Not Now

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Let us do it for ourselves Let’s do it for our family name Let’s do it for our country Education is the key to everything Education is the opens all doors It is the key that can’t be taken from you It’s your legacy Something that can’t be passed to another Something you can’t leave for your kids It’s something that defines you It is something that can’t break even when you fell hard. Forever you will hold it to the grave. It paves your future to shine. You get recognized by people. Much respect you get. It moves one from a hut to a palace. From a donkey cart to a range rover. One gets various meals a day instead of one or none. All bad goes and the good shows up. The sour turns to sweet. Coldness turns warm. The impossible are possible. The hardships turn to soft. All that’s needed is attention. Hard work and determination. With all those together; educated you would be.

All cheered and praised her name…

There is no use standing there and clapping saying, “that’s true”. We have to get up and start doing something; we are the leaders of tomorrow and today. It is the duty of all that wearing school uniform to go and sit alone and ask yourself what your purpose is in this world and what you want to achieve in life…It’s just a couple of months and you will be there home alone, utilize this chance while you still can. Thank you all…’

Everyone pause to think about this and start cheering as she walks down the podium.

Mels runs to the podium as she walks down, he throws himself at her and couldn’t notice people are watching.

‘Hey Bay! Can I talk to you in the office before you went home?’ Mr. Lategaan pats Bays shoulder.

‘Yah sure!’ She replies as she pushes Mels away from her.

‘Hi Mels!’ Mr. Lategaan says as he walks away.

‘Kgm! Good afternoon sir.’

‘What was that all about? ‘ Mels asks Bay.


‘Him patting you in that way and the look he gave me. Am I missing something here?’

‘What are you talking about? I think he was just trying to warn us that people are looking at us. You shouldn’t have done that Mel’s; I don’t want your girlfriend to be one of the people who hate me…’

‘Bay there is no girlfriend.’

‘She didn’t come to school today? Oh! Look I have to run; I will see you around…’

‘Bay! Can we talk about this for once and all?’

‘There is nothing to talk about go to your class. I have to go…’

She walks away on him and he turns to walk to his class. On her arrival at the office, she finds Mr. Lategaan at his desk head resting on the table. He quickly looks up as Bay walks in…

‘Hey! What took you so long?’

‘Um! I wasn’t long, I came as soon as I could.’ she says as she closes the door.

‘Is he your boyfriend?’

‘What? Oh! Mels, no…he is my friend, no we used to be. Argggh! What am I saying, just forget about all that. He is not my boyfriend…’

‘Are you seeing someone?’

‘Nope! Why are you asking?’

‘Bay I want you to be my girlfriend. I’ve never felt this way about anyone else…’

‘Ummh! I don’t know what to say, where is your girlfriend?

‘I was serious the other day telling you that I do not have a girlfriend. I love you Bay.’

He comes and sits on the edge of Bay’s table.

‘I really don’t…’

‘…Shhh!’ he interrupts her putting his fingers on her lips.

Their mouths and eyes are just inches away and can’t resist another. They close their eyes and slowly their heads come together and starts kissing.

‘Did I tell you how beautiful you are Bay?’ He asks taking away her hair from her face?

‘Yes you did, many times but not recently. That was the other day when we were at your house.’

‘I promise you that I won’t force you into anything that you don’t want. I will wait for you to finish with your studies, get married to you and then start making our own family.’

‘Ohh! You would really do that Mr. Lategaan? I don’t want to see you suffer; I heard that men can’t survive long without having sex if they had it before. I don’t want to start having sex while I am still a student, that’s what I promised myself...’

‘And I promise you that I will wait for you till you decide when you want it. Those are mysteries, I am still alive and it’s long since I had sex. I just want you to be mine Bay. I want you to be the mother of my kids and I want to make you my wife.’

‘What will happen if we get caught? You could lose your job.’

‘I am sure we will be able to keep it under wraps if we both really want this to work babe and besides that I don’t care if I lose my job, if I have you, life would be easy.’

‘And how will our kids survive if you are not working? I can’t take care of my husband and kids too…’

‘Come here! OH! Does that mean you agree to be my girlfriend?’ He lifts her and turns around.

‘Put me down! Put me…’

‘Oh! I am so excited; this is the happiest day of my life…’

‘Put me down…’

‘Oh! Sorry babe, so what are you saying?’

‘I think I have a thing for you too so let’s just give it a try.’

At home Bay’s mom is in the kitchen preparing dinner. Bay’s brothers are in the study room revising and Bay is also studying in her bedroom. It is difficult for her to concentrate, feet on her study table, hands clasped behind head, gazing dreamily into the ceiling.

‘Why am I falling in love with my teacher just few months before my final examination? My mind should be as sharp as possible, free of distractions, focusing on one goal…’

She walks aimlessly in her room then to the kitchen.

‘I thought you were studying, what are you doing here?’ Mother asks.

‘I don’t have much work today mom so just relax. Can I help?’

‘Sure! Take those potatoes over there and dice them…’

Bay takes the bowl and a knife and sat on the kitchen table; she peels the potatoes and dices them as she was told. Her mother couldn’t take her eyes from her; there was something different about her.

‘You seem happy today my girl, what is it?’

‘Mom! Can I ask you something?’

‘Sure!’ Mother wipes her hands with a kitchen cloth and sits next to Bay.

‘Mom! How would you feel if I had a boyfriend?’

‘I was wondering when I would hear such words…’

‘Mom! There is this other guy that I want to date, he is a good person and I really want us to work, all I want is your blessings.’

‘You already have it.’

‘Just like that mom, say something. Scream at me or something.’

‘And why would I do that? I knew you were going to fall for someone my dear, you are growing and I don’t want you to be sad because of me, if you think this one is good for you, I don’t have a problem. The only problem I would have with this relationship of yours is if the boyfriend is not working or someone who doesn’t school or someone with no future.’

‘Mom! This one is one in a million. He is four years older than me and he is working, he is a very good person mom and I know you going to like him…’

‘You should be very careful Bay, he is older than you and of course he is much experienced than you in everything, I don’t want you to date someone who is irresponsible, who will impregnate you and run away to leave you raising the kids alone. I want you to date someone who is intelligent; I don’t want to be a grandmother to stupid kids who would find it difficult to understand when they are taught at school.’

‘Hahaha! Mom! Why are you talking about kids? This man of mine and I agreed we are going to wait until I am ready…’

‘Either way my girl, I don’t want you to date someone who is not educated and…’

Bay’s phone rings and suddenly her face light more than before.

‘Look at you, all smiles around your face, he must be making you happy, go ahead and answer him.’

“Hello’ ’answers Bay.

“Hey babe! I am missing you, how are you? Mr. Lategaan answers back.

“Ummh! I am doing great; I am helping my mom with supper.”

“Why didn’t you invite me over?”

“Don’t worry, will do so very soon…”

“I’d love that, I meant it when I said I love you Bay and I am willing to do anything and everything to keep you…’

‘Just a second, let me get away from my mom, she is staring at me.’

Her mother waves the kitchen cloth at her as she goes out from the kitchen.

“Babe are you there?”

“Yep! I just wanted to get away from mom. I miss you too and I’ve been thinking about you a lot and I don’t know if this is right’’

“What do you mean babe? It is a right thing of course people in love are always thinking of their partners..!”

“I don’t think my thinking about you is normal, my mom even noticed that I am happy”

“That’s how it should be babe; people should tell it from your face when there is that something that makes you happy. Let me not keep you on the phone, go and help you’re your mom, I will definitely see you tomorrow…”

‘Okay bye,’

“I love you Bay”

“I love you too”

Bay cut the call and goes to help her mom!

‘That boy is really doing something to you, look at you, you are glowing.’

‘Mom!’ she rolls her eyes.

‘I should definitely see him; I want to meet your boyfriend. Set a date, agree on it and let me know when it is….’

‘You will see him mom, he said he’d love to have dinner with us…’

‘Set the table and call out your brothers, everything here is ready…’

They all gathered around the dinner table, Held hands and Tom held the prayer.

‘Thank you Lord for giving us another moment, thank you for keeping us safe and looking up at us, thank you Lord for protecting this family, give us more days staying together and increasing the bond we share. Bless the food we are about to eat, others out there have nothing to eat but God please keep them safe so they can better their lives tomorrow. We thank you father in heaven, Amen!!!”

‘Amen!!!’ They all say after him.

They all serves themselves and starts eating…

‘Kgm!’ Tom clears his throat.

‘Tom! Don’t start, we are eating …’ Terry says.

‘Mom! I have noticed something these days.’ Tom says.

‘What is it my boy?’

‘Mom! Bay is always smiling these days and it does happen a lot when she receives a message or a call from her phone.’

‘How is it your problem then?’ Terry asks.

