. You are all equal to me and I love you all. I want you all to be self-assertive. I want you to be able to stand for oneself in anything that comes your way. You are now grownups and I don’t want to see you always running after teachers to report someone whenever they did you wrong. Take responsibility and action but don’t include fights or any vulgar language. Act like civilized people. Bay will talk to Matt and tell him she does not like the way he conducts himself towards her, if he does not listen and continues with the behavior that’s when she will decide to include the teacher.’ Mrs. Tima explains.

‘You are right teacher, Bay never complained.’ Matt smiles with all his teeth out like of a skeleton.

‘You see ma’am? He is always inflaming her…’ another boy adds.

‘Mrs. Tima, its time already. Seems like we wasted yet another lesson on this nonsense. He really is a joke…’ Mels glances at him.

‘What is it, is there anything interesting this side?’ Matt asks.

‘You Matt, you are a joke yourself.’ Mels replies.

‘Enough boys! Can I have the attendance register to sign before I forget… you are the best class I ever had in the days of my teaching. You are never afraid to say whatever it is in your mind. no one would ever get away with anything if you are around. Take an extra care of you and have a good day…’ she goes out after signing the register.

Mrs. Tima was an English teacher. She was beautiful, a very beautiful woman with a kind a gently soul that always had a way to heal broken hearts and mourning ones or gives word of encouragement. Not only her INS was seen, she was a very attractive woman who each and every man would die to have. She had a coffee clouded skin, middle height and some shinning crystal teeth and eyes that everyone adored. She was married to a Whiteman’ they loved another very much that everyone around the village knew of them as they always held hands whenever they walked together. With a heart that could turn sour milk to fresh one, she was loved by all especially students. They felt comfortable with her than any other teacher that they could open up and tell whatever was on their minds. She always shared some life experiences and gave them some life tips.


‘Hey Mels! You were so quite in Mr. Spencer’s class today, are you sick or something?’ Bay asks as she sits next to him.

‘Something…’ Mels replies in a low and angry voice

‘So you don’t want to talk about it?’

‘Yes I don’t, what would be the use if I do?’ He turns the other direction.

‘I really enjoyed his lesson today; I don’t know why you didn’t.’

‘It interested you only because most of it you talked about bad things…’

‘What bad things now? Everything we talked about is nothing but the truth. It does exist and you are well aware of it too.’

Bay stands from where she seated and immediately Mels grabs her hand…

‘Where do you think you are going, are you certain about that?’

‘Come on Mels! I mean, what if a girl gets rejected by their family and the society at large? You know very well that some cultures do not tolerate a teen or unmarried girl falling pregnant. You know that children are an obstacle to pleasure and they are unfortunate accident to teen mothers. What if the boy and girl who are expecting both are not working, what will happen to them? Abortion should totally be legalized and those who committed it should be treated with great pleasure and no statements should be taken by police officers finding out that they have aborted.’

‘Of all the people in this class, I never expected such trash to come from you, you really disappointed me… I get some of what you are trying to say. Why are you letting the devil to destroy and have control over you? It is not too late to change, God does forgive those who sins’

‘Mels I am doing nothing wrong here, God does know it too. We are taught about these everywhere and even primary pupils know about. I don’t get what you are trying to defend or protect.’

‘There is nothing at all that I am defending like you are saying Bay. In order not to do this, it is very important to understand that abstinence which constitutes a necessary condition of human dignity during the period of unmarried state is even more necessary in marriage itself.’

‘So your point is that to avoid all this misery is to stay from intercourse? No way, that is impossible.’

‘Bay is that another way to tell me that you already started? Please come to church, the devil completely damaged you…’ Mels shakes Bay’s shoulders from the front.

‘That’s not what I am saying Mels, you must got it wrong…’ She takes Mels hands away from her shoulders.

‘Would you care to explain that to me then?’

‘Get me right…’

‘I am all ears…’

‘All I am saying is, kids of this era will always find a way to do something they are told not to. They always find a way to have that though they are told everyday not to.’

‘I get you now but Bay make sure you don’t end up doing that mistake. Make sure that the man you are going to marry is the one who open that special gift himself. Don’t let these boys fool and sleep with you, they will soon be going around telling the world that they slept with you.’

‘I won’t do anything stupid to let you down. I am going to wrap it so tight for him. I know he is waiting for me…’ she says with a glee.

‘That’s what I want to hear, I like people who set huge goals for themselves…’ he kisses her forehead and gives him a rib cracking hug…

‘And what’s that for, I can’t breathe Mels, let go of me…’ Bay tries to escape from Mels arms.

‘For being a good girl, the dreamer and for also being someone special to me. If you don’t change, I tell you there is a bright future for you.’

‘Hahaha! And now you are a fortune teller?’

‘Now tell me about this man if yours you dream of…’

‘My man… hmmm! I want him white. I want a life no one here ever had.’

‘Is that all that you want from a white man; can’t a black one give all that to you?’

‘I don’t want to be told to go to the fields and plough or to be told to have many kids after getting married to the black one. I want something new, I want to try new things, I am so tired of the meals we have here.’

Mels shrugged…‘Okay! Are you telling me that you are going to wait forever for him even when he does not show up? Are you sure about that?’

‘Are you trying to shake the foundations of my white man?’

‘All I am saying is there are lots of good guys here who are attracted to you, good guys not these jackals we always here of…’ Mels held Bays hands to his chest.

‘And who are those?’

‘I am talking about good ones here Bay. They are always watching your moves and to have special with you…’

‘Are you one of those?’

‘Maybe I am…Are you telling me that you would refuse to marry a black wealthy educated and handsome man if he asks you to?’

‘Judging someone’s dream is kind of rude, do you know that?’

‘And who is judging whose dream?’

‘This conversation is getting old, can we rather talk of something that can benefit both of us…’

‘This is going to work out for me and you. What if one day when I am mature and responsible enough, having a good job and…’ he stops as Bay interrupts.

‘I am not at all interested in your maturity and all that and please let go my hands, you now starting to make me feel uncomfortable.’

‘Let me finish, what’s with you?’

…‘A guy like me comes to you and asks you to marry him. What will be the response?’ Mels forced a smile to his face

‘What seems to be funny that makes you smile, what is wrong with you?’

‘Let me just try to interpret the whole thing…’ Mels gives a peck of kiss on Bays lips.

‘Ewwwww! Are you out of your mind Mels, what are you doing?’

‘I wanted to give a better explanation. What I did is what is supposed to be done by married ones right? What would your reaction be if a black would like to do that with you, I mean in a proper way?’

‘The answer would still be no even if he happens to be a millionaire…’

‘Don’t worry; I am in no hurry to get the answer. I know I cornered you; you will give me the answer some other time. I have some people waiting for me right now at the church. Have a good night, will see you tomorrow…’

‘You are crazy…’

‘You are part of reason why I am…stay well.’

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