‘Mom! Why is that so?’ Tom continues.

‘I don’t know my boy, and I haven’t noticed that. Ask her yourself….’

‘Why is that so Bay?’

‘I am a lady. A grown up beautiful girl like me should always be smiling ….’ Says Bay

‘Why?’ Tom asks.

‘Oh Gosh! There we go, are we going to eat or listen to this naughty boy?’ Terry shouts.

‘You can eat and talk, nonono! I was not talking to you, Bay answer me…says Tom.

They all laugh.

‘Bay! Answer him.’ Mother pleads.

‘Ummh! So that man who finds you attractive can propose to you…’ Bay answers.

‘Bay!’ Mother shouts.

‘What mom? You said I should answer him.’

‘Wow! I do get all of that now, it starts making sense…’ Tom says with a broad smile.

‘And what is?’ Mother asks.

‘Bay! There is this other girl I like at school, she likes smiling at me and whenever I come near her, she would run away. Tom says.

‘That means she is not into you…’ Terry giggles.

‘What? ‘Tom asks…

‘She does not like you back, the reason she runs whenever seeing you is because you scare her.’ Terry answers.

‘Terry come on.’ Says mother.

‘Maybe she thinks you are a monster.’ Bay giggles.

‘Oh! Give my boy a break.’

‘Mom! Am I that ugly, do you also believe she thinks I am a monster?’

‘You are the prettiest thing ever my boy, don’t ever run after her whenever she does; Show her you are a grown up, she will start talking to you afterwards.’

‘Thanks mom for that tip. I asked Terry the other day to tell me what to do and he refused .I always see him with girls but they don’t run away when they see him…’

‘Those are my friends.’

Bay and mother laughs.

‘But still….’says Tom

‘Bay! You hardly touched your food, are they not nice?’ Terry asks.

‘Mom never prepares anything not mouth watering, you should know that by now and the way I know, you wouldn’t be digging them if they were not nice.’ says Bay.

‘Why are you not eating them?’ Terry asks again.

‘She is thinking about her boyfriend…Bay has a boyfriend…’ says Tom.

‘Tom! Behave …’

‘Ok, ok! It’s our little secret…’ Tom whispers to Bay.

‘I am not going to ask Terry to give you some tips on how to woo a girl. They all are going to run whenever you come to them.’ Bay says.

‘Forgive me sissy, you don’t have a boyfriend. Please ask him to give some please…’

‘Easy boy! I will ask him…’

‘Thank you sissy, you are the best…’

‘It’s going to cost you little boy. I want to go to bed everyone; I have to wake up early tomorrow…’ Bay says.

‘But you didn’t eat…’ mother says.

‘I am fine mom, I am not hungry…goodnight mom, Terry and monster boy, goodnight too.’

‘Bay, I don’t want that name.’ Tom says in a lower and sad voice.

‘Goodnight Tom!’

‘Goodnight sissy, love you…’ Tom waves.

“Oh dear Lord Father, show me the way. I know you are the only one who can show me the right path now, I am lost. How possible can someone be in love with two people…I love Mels with all I have, I love Mels with all I have, I cannot be with him right now because he has a girlfriend and I can’t destroy what they have and he clearly doesn’t care about me because he said it to my face that he has a girlfriend. There is Mr. Lategaan on the other hand, there is this other feeling I have or him. He is a very good person and I can already tell he cares a lot about me though we haven’t been together for long. I cannot go in the open with him because he is my teacher and students are not allowed to be involved with their teachers, he can get a serious penalty for such an act. Help me Lord, I have to pull through this, guide me to the answer, thank you Lord, LORD.


The next day when she woke up, she had calmed sufficiently. With courage and confidence she knew what to do; she gave it all the thought and made a decision. She was comfortable enough to the matter of Mels to rest...”Mels is happy with his girlfriend and I believe Mr. Lategaan and I can build the very same thing for ourselves.

She is surprised to see Mr. Lategaan standing by the door. He hears the door handle and hurries there so he could welcome Bay in a special way.

‘Oh hi!’ Bay says with a great smile.

Mr. Lategaan opens his arms to give her a hug.

‘Hey Hun! How did you sleep?’

‘Peacefully and even had wonderful dreams.’ she gives a him broad a smile.

‘What’s with the smile, does it have anything to do with me?’

‘All of it!’ she says as she goes to her desk.

Mr. Lategaan walks towards her.

‘So babe, when are we going to have some time to ourselves, I mean the two of us?’

‘I have been asking myself the very same thing…how about today?’


‘Now! ‘

‘Now? Classes are about to start …’

‘I know they are about to; we can go to any place of our choice. I will call in sick and you can also call in you went to a workshop or something. I know you have used those tricks before and must be good.’

‘What workshop that the school staff doesn’t know about?’

‘ I don’t know, think of something else then…’

‘ I can’t do that Bay, I care about you a lot and that much you know. I want a bright future for you, go and attend your lessons then we can go out. I already have something planned.’

‘Better be alone than ill company…’

‘Bay! Come on stop saying that…come here babe.’

Bay folds her arms and steps back as Mr. Lategaan comes closer to hug her.

‘Bay! I can’t do that; I can’t make you miss classes. I have a good job and I want to see you having one too tomorrow.’

‘ I will catch up with whatever was taught today in class, you know I am very good at that, please! I won’t…’

Bay is interrupted by a phone call. mr Lategaan takes it out and picks.


He looks at Bay and smiles.

“Yes it is him speaking…”

Bay can hear the voice is of a woman but cannot not hear clearly what she is saying.

‘Oh! Let’s make that half past twelve this afternoon. I have classes to go to from now…okay see you then, book in a very special one; it is for a very special person…

Mr. Lategaan hangs up the phone and offers Bay the greatest smile ever but gets the opposite of that.

Dammit! Bay shouts as she walks towards the door.

‘Hey! What’s wrong?’

‘Who was on the phone?’

Mr Lategaan struggles for words.

‘Yah! That’s what I thought…’

Bay opens the door and goes out. She can’t stop even when told to by Mr.Lategaan. He came running after her but she cant stop. She went to the assembly area where people already gathered. She went to where her classmates and Mr. Lategaan joins other teachers. They sang, prayed, announcements were done like always and Bay was given a moment.

Morning to you all, I hope you all are having a good one. I won’t be in this afternoon as i am not feeling well and I thought maybe I could just say this few words to all of you here. Our topic today is mother ‘MOTHER’…I am not talking about any other female person here who is close to you, I am talking about that woman who gave birth to you. I know some abandoned some of us here and we lost others due to death.

“The choice is yours to decide what to call her. She cared for you since she learned you were inside her. She kept you safe in her womb for those beautiful nine months. She went through those terrible pains giving birth to you. She had some sleepless nights changing your nappies and feeding you. She helped you with your first steps. She picked you when you fell learning to walk. She helped and taught you to feed yourself from spoon. She helped and showed you how to tie your shoelaces. She showed you how to dress yourself. You are to the size you are at this moment because of her. Let us learn to show them the respect they deserve. Let’s not be selfish and give back the care and love they showered us with. No matter how angry they are at us, they will always love us and we will always be their little angels. Love, care appreciation is all, respect and they deserve”

‘Thank you everyone and please always remember to smile…good day!’

As she walks down the podium, Mr. Lategaan runs towards her. He grabs her elbow and drags her in front of some science laboratories…

‘Let go of me, what are you doing?’ Bay tries to pull away.

‘What is this Bay? What are you planning? We both know you are fine...’

‘What I do is none of your business. You do your own thing and I will do mine. I don’t even know why we having this conversation, go to your girlfriend.’

‘What girlfriend? I am with her now…’

‘That’s bull!’

‘What? Aren’t you my girlfriend?’

‘Don’t play dumb with me. You made some arrangements with your girlfriend in front of me. Why didn’t you at least do that during my absence?’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘OH! You forgot? I am talking about the woman you were on the phone with. I couldn’t hear what she was saying but I heard the voice was a woman’s.’

‘Can we please go somewhere so I explain this entire Bay…?’

‘You had your chance to explain earlier in the office but you couldn’t, I don’t want hear any of your made up lies. I am ready to go now.’

‘Bay! Can we please…?’

He pauses as Mels walks in.

‘Oh hi! Mr Lategaan, Bay! Did I interrupt?’

‘Hi Mels! Yes we were…’

‘No! Dont worry, we were done here…how are you?’ She says as she hugs Mels.

‘Bay can we please finish up here…’

‘ I will see you tomorrow Mr. Lategaan, goodbye!’

She takes Mels arm holds it and them both walks away from Mr. Lategaan. He turns away to the administration. Bay and Mels sits next to the bench that is behind the science laboratories.

‘Is everything okay?’ Mels asks and Bay does not respond.

‘Bay!!!’ Mels calls.


‘I asked if everything is okay, you look miles away…’

‘No, I am okay. I will be fine; why are you asking that, don’t I look okay to you?’

‘You were both tense when I walked in. i don’t know about other people but I could tell that you were quarrelling that’s why I came here to rescue you…what is going on here Bay?’

‘Learn to mind your own Mels…’

‘Something fishy is going on. Are you and Mr. Lategaan involved?’

‘What if we were?’

‘It’s against the school principles and you are too young for him.’

‘Says who?’

‘You should know better Bay, you always preach to other students about good and bad; telling them to do the good while you are doing all bad things…’

Bays phone rings for the second time still not picking it…She takes it out from her pocket and switches it off.

‘It’s him, isn’t it?’

‘And how does this involve you if it were him?’

‘It was that boy who nearly raped you and now it’s Mr. Lategaan. What is it that you want money? I thought you were someone you totally are not…’

‘This conversation is so over; I cannot do this anymore… I cannot listen to you insulting me.’

‘As you make your own bed, so you must lie on it.’

‘What consequences are you talking about?’

‘These older men do not love you; they just want you for sex. They like it unprotected, I hear they call it cleansing their blood with yours. They infect you with sexual transmitted diseases and impregnate you and sometimes abandon that innocent child and all is left for you.’

‘Mr. Lategaan will never do that to me…’

‘OH! You now admitting that you sleeping with him? This have to come to an end. I can’t just let him destroy your future. I don’t care even if you going to hate me, I am going to make sure that this end like yesterday.’

‘Good luck…’

‘Who said I need it…’

‘I do! Who do you think is gonna listen to all that rubbish?’

‘Don’t push me…’

‘Do as you like Mels. I am going out with Mr. Lategaan so what; do you want the whole world to know about it; why can’t you tell everyone about you and your girlfriend? Stay away from my life and mind your own.’

‘I thought you would be mine by this time but I was lying to myself. I shouldn’t have wasted my time did I knew you were after money, I mean I am a schoolboy where will I get the money to buy you expensive stuff that older men usually buy you? I am sorry to call you this but you are a jezebel.’

‘Stay well Mels, have a good day…’

During a short pause, Bay gives Mels a nervous look and tightens her face. Mels mouth flies open and no words comes out but to watch Bay walk away.

Clara was sitting on her desk, arms and legs crossed, head on the desk ignoring the rest of others.

‘Clara wake up.’ Bay shakes her up.

‘Hey! What happened? You look like you want to kill someone.’ Clara says.

‘I don’t want to go into it.’ Bay growls…

‘Bay!’ Clara calls.

‘Look, I have to go, I have to rest. Tell everyone that I will be in tomorrow.’

‘Where are you going?’


‘To do what? You are supposed to be in school…’

‘That much I know but I can’t coz I am not feeling well.’

‘Bay what’s going on?’

‘ Ask Mels…’

‘You fought again, I now rest my case. You are adults Bay; you shouldn’t be fighting all the time.’

‘Get a grip, I am out of here.’


Bay waves as she walks out…

At home, it’s quarter past nine in the morning. The perfect time to sleep and relax since she wakes up early in the morning. The right time to blow the afternoon but she couldn’t. Bay’s only concern was what went wrong since she got at school, she couldn’t join the pieces right that made her end up home. All she could hear in her head was Mel’s horrible words; she couldn’t believe he referred to her as a jezebel.

. “I do not believe I have been a fool all this time time. He made me fall for his lies; he lied to telling me he has no girlfriend. How could he, making arrangements with his girlfriend in front of me.I have never been so humiliated in my life like this and I will never let this happen again. Mels was right, all these older men do not love us, they just want to use us, and we are just a distraction to them. They are just wasting our precious time and want they want boys our age to hate us. I mean, Mels already hates me because of him. Never will I let myself for an older man. If his intention was to hurt me, he isn’t because he is half way through.”

She stands by the window, exhales loudly as watched out and clenches her dentures together. She walks to her bed and throws herself to it. She was shaking as she lye alone at the centre of the bed. She finally falls asleep .she sleeps only for only few hours, by 1500 hours she is already up. The first hour she was up was as slow as the first ones she arrived home. To take her books and read was the last thing on her mind as she couldn’t concentrate. She sat on the couch in the living room. She flipped through some television channels…sitting there alone drove her crazy, the hours she spent there alone in the house seemed like decades.

She rushes off to the door when she hears footsteps .She wished it to be one of Mels or Mr Lategaan ,she was dying for an explanation ,she wanted each of them to explain all that happened in the morning. She suddenly dropped her face when her mother walked in, she was so disappointed and anyone could tell she was not in a good state. Her mother greeted her as she hurried to her bedroom and Bay replies in a low voice.

‘You are early today…’her mother shouts from her bedroom.

‘You too…’ Bay replies.

‘I told you that I am in a workshop, we knock off earlier there.’

‘Oh! I forgot, I came here in the morning. I did not attend classes.’

‘Why? Are you okay?’ Mother asks as she walks into the living room; putting her hand on Bays forehead to check if her temperature is fine.

‘ I am physically well mom, I am not ill. I am not well mentally. I didn’t know what to think and decided to come here.’

‘I told them you cannot handle your studies and that office thing at the same time, I knew it was never going to end in a good way.’

‘Mom! It’s not that, I am doing well in my office as a matter of fact.’

‘What is it then? You look horrible…’

‘My boyfriend and I just had a fight this morning….’

‘It happens all the time my girl. All couples do fight and they always find a way to solve whatever they going through. Don’t let this get to you…Sit down with your boyfriend and see what went wrong, get to the bottom of it, hear another out, listen to what another says. I can see how happy he makes you. Look at you today, you look horrible. I can see from your eyes that you love him. Don’t just throw what you have over a misunderstanding my girl…’

‘Thank you mom, you are the best and please stop reminding of how horrible I am looking, I have seen myself in the mirror and I can feel it too.’

They all laugh…

‘That’s better my girl, at least that bitterness in your face is gone but I can still see there is something left.’

‘Mom! Mels called me jezebel… ‘

‘What, why he did he?’

‘He knows about my boyfriend and me, it’s the long and short of it…’

‘So he has a green eye?’

‘I don’t know what his problem is, he told me the other day that he has a girlfriend and I don’t know if she is not giving him attention or what. I really hate him at the moment.’

‘Hate is a very strong word my girl, you shouldn’t just refer to it at any time. It’s just anger, you will be fine tomorrow. Mels is a very good friend to you, don’t just throw what you already have because of a silly misunderstanding.’

‘Mom! All that glisters isn’t gold…As from now, Mels is dead to me. I don’t know if we all will be friends again. To call me a jezebel, that’s the strongest word, am I sleeping around?’

‘Keep your head on my girl, bury the hatchet. Life is too short to live holding grudges.’

‘He should eat his own words, I am not going to go to him, and he is the one who should find me or else help me God.’

‘Let’s get into the kitchen and start preparing dinner. Life is not too short to others or on to what they say to you. He called you jezebel, you know you not. Your boyfriend, I and your brothers know you are not. Why let it eat you inside? It should be eating you if you knew you were caught doing a bad thing…’ **

After dinner, Bay went to her bedroom to sleep as it was already late. She decided to switch on back her phone. Her phone couldn’t stop beeping, there flows of messages coming in. Missed call alerts, voice messages and some texts from one after the other from Mr. Lategaan.

“Bay please take my calls”

2. “I do understand. I saw this coming”

3. “There is no point switching off your phone ,let’s talk about this whole thing. I loved you Bay and I still do. You made me happy; you are the only girlfriend that I had who understood me. You shouldn’t have dumped me on this very day; I had a surprise for you and didn’t want to tell you about. The woman on the phone that I talked to this morning is working at Rama facial beauty and spa; I booked a massage for the both of us this afternoon. I was looking forward for a good time and this is what I get.’

‘Tell me, I will get over it as time goes on even if it’s going to take me long. I would never in my life hurt you in purpose. I still can’t believe you chose Mels over me, I thought there was something special about us that cannot be blown by a wind. Yah! I get it, you are still young and you can’t spend your life with an older someone like me, I loved you Bay and will always do.’

Bay is paying much attention to all this. She is going up and down in her bedroom. As she reads and reads over this, she realizes mr Lategaan gave up on them thinking she is going out with Mels. She swallows hard taking a deep breath as she tries Mr Lategaan’s phone.


Bay had a blank, almost hopeless look when she walked in class. Folding her arms neatly, she walks to her desk without saying a word to no person.

‘oh look who is here, welcome back.’ Clara shouts.

‘Clara please!’ she shout to shut her.

They both walk to their chairs, Bay sits with her bag still at the back. She keeps looking at the phone as if she were expecting an important call. Clara started glancing at her.

‘Clara stop giving me that look!’ Bay yells.

‘What look?’

‘Stop it, please!’

Is everything okay? I talked to Mels yesterday.’

‘And what did he say?’ she jumps.

‘Wohhh! Take it slow girl, you will get hurt. He told me he was going to do something that’s going to make some people hate him and told me he said something to you he shouldn’t have said and hopes you forgive him.’

‘That bastard!’

‘Bay would you care to explain what is going on, I thought we were friends and that we can talk about everything.’

‘Mels called me a jezebel.’

‘Why? That’s unlike him…’

‘Lets not talk about it, it doesn’t matter now.’

They chat for some minutes, talk about what was taught in yesterday lessons and start with some jokes.

‘oh! That’s reminds me, was Mr Lategaan in class yesterday? You haven’t showed me what you discussed in his lesson.’

“Oh no! He wasn’t in yesterday. Some other teachers came in yesterday and told us Mr. Lategaan wasn’t going to be in. I hear he was rushed to the hospital.’’ “Oh no! Hospital?”

‘’Yep! Something to do with heart problem...’’

Standing up quickly...

“Dammed! This is my entire fault .....” Bay slaps her desk with the back of the palm.

Clara wants to hear what is wrong but Bay can’t give her a chance. She goes out and run like a mad dog. Clara follows her out but came back as she couldn’t catch her.

Bay takes a step in their office and takes a deep breath. Mr. Lategaan is inside with his head resting on the desk.

“Hey!’’ Bay says still at the door.

“Hi Bay!’’ Mr. Lategaan replies with his head on the desk.

“I tried your phone last night and this morning but couldn’t reach you.’’ she comes closer.

“My family knows where to get hold of me if they can’t in my cell phone. Why should it be on, I don’t have a girlfriend right now.’’

“What do you mean, you no longer with me?’’

“You are the one who walked out on me, you chose Mels over me. Its killing me and I know I will get over It as time goes on even if it’s going to take long,” He takes his head off from the desk.

“That’s not true you know I love you. I would have told you that I no longer love you.”

“That is a lie... Would you care to throw some light upon your yesterday actions then? I guess you heard I landed in hospital bed yesterday and that is why you are here. You are just feeling sorry for me, that’s all. Your heart is no longer here, it’s at Mels and I won’t compete with him.’’

“Stop saying that, I love you!’’

“...Why were you at the hospital, what happened?’’

“My blood levels were high and I collapsed. That’s what I was told; I have no idea on what happened, I just saw myself lying in hospital bed. The idea of loosing you over a silly misunderstanding drove me crazy and couldn’t absorb it.”

“I hate myself for all this now; I shouldn’t have acted that way. I am sorry I caused all this. Most of what you are saying saddens me because of the way you say it and because most of it is true. After having a misunderstanding here with you yesterday, Mels and I got into a big fight I switched my phone off and decided to spend the day home. I did not attend classes yesterday and only saw your messages when I went to bed coz that is when I put my cell phone on. I tried your phone and couldn’t go through...”

“I booked a massage treatment for you and me yesterday. I wanted it to be a surprise. I was going to take you there after school. I hope you heard me on the phone telling whoever. I was talking to that she should make it after 12 noon. They wanted to confirm if we were still going to make it...

There was a knock at the door. They each looked at another as a way to ask if one is expecting someone. They both shrugged their shoulders to show that they have no idea who that could be. Bay went onto attend the door.

“Oh hi! Come in, what a pleasant surprise...” says Bay as she opens the door wide.

“Mr. Lategaan, I wasn’t expecting to see you in today. The doctor gave you some days off”. Says the headmaster as she walks inside the office.

“I am recovering well ma’am, I am fine in fact... I saw no reason to stay home and do nothing.”

“We already organized someone to take care of your classes while you are on leave.’’

“I am fine madam”.

“Are you sure?’’

“Very much certain.’’

“Bay I come here with the good news; you can now share it with everyone. Those essays and speeches you wrote remember?” she turns to look at Bay.

“Yours made it to the top three and you are given some other topics so number 1 2 3 can be chosen....’’

“Oh my God, I can’t believe it. This is wonderful.’’ Bay jumps in an excitement.

“You have made our school to come to the light. We are proud of you my girl, go and show them how we do things here”. Says the headmaster with excitement.

“Like I always tell you Bay, with this mentality, you are going places,” Mr. Lategaan winks.

“Thank you people that mean a lot to know there are people who believe in me. I’m taking this cake.”

“But you don’t seem to be happy, what’s wrong?” asks the headmaster.

“It’s nothing ma’am you don’t know how happy I am’’. Bay sobs.

“Oh! Come here, don’t cry. You are supposed to be celebrating, laughing but not crying...” says Mr. Lategaan with arms wide open to hug her. He wipes her tears with a tissue from his pocket. Takes her in his arms again. Bay rests her head on his chest. They held another in a sexual way for sometime as if the headmaster was not around. They all missed to be in another’s arms, they took that chance and utilized it. They stayed that way for longer until the headmaster made some noise to remind them she was still in.

“Kgmm!” the headmaster clears the throat.

They both jump as they were caught something bad.

“Oh! Sorry madam,” says Mr. Lategaan pulls down his blazer.

“This is true I see now.”

Bay and Mr. Lategaan looks at each other in shock.

“The cat is now out of the bag,”

“What secret madam?” Bay asks.

“Mr. Lategaan are you sleeping with school girls?” the headmaster continues.


“Then what are you doing with Bay?”

“I am still a virgin if you were to know madam and I am going to keep that until I am done here”

“I wasn’t talking to you Bay,”

“I know this is crazy madam, Mr. Lategaan is a very good person, he would never hurt me if that’s what you are afraid of, he never forced me to do anything out of my will,”

“What is this that I hear between you and Bay?”

“Bay completes me madam, I am nothing without her. I know this might sound crazy but that how it is. I love her and I won’t hurt her as she just said.”

“You know that this is against any school principles. Teachers are not to be involved with any students. I am forced to follow the procedure...”

“Okay, that’s fine ...I won’t argue with you. That’s what you want. I will be ready waiting to sign for that suspension letter. Says Mr. Lategaan.

“I will be waiting for mine too, make two copies.” says Bay taking her seat to a table.

“What?” asks the headmaster in shock.

“If you suspend him, suspend me too. He did not drag or force me into this. I agreed to be his girlfriend. We are doing this because we love each other madam. I am growing like any other girl in this school, we are developing feelings for the opposite sex and Mr. Lategaan here is that person I love and feel safe around. He completes me and I complete him.”

“This is insane. I never thought I would ever hear this madness.” The headmaster says with any angry tone.

“It’s not madam. Mr. Lategaan being at the hospital yesterday was my fault. We had an argument yesterday morning and switched my phone off when he wanted to talk. I guess that got really into him and made him collapse.”

“Mr. Lategaan would you please care to explain all this... can I please have a chair, I can’t have this on my feet.”

Bay offers her a chair to sit.

“All she said is true we love another, and there is nothing we can do about it. I am just waiting for the letter.”

“I wonder what the suspension is for. We all here know that I started doing tremendously well since my working with Mr. Lategaan. I am outstanding doing well and it’s all his works. He helps me do well where I don’t understand in every subject. He is my backbone. He is the person who gives me that courage to wake up and look forward to another day with smile, courage and hard working. He motivates and inspires me he in any way. He is my mentor and I am very lucky to have him by my side. I am very lucky to have him by my side. I don’t know what is going to happen to me if he is gone...”

‘’I too wonder ...” says the headmaster.

“My school performance is going to go down making other schools to be ahead of us and as if it’s not enough, I won’t be talking to my poor peers. They were doing well, they all started doing well, and there is happiness around the school that was brought by me. There are no longer school dropouts due to pregnancies and each and every students respect their teachers and I have not heard any reports of bullying. I have changed this school to a better one and this poor man here is to get suspension, the man who is behind all this wonders. I wonder how this school is going to be like when I stop our meetings. Many are going to be affetected. My mom also knows about this...”

“I don’t want this to go out ... promise that you will try, what am I saying? Promise me that you will keep it under wraps. I see how happy you make another...”

“Oh my word, does this mean?” Mr. Lategaan jumps out of excitement.

“Yes yes! You have my blessings”. The headmaster smiles.

Bay quickly runs over to Mr. Lategaan. He takes her in his arms, lifts her and turns around.

“You really are happy together; I am only allowing this because I am the one going to lose a lot if I try to break this. Keep this up; don’t let anyone destroy what you already have.”

“Can you believe this bab... um Bay?”

“Please, don’t give students or teachers around school anything to be suspicious of. I will talk to the person who leaked this information to stop spreading it.”

“That’s Mels, isn’t it? Bay says.

“How do you know?”Mr. Lategaan asks.

“I know him; it’s it?

“Yes it’s him. I will tell him to forget all he told me. Have a nice day and Bay don’t forget to pass by my office.’’

“Ok! I won’t forget.”

They held another again, faces inches away from another as if the headmaster was not in the same room with them.

“Let me just leave, I can see you have a lot to talk about.” says the headmaster as she stands up to the door to go.

“Oh! And you make such a great couple, keep the fire burning.”

“Yes madam!” Says Mr. Lategaan as Bay nods.

“And please don’t do anything stupid in front of anyone who is part of this school.”

“There is nothing to worry about madam we are going to keep it professional whenever we are around people. “

She closes the door behind her and left the two inside. They couldn’t get enough of each other. It was as if they have been apart ages.

“Who would have thought, can you believe it?” Bay asks with a bright smile around her face....

Mr. Lategaan smiles back.

“I love you babe ... they say spilt salt is never all gathered but I do promise you that what happened yesterday would never repeat itself and will never do anything to hurt you. You really do care about me and I am so happy for that and I promise you that we are going to be together than ever.’’ says Bay with her arms around Mr. Lategaan neck.

“That is how it should be babe .live our lives without comparing it to any other people. All I want is to make you happy and I never want to cause you tears. What you just did for me today proved how you care for me, no one else would have done it but you did it. They say laugh and the world laugh with you weep and you weep alone but you proved this wrong babe” Mr. Lategaan puts his arms Bays waist.

“Promise me you will never doubt my love for you and I promise you the same thing .we should not have the thought of loosing another to some other people. Yes let’s be jealous if we are suspicious of something; talk about it and with all I believe we can beat anything that comes our way.”

‘’That’s the spirit; ‘he that is not jealous is not in love.’ that st Augustine words and I agree with him 100%. I feel like you are the only reason for me Bay, I am as happy as a child with you... So your mom knows about this, about us?”

“Umm! Yep, I told her that I’m seeing this other Adonis’’ she pauses...

‘’Don’t make me blush, am I that handsome?’’

‘’...yes you are, very. I told her about me and you but never detailed who you really are. I told her you are working and that you are four years older than me. She insisted on seeing you to really see if you are that perfect for me.’’

‘’pheeewww! We are half way through hot water. Why does she has to see me?’’

‘’She said something like not wanting to be a granny to fatherless kids and that she doesn’t want to be shamed by grandkids who can’t read or write at school... she wants to be certain you are the right one for me.’’

‘’She really must be caring a lot about you.’’

‘’You have no idea, I’m the only daughter and first born.’’

‘’Why is she mentioning the kids now? I mean we haven’t started sleeping together or is she in hurry to have grandkids? I also can’t wait...’’

‘’That’s beats me too...’’

‘So when am I seeing her?’’

‘’How about the day after tomorrow?’’

‘’Cool, let it be...’’ he glances at his watch. ‘’we missed registration, classes are about to start so let’s hit the road.’’

Even a blind man could sense happiness around their faces.


There is another of Bay’s meetings in the multipurpose hall. Mels, Mr. Lategaan and the headmaster were among all those who found it in them to attend that afternoon.

‘’A very good afternoon to all of you here. It is a beautiful day today and I hope you I am right and if not I will eat a humble pie.’’

Everyone cheers.

‘’...It pleases and gives me greater joy to see the large numbers you attend at and I really do appreciate it. Today topic is FRIEND.

A friend is that person who knows the in and outs of you. Who can quickly tell if you not okay. Who can quickly tell you are happy. Someone who you can always count on and know they won’t backbite A friend is that person who is always by your side. Who clings around no matter the situation, good or bad? Who feels pain when you going through. That person who will always have some time to hear your problems and still not complain about you being a burden to them and always willing to help out. That person who would never switch their phones off whenever you want help. Someone who would hate to see you in tears but only in smiles. Someone who would wish only the good for you and still be happy when you succeed. Someone who would never go around saying the bad about you. That someone who would give you a phone call to anytime to let you know how much they miss you. That someone who would frequently remind you of how much they appreciate you being part of their lives. Who would take you out and spend on you and still not complain about or want a refund from you. Someone who would always have an influence on you, a positive one but not a negative one. That someone who would be able to tell if you were to do something bad and talk you out from it. That someone who would fight your battles during your presence or absence. That someone who wouldn’t mind their families knowing about you. That someone who would worry with sick if they take long without hearing from you. That person you always have much fun around, that person you would never want to lose.

The crowd couldn’t stop cheering.

‘’if there is such a person in your life, never let go of them. Fight for what you have if you suspect they want to go away. You are that person to me Clara Lake. You are a sister from another mother to me, I love you and I am privileged to call you my best friend.’’

‘Where is she? We all want to see this person...’’ the headmaster says.

The crowd cheer.

‘’Come on girl, don’t be shy. They just want to see you.’’ Bay takes her hand.

She stood with a hand around her mouth.

‘’’Speech, speech!’’ Everyone shouts.

‘’People! She wasn’t expecting this at all. She is surprised as much as you are; she was clueless so let’s give her a break. I’m sure she will have something to say next time.’’ She showed her to a seat.

‘’...Can I please have your ears again.’’ She shouted, ‘’ I just want to let everyone that I entered some competition months back. Several students from different schools were chosen and here I was the one picked. We were given topics to write short stories, essays and poems and I made it to top three.’’

‘’yeah! You did it again girl...’’ some boy from the back shouts.

She smiles and continues... ‘’we are given some other topics to write on so that number 1, 2 and 3 can be selected. I do promise you all to take the cake; I’m bringing that prize here.

There were shouts of Bay in the building.

‘’and please people I’m only human like any of you here. I also have some feelings and as we grow up we get attracted to people of the opposite sex. It’s how it is and part of nature. I like any other person have also fallen for that person and please don’t judge me or whatsoever might you find out about it. Thank you all for coming here and please always remember to smile.’’

Everyone went out. Clara and Bay remained in like always packing some chairs together. Mels came along as they walked out.

‘’Hey ladies!’’

Clara nods.

‘’Clara do you mind having a minute with her?’’ Mels asks.

Clara turns to look at Bay, she nods and Clara turns to walk away.

‘’Hope to see you before going home Bay.’’ Clara extends some hand to Bay.

‘’No problem.’’ Bay replies.

‘’Mels, hope to see you around...’’ she waves

‘’Sure, sure!’’

‘’You certainly are a snake in the grass Mels, how could you?’’ Bay shouts acidly.

‘’I’m now your enemy because I did the right thing? I see it now. You are so proud of this disgusting relationship you have with him that you want the whole school to know about? I am going to put a shoulder to the wheel for that to end.’’

‘’As if I care... you wouldn’t succeed even if you bring in an army to destroy it.’’

‘’It’s only a matter of days, trust me. I wonder how everyone is going to react finding out about this let alone your mom.’’

‘’One swallow does not make a summer Mels.’’

‘’I am so ashamed of you. You didn’t deny it at first and you still are not. It’s written all over you so I don’t need any more to prove myself.’’

‘’Why are you so concerned about what I do? Just get a life...’’

‘’It takes a long time to accomplish anything worthwhile. I value what I have with you and I want all that back. I won’t sit around and watch you destroy your future. I’m going to look for anything and everything that will prove me right.’’

‘’You are looking for a nail in a haystack. I am done with this, it’s getting us nowhere. Good luck Mels!!!’’


“Come in Mels, you can have a seat but this not going to take long” The headmaster takes a seat behind her desk and offering Mels another chair.

“My mom told me never to talk to an elder on your feet, she says it’s impolite and rude to do so, so let me sit even if it’s not going to long.”

They all laughed as Mels pulls a chair to sit.

“Khm!” The headmaster clears her throat and pulls a face.

“Mels I called you here.”

“Yes madam!”

“I saw you the other day talking to Bay. I could tell that you were arguing and I want that to come to an end Mels...”

“Sorry madam! I don’t follow.”

“Whatever you told me the other day about Mr. Lategaan and Bay, do you still remember that?”

“Much that I remember what about it?”

“I want you to forget about that. You can’t make such accusations.”

“Accusation? I am very much certain of what I told you. Bay doesn’t deny that, I mean you can see through her even if she doesn’t tell it... I care about Bay and I won’t go around saying some shit about her.”

“Mels I am not asking you to forget about that I am telling you to. I called both of them here the other day and they denied that. If you care about Bay like you are saying, stop spreading that shit. Do you know what’s going to happen might people find out about this? I am sure you don’t want people find out about this. I am sure you don’t want to tarnish her name, and you are not supposed to use the shit word here especially talking to me.”

“Bay is that someone who would always have a special place in my heart. I care a lot about her and I won’t sit back and watch her destroy her future, I see a bright one ahead of her and that won’t happen if this doesn’t stop.”

“I can see how much you care about this girl my boy.”

“You have no idea madam.”

“Go to your class, concentrate on your studies and forget about what other people do.”

Mels pulls back his chair, stand on his feet and studies the headmaster with anger...

“Goodbye madam...”

“I know how hard this might be for you Mels. Do the right thing and have a great day.’’

“The only care for grief is action” mark those words madam... I am sorry that I brought such matter to you. I thought maybe you would take action towards this. I eat my own words... enjoy your day and please forget I ever bothered you with this. I will always blame myself and especially you madam might something bad happen to her.”

There was no gladness in Mels eyes when he left the office...

Bay in her chair inside the office. On the table are papers in her handwriting. They are obviously part of the writing competition. She was going through a magazine when Mr. Lategaan walks in.

“Hey Hun!”

“Hey!” Bay lifts her eyes up to take a good look at him

“You look exhausted.”

“You can say that again.”

“What’s stressing you?”

“I had to submit those before end of today. I’ve been working my ass out to finish them.”

“You just started?”


“But you were given much time to get done in time. You are never prepared Bay.”

‘’Never prepared but always have something to deliver.’’


People are afraid of you. They fear talking about you. How dare you. So evil and selfish. What kind of thing are you. You don’t have friends or relatives. No one wants to e associated with you. You take the young and old, obedient and loyal, rich or poor; when you come to fetch someone, you come unannounced. You come suddenly like the vomit of the dog. A person may be the long distance runner. They maybe the fastest runner. They may be hiding in the darkest place. But when you have come; no one can resist; no one can refuse to your call; nothing can cure you; spiritual healers, medical practitioners, witch doctors. Nothing can block your way. Cow horns, army of soldiers, group of elephants. All the power you have.


Love is that other feeling that is difficult to explain. It does wonders if not miracles. People disappear; they kill another all in the name of love. One will definitely fall for a total stranger they never saw or talked to before. Like love, money also has a way of splitting people if not bonding them. We turn to hate those we loved and love those we hated. Like in the bible, ‘money is the root of all evil.’ The fortune that was left for Mr. Tom brought pain in instead of joy. Mr. Tom was the last born of the five siblings. They were all raised by both their parents as kids in a small settlement called Tambo surrounded by hills and caves that were believed to live big snakes. Their parents were of the richest around. They reared livestock and grew crops. They normally sold them and saved the profit at the bank. Before the death of both parents, they drew a will on how their properties should be allocated among their kids the time they leave earth. It was Tom’s first time to learn he was rich after the death of their parents. Neither he nor other siblings knew about the fortune their parents had and all this was left in his name. Tom’s other brothers were already married and he also was in a process of getting a wife when his parents died in a car crash. After the burial, he called the uncles and brothers to proceed with the arrangements. He told them all they needed to know about the girl she wanted as a wife. They put shoes on and granted their nephew wish. The in-laws welcomed them and didn’t waste time, the ceremony took place and he lived with his wife Martha. They had a beautiful home where they raised their two sons Tomson and Terry with their little daughter Tama. The parents agreed not to tell the kids about the money at the bank. They left the money at the bank and their kids also were to take it after both parents died. After some years all their three kids were now all grown, done with school and attending varsity at the city. Rumor around Tambo was that Martha was involved in witchcraft. The procedure was that, all the witches around were all thrown in the caves to be eaten by all the creatures inside. The same was done to Martha, she had to die. Tom cried his eyes out and it was as if not enough as the kids blamed her for the death of their mother saying he could have stopped it and told him they do not want anything to do with him and that they consider him dead. Tom moved out of the village and built himself a hurt near the caves; he lived alone and went to the village for some food and water. He saw no point living among the people who assassinated his wife, his other reason there was to get killed by whatever killed his woman. The money at the bank had more than twenty years and new writing ha to be done. The will had to be updated and Tom was needed for some clarifications. They tried his land line everyday but with no luck as he stayed at the caves. They had no other choice but to search for people the money was in their names, luckily they could trace them and got hold of them. Tomson was the one they talked to as he was the eldest. He had some questions asked. He was shocked and surprised at one time that they had that kind of money. He called others to tell them. They sat a date on when to visit their father. They bought plenty of food and new clothes for him. They agreed to spend some days there and even persuaded him on going back home. The old man couldn’t stop smiling to have his kids around. They asked him to move to the city with them and he couldn’t refuse as he loved being around them. All at the city was great, lived happily until they took him to the doctor for some tests. They wanted to find if there were some illnesses their father had. To their disappointment, their father was fit as Hercules for many years to come. All the anger they had years back, rose again. They denied him food, bath or anything that he requested. He managed to read to it well in time and it was as clear as daylight that his kids wanted him dead. One other morning after they all left for work, he gathered all that he came with and went to the village and on his way, he stopped by the bank to take some changes. Any of his kids were not to take any of his fortune, all as to be distributed among the poor and the orphans.

‘’Wow! He claps as he drops them down. ‘’You see, I’m never prepared but always have something to offer.’’

‘’I cannot stop saying how proud I am of you Bay. You should continue doing this.’’

‘’Yah, yah! Don’t make me blush.’’

‘’So, which are you submitting?’’

‘’The death one.’’

‘’Why not the short story? It would do you more points,’’

‘’I have already submitted and I am sure whoever is delivering is already on their way to hand them.’’

‘’And why didn’t you care for my opinion on this?’’

‘’What for? Hello, I was not to show any of this to anyone, we were not to be assisted.’’

‘’All you could have done was to show all to me then choose with you.’’

‘’I submitted all those and can you please stop with all this. I know you care a lot but I should learn to be on my own sometimes. Make decisions that come within me. You should be worried about today not that.’’

‘’Okay, I hear you... would you care to explain that is happening today, I seem to have no clue about it.’’

‘’You really have no idea, I mean you don’t know?’’

‘’Remind me babe...’’

‘’’We are seeing my mom today for the first time as a couple.’’

‘’Are we?’’

Bay pulls her hand from his and sits where she was before. ‘’you should have told me about this.’’


‘’I knew this between us was not going to last but I thought that maybe you would ditch me after I’m done with my studies. Do you really have any idea of how this is going to affect me?’’ she takes a pause.

‘’’...How am I going to break this to my mom? I mean, she is looking forward to see the man behind the smiles on my face every day. She talked to me that other day to talk to you so we solve our problems. The break up is the least of her expectations.’’ She continues.

‘’Are you breaking up with me Bay?’’

‘’No I am not, it’s you who did.’’

‘’Did I say I forgot about seeing your mom or I’m breaking with you?’’

‘’ummmh! But...’’

‘’But what Bay? You should learn to always listen to what others have to say not making conclusions to your own thoughts. I told you to be always looking for the positives in this.’’

‘’I am so sorry for that, it’s just that... I just panicked. I am worried about what my mom is going to say, what if she doesn’t approve?’’

‘’This is not the time to panic Bay. Be yourself and have some positive thoughts and you will be fine. You shouldn’t be of a mess now and besides that you know your mom better than anyone else.’’

‘’Sorry, I had a rough day.’’

‘’We can always postpone this for some other time if you not up to it.’’

‘’No, I will be fine... let us be done with it today or we would never.’’

‘’Ok, fine. Can I offer some back massage; maybe that would help?’’

‘’yes please! You such an angel.’’

‘’I hope your mom likes me. Do you know how it feels like to be rejected? I don’t want to go through such.’’

‘’Come on, as though you’ve been rejected before.’’ They both laughs.

‘’Like you said, be yourself when you get there. Don’t pretend to be someone you not, people are judged by their actions after all. I am sure she is going to like you; I mean what woman wouldn’t like you. We all be having answers to her thoughts not before long.’’

It was indeed a pleasant afternoon for the two of them. Bay and Mr. Lategaan had sometime for themselves; they talked about each other and every single for things that bothered them and how they can strengthen what they already have. It was actually their first time they had each other to one, they kissed, touched each other, they breathed heavily but always had in mind never to cross the line. They rested on the couch, Bay’s head lying on Mr. Lategaan chest. The moment they had there in silence seemed like the best conversation ever.

Two hours later, there were some voices that could be heard outside. Bay quickly jumps and sits separately from Mr. Lategaan.

“Wow look at that!” Tom points to the car that was out under the shade.

“Yah! That a nice one”. Terry replies.

“Mommy is full of surprises”;

“What are you saying”;

“I knew mom was hiding something from us, oh! She wanted it to be a surprise maybe.”

“This is not moms, she could have told us she was buying.”

“Believe me, it’s hers. Whose it then if not hers?”

“What visitor, do you see anyone here?”

“Obviously inside the house.”

“Let’s bet on this one, you will give me seven bucks if its moms...she is taking me school with it tomorrow.

“Okay, we have a deal.” Terry gives him a handshake.


“So what if the car is not moms?”

“Then you will keep your seven bucks.”

‘That is not how a bet should be, you are cheating and I’m pulling out.’

“Okay, okay! It should be fifty fifty, if it’s not hers I will give you that seven bucks but I am very sure this car is here to study.”

Bay and Mr. Lategaan were giggling inside listening to the boy’s conversation.

“Mommy, mommy! Tell Terry that this car here is ours and you taking me to school in the morning.’’ Tom says as he opens the door, he was surprised to find all eyes in the house staring at him. He rubs his eyes thinking that he may find his mom sitting there.

“Bay! Where is mom!?” he asked as he walks to the couch Bay seated on.

“And where are your manners?” Bay asks.

“Oh! Sorry! Hello sir, my name is Tom; Bay’s brother and I’m the elder one here, mom’s first born.”

Oh! Wow, amazing... Mr. Lategaan adds.

Terry walks inside the house...”And what did i...?”

“Oh! Hi, is this Mr. Lategaan.?” Terry continues as he is surprised to see Mr. Lategaan

“In flesh....” Mr. Lategaan turns to him.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe this, I always wished to sit and chat with you....”

“How do you know him, I mean where did you see him? Bay asks.

“I know him through sports. He is a badminton and long tennis couch, a very good one.”

“Your dreams finally comes true today my boy. You finally had word with me.” Mr. Lategaan gives him a hand shake.

“I can’t believe this. Bay can you take my phone and take a picture of me with him. I know my classmates won’t believe it telling them this man was in our house...”

“Dude! Chill he is just a human being like you. He is not a celebrity even.’’

“Bay please!”

Bay takes the phone and does as she was asked.

“You don’t know how well the middle high schools respect this man. We all look up to him and I do hope to find him at that school when I get there.” Terry continues.

“Okay! I am bringing out my TV station to battle with you. I want to see the future coach between me and you. What do you say about that?” says Tom sitting on Mr. Lategaan lap

“Umm! I say, you go to your bedrooms. Take off your school uniform; grab something from the kitchen then hit to the mall, there is a new movie showing at the cinema in forty five minutes or so.” Says Bay.

“Are you serious? Oh no, we don’t have money. Says Tom

“Go and take off your clothes, I will give you some money, go before I change my mind,” she continues

“Ok, ok! We are going; big sis can I please have eleven bucks, I want to pay Terry. Don’t say no please or else I am in a big trouble. I hope you like me a lot that you wouldn’t want to see me hurt. Please sis,” Tom kneels down with his hand together as if he was praying.

Mr. Lategaan and Bay looks to another and giggles.

“Please sis!”

“Okay! I will, go and change, Terry is going to go without you. I am sure he is done now.”

Tom also went to his bedroom to take off his school uniform. They both went to the kitchen and helped themselves. Not after long, they were done and ready to go.

“Let’s hit the road.” Says Terry as he wipes his hands.

“Oh! You are done? How quickly.” says Bay

“We them boys. This is how we do it, isn’t it Mr. Lategaan?” Tom says.

“Yep!’’ Bay gives some money to Terry.

“Woo! Isn’t this a lot?” Terry asks in an excitement.

“I know, bring the change, don’t keep it...” says Bay.

“And how much should we use?”Terry asks again.

“Use as much as you can, buy him whatever he wants.”

“We can use it all?” Terry asks.

“As long as you don’t keep some for you...”

“B! You forgot something...”

“Oh! Sorry, here is the money you asked for...” Bay stretches her arm to Tom.

“Thanks sis, pewee! Oh, I don’t know what I would do without you...”

“And what that for?” Terry asks.

“I asked a loan from Bay so I can pay you seven bucks?”

“Oh! Was that a loan, how are you going to repay it?” Bay asks.

“Forget I said that sis,” Tom lowers his voice.

“That even doesn’t look like the seven bucks you owe me, it looks more than that.”

“Open your hand so I can see how much it is.”

“It’s eleven bucks.”

“And what the other five bucks for, I thought you owe me seven not eleven.”

“Terry! It’s getting late, we will talk about this when you guys get back or you now don’t want to go?” Bay says.

“Not a chance, we are going. Bye sis, we love you for been our sister, you take care of us.” Terry replies.

“Hahaha! Love you too boys that what big sister are for.”

“Goodbye Mr. Lategaan, hope you do visit some other time, we will see you when we get back if you would still be here.” Says Terry

“Okay, have some great time boys” Mr Lategaan adds.

“Oh! Mr Lategaan I forgot to ask you. Are you Bay’s boyfriend? I want to know him.” Tom asks.

“Tom! Let’s go” Terry pushes him out.

“Wait!” Tom begs. ‘

“She is always smiling this days and whenever she receives a text on her phone or if it rings, the smile broadens.””

“And how does the boyfriend fit into this?” Mr Lategaan asks.

“She tells me a person in love behaves the way she does, she even said a grown up like her should always smile so that men can be attracted to her.”


“Do you know by any chance who that may be? I really need to know him. He is even going to pay bride price to me whenever he decides to marry our sister here.”

“You are asking the wrong person. “He shrugs and smiles.

“Please find out and tell me, I really want that bride price, I will give Terry a quarter of it, isn’t it Terry?”

“Yah yah! Let’s go, you talk too much.”

“Yeah! We have an agreement. I am going to be rich, who would have thought!”

“Bye you all! Terry waves.

“I will go and fetch you there.” Bay waves back.

They were alone again in the house. Bay went to the kitchen for something to drink while Mr. Lategaan went to the toilet. Bay was busy dancing to her headphone on her ears dancing; she couldn’t notice that her mother was in the house.

Halloo!” her mother calls as she saw walks in but no one answered to her...

“Bay! Tom, Terry! Anybody home?” there is still no answer

She pass the living room to the kitchen as there is no one answer. She pats Bay’s shoulder and out of the fright, she spills some juice on the floor.......

“Mum!” Bay calls out.

“That’s not smart, putting on those and leaving the door unlocked. Anyone could have walked in and did whatever they wanted.

“Sorry mum, I won’t do it again......”

“Can I have some juice too?” Mother says as she walks to the living room.


“Who parked their car out there and left it?”

She takes her shoes off.

“Oh that! Um! They didn’t leave it, it is...

Bay stops as Mr. Lategaan walks in from the toilet.

“Oh Mr. Lategaan!”

“Helloo Mrs. Brittle! I was using the toilet...”

“What a pleasant surprise, what honor do we owe such a visit?”

“Umm! Mr. Lategaan panics.

“Oh! The car that’s outside is yours, I now get it.’’

“Yes its mime madam...’’

Mr. Lategaan walks in and takes a sit on the couch in front of the one Miss Brittle sat on. Bay is standing by the entrance from the dining room. Mr. Lategaan eyes were stuck on the floor, he couldn’t take them up, and he is no more sure about breaking the news to Miss Brittle.

‘’So Mr. Lategaan what brings you here? Is Bay in some kind of trouble at school?’’ Miss Brittle asks.

‘’Mom! Do you always have to think the worst of me?’’

‘’What else should I be thinking when none of you is telling me what’s going on and where on earth are your brothers? I’ve called and they not answering.’’

‘’Dhey both at the mall.’’

‘’Doing what?’’

‘’There is some new movie showing today at the cinema. They asked if they could go for it and I approved.’’

‘’What movie?’’

‘’It’s called SMILE; it’s a rather nice movie. We are big fans to it and I couldn’t let them miss it. I will be going for its repeat tomorrow. I promised to go for them when it ends.’’

‘’Ok! I think I should also go for it some other time, it sounds like a pretty good one the way you talking about it. Did the SMILE crew hire you to advertise it cos the way you on about, one would swear you part of it.’’

‘’Hahahah!’’ they all laugh.

‘’I am just a big fan like any other person out there, that’s all.’’

‘’okay! I hear you... Mr. Lategaan, you still hasn’t told me your being here. You actually are the last person to expect here visiting.’’

‘’kgm!’’ Mr. Lategaan clears his throat.

‘’You should get used to it mom!’’

‘’Get used to what?’’ she asks in a puzzled look.

‘’I think you would be seeing more of him here if you only approve of it.’’

‘’ I am trying to follow and I can’t, would you care to explain all this.’’

Bay takes a sit on the same couch with Mr. Lategaan. She puts her hand over his lap. He takes up his eyes to look at her, smiles and puts his over hers.

‘’what on earth is this? Tell me you both are joking or I am in the middle of a dream. Bay! What is going on?’’

‘’Mom!’’ Bay shouts trying to cool her.

‘’Don’t you mom me now, what is this?’’

‘’Mom! Mr. Lategaan and I...’’

‘’Just close your mouth, is this the Adonis you have been telling me about?’’

‘’...Yes he is mom, isn’t he handsome?’’

‘’Of course he is handsome Bay, every man’s dream man but not right for you especially that you still in school let alone him being your teacher. This isn’t right, it should come to an end.’’

‘’Mom, this can never’’

‘’’Bay can you please give me some time with this boy, I want some word with him. This is total madness.’’

Bay looks at him. There was no happiness in both their eyes. Mr. Lategaan loosen his hands and Bay’s slips from them lifelessly. He nods his head as a way to show Bay he is fine she can go as her mother requested. She quickly goes and stands by the door so she could eavesdrop.

‘’what on earth is this?’’ Miss Brittle shouts.

‘’I am sorry madam...’’

‘’what is it that you want from her? Why her of them other girls, why not someone of your age?’’

‘’I love Bay madam. I am as happy as a child with her, she really does complete me.’’

‘’liar! You just want to use her. I know you very well especially you those that thin women can’t resist you. I know you want to sleep with her and it will be just a matter of time before you ditch her. There are so many people out there your age you could have chosen from, this I won’t allow.’’

‘’Bay is different from all the other girls. There is that something special about her and that you agree with me. I truly love her and I do not have any intentions of hurting her if that’s what you worried about. She completes me and yes I’m well aware that this might sound stupid and I don’t care what the world says.’’

‘’you don’t care about what the world says? You are a teacher for heaven’s sake and you could lose your job if this comes to the open. You are doomed might anyone finds out about this and I won’t let you take my daughter down with you. Just pretend this sick thing between you never existed.’’

‘’how can I forget about something that has a huge impact on me, something that gives me more reasons to wake up today looking for more tomorrows to come; something that completes my life in any way possible? I don’t care if I lose my job or not, all will be great having her by my side. Miss Brittle I do love your daughter so much, if it were that possible, I would open the inside of me so you see how much she makes me.’’

‘’I’m very much certain those words are common to you. You just use them to whoever you want on your bed. You can’t fool me son. Just go to where ever you came from and stop disturbing my daughter; I’m sure no one disturbed you while you were at school.’’

‘’I wouldn’t have came all this way and wasting everyone’s precious time if this wasn’t important to me and Bay. I came here to show you how much I want this to work. I really do care for her. Why else would I be here?’’

Miss Brittle takes a sigh.

‘’yes mom! Why else would he be here? Why are you doing this, I thought you wouldn’t be that difficult...’’ says Bay as she walks in.

‘’Bay go back to your room. We are not done here.’’ She shouts at her.

‘’Done with what mom? How else do you want this man to explain his intentions with me to you? He already told you he loves me, isn’t that what you want, someone who can love me for who I am?’’

‘’Did you just heard what you said? ‘’’A man’’ and you are just a school girl. Why not look for boys your age? I can’t just stand back and watch you destroy yourself. Happiness is all that I want for you.’’

‘’Then why can’t you give me your blessings? This is my happiness...’’ Bay sobs.

‘’You want a blessing from me?’’

‘’Be happy for me mom, he makes me happy, allow this.’’

A parent blessing is as powerful as death. It’s like given the right key to unlock a locked door. Can nobody get through a locked door that easily? They would have to sweat, cry, injure themselves even fall before getting through and some even give up without making their way in. A parent heart can be a witch. It can be as cruel as media. Can nobody to whatever they want in life or achieve whatever it is they set for themselves if their parents aren’t on the same page with them. Even those are achieved sometimes; it would not have been easy throughout. The road to that would not have been smooth, it would have been rocky, and potholes to stumble through, big and high mountains to climb, and harsh conditions one has to go through. A parent’s unhappy heart and disturbed mind can be as selfish as a fox. Can never they let you get away with it. People owing refuses to pay you, appointments dates are mixed up and missed, people do steal from you, people start talking behind your back and nobody wants you around. Have your parent full support and backup, everything and anything will come your way and as you wished. All will turn to be as delicious as a forbidden fruit. If blessings you need, make you parent happy, make them proud, the blessings you already have, and your life would be as good as gold.

‘’what would that be you want Miss Brittle so we have your blessing. I can’t continue with this relationship if you do not approve of it.’’

‘’and you be taking away my happiness mom. I really hope you don’t want to see me miserable cos that is what going to happen to me.’’

‘’’What is this, I really am lost.’’

‘’can I ask my parents to come here to ask for her hand in marriage, will that work?’’

‘’do go there again, we already talked about that.’’ Bay says.

‘’talked about what?’’ Miss Brittle asks.

‘’he asked me some other time if I were comfortable with marriage but said no. I want to finish school first then I can think about that, I’m too young for that now.’’

‘’and you refused? I told you I don’t want fatherless grand kids...’’

‘’I am too young for that mom and you shouldn’t be worrying about grandkids now, we are waiting for the tight time.’’

‘’I don’t think I am going to survive this today Bay, it might be the end of.’’ She comes closer and puts around him her arms.

‘’don’t give up now, we still have a long way to go. Just hang in there, we going to be fine.’’

‘’I would never give up on us; I told you that I am the last person on earth who would ever wish to see you sad. I am going to be strong for us.’’ he tickles her chin and they both smiles looking at another.

‘’’This is...’’ says Miss Brittle as she pauses and gasps for air.

‘’mom!’’ Bay calls as she turns to look at her.

‘’... I love this dear. You really do make another happy and you have my full support. I have seen the way you look at another and all this spells love.’’

‘’mom, does this mean...?’’ she jumps to give her mum a hug.

‘’yes, yes! You have my blessing.’’

‘’Miss Brittle, you really have no idea of how happy you have made us. This is the moment we have been dreading for and this does means a lot to us. I promise nothing but to shower your daughter with some love, I can see how much you care for her. She really is part of the gentleman standing here in front of you. Gogh! The love I have for her.’’

‘’I have seen how you two act around another. You really are meant for another, you are perfect together. I loved the idea of you two the moment I just found him here. I am glad you are part of my daughter’s life and I can call you son.’’

‘’I swear I was going to have another heart attack might you have rejected it, the way you were difficult...’’

‘’That was just some test and I’m glad you passed. I wanted to see how much you really care about another, I wanted to see if you would just give up that easily.’’

‘’Mom! You have no idea how happy you just made me. This is the happiest day of my life.’’ Bay sobs.

‘’And that? You shouldn’t be crying... come here.’’ Says her mother opening her arms to hug her

‘’Don’t mind me. I am so excited. What else can I ask for? All the people I love are all in my side. This is all that I wanted and it finally came true.’’

‘’I can see how happy you are around another and that’s a good thing and I wouldn’t destroy or block something good as this. Does anyone at school know about this?’’

Bay and Mr. Lategaan looks at another.

‘’ummmmh!’’ says Bay.

‘’kgm! Yes madam. The headmaster and Mels knows about it but it’s all under control.’’

‘’Would you share. How did they find out? How is their reaction? Are you not in trouble?’’

‘’No mom, we are not. You know Mels and I have been friends for long and we now are like siblings. We cannot hide anything from another even if we try harder, we always see through another.’’ Bay explains.

‘’mmmmh! Continue...’’ mother says.

‘’...ummmh! Mels found me and him arguing some other day. He asked me what it was all about and I panicked. I think he joined the dots and found out. He then told me that he wasn’t going to watch me destroy the good life that I already have and that he was going to do something that I was going to hate him for.’’

‘’And what did he do?’’

‘’He told the headmaster about us.’’ Mr. Lategaan adds and Bay nods.

‘’And did she say?’’

‘’She was fairly furious. She said we left her no other choice but to follow the procedure, that she had to issue a suspension letter to him.’’

‘’Are you in suspension?’’

‘’Ao!’’ Mr Lategaan shook his head.

‘’Can you please tell me what happened. Why are you taking long to finish your story?’’

‘’I told her that I needed one too because we are both into this and no one forced me.’’

‘’And she didn’t give it out?’’

‘’He had no choice. Mom, this man is behind the miracles I perform at that school. I get courage from him, he is my mentor. She knew she was the one going to lose much might she have acted on that.’’

‘’this is too much I cannot digest now. I can’t have it all at once. You will make some time to tell me that entire not today. You black mailed the headmaster? Mmmh! What couple does that, interesting.’’

‘’it was the only thing, you know...’’ Bay looks at Mr. Lategaan and Bay both giggles.

‘’All that I want for you is happiness. I want you to love another. Be there for another always, be transparent, be able to tell if one is not okay, and don’t let other people destroy this beautiful bond that you have and mostly be friends, talk about everything. Communicate; a relationship with no communication never survives. Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life. If you are not happy with something confront another than to keep it to yourself. To have a suitable relationship, pride should be left out, pride always split relationships.’’

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