Not Now

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Bay wakes up the next morning with confidence and courage. She goes straight to their office hoping to find Mr. Lategaan there but to her disappointment no one comes in that morning. She waits there for some time but there was no sign of him.

No such words suits to describe you.

Your heart is more than incredible.

Your hear s as beautiful as sand dunes.

Your heart to me is broad as the sky.

Your love to me is as clearer as still water.

You cared for that precious blood from dangerful to this. It is a soul now but still showering it with love.

Never will I shy away or cover my face to call you MOTHER.

I will always be happy as a puppy to call you mother.

I consider myself a big girl but a little girl I will always be to you.

Love is all I know as you showed and gave it to me.

Nothing matches to be compared to your love for me.

You have been harmless as a teddy bear to me.

I can work for what I want as you taught me so.

I believe in myself through all perils of life since you preached about life to me.

I am a better person to this moment and all thanks are to you.

You’ve been patient as the hours to teach me all these.

I could never ask for a better mother than you.

Not only am I proud that I learnt all these from you but also how you taught me.

A heroine you always will be to me and

I will always stand tall with confidence as Hercules to call you MOTHER because I have no shame on you.

She finished drafting a piece of writing still glancing at the door now and after hoping that she’d see him coming in. There is nothing she can do as his phone is off.

Mr. Lategaan turned his phone off that morning and decided not to go to school as the head teacher gave him some days to clear his head off. He decided to go stay in a lodge that was about 60km away from their town. He told Mel and their headmaster about his plan and asked them to tell Bay that he would be out of the country as his phone would be off for some days. He stayed there with a heavy heart and he could not eat for days. He knew his disappearance killed Bay as much as it made him suffer for not seeing her too. Because he had a reason for that, he began to get used to living without Bay. He extended his off days and later decided to sign the forms to school at the United Kingdom. The deal was for him to leave in about a month and that was exactly a day after the end of the examination. Bay was beginning to forget about Mr. Lategaan. She had a thought Mr. Lategaan did all this to push her away. She believed that he could have told her back before he went and she started to think about anything but him though it was not easy at the beginning. She and Mels were getting closer.

‘I really cannot get you Bay. I thought I knew you but no, you are happy today and the next you are moody and all that. What is wrong with you, are you okay or it’s the pre-examination jitters?’ Clara asks.

‘Then you are not a good friend I thought you were if you don’t know me by now. I am fatigued by getting myself ready for the exam but I will be fine as for now that I am done with what I’ve been doing. Clara! I get happy when something exciting happened to me and get moody when something is bothering me, you get it?’

‘Okay! I couldn’t understand or find an explanation for that; I thought you were pregnant for some reason.’

‘I am still a virgin Clara.’

‘Virgin Marry still fell pregnant and gave birth to Jesus. You will never know and when are you taking that away?’

‘Hahaha! There is no way I can fall pregnant like Marry, I am keeping myself for the man I love and there is no rush…’

‘Eewww! You missing out. There is nothing that’s good to be compared to sex. It’s the greatest thing ever, that feeling, hmmm! There is no way to describe it, you should try it…’

‘I feel sorry for you my friend. I just don’t know what I did to let you fall into that dark hole. You are making yourself dirty and no man would want anything to do with you. Wait for the right time, if waiting for marriage is the hard thing to do, wait until we finish school, that’s what I would do too, I hope and believe Mels is in no rush and he does understand.’

‘Did you just say Mels?’

‘Yep! That’s what I said…’

‘Oh my word! Come here. I am so happy for you my friend. I have been dreaming for this day to come, I can now close my eyes and sleep at night.’

‘Clara! Get off me, look at how people are looking at us; do you want them to start spreading news that we are lesbians? Bay pushes Clara away from her.’

‘They can just go to hell…’

‘They are going to drag you there for sleeping with those men you’ve been telling me about. Look at what you did to my hair, what is wrong with you?’

‘There is no way I am going to hell my friend. The two of us would be rocking them at heaven in those white gowns enjoying all those sweets.’

Hahaha! They both laugh.

‘Bay! I rest my case; you don’t consider me as a friend. I am tired of always pushing myself into you.’

‘Where does that come from?’

‘I don’t believe you and Mels kept this from me. I thought I’d be the first to know about the two of you dating but no, I was just lying to myself…’

‘No! Clara wait, listen to me. Mels and I are not an item already. We are now talking and he did apologize, he told me that entire he did because of me. I can see that he wants me as much as I want him. It’s just a matter of days he and I will be a couple and I promise you Clara. You are going to be the first to know about it okay?’

‘If you don’t tell me about it, I am going to kill you Bay and I swear it, please make it happen…’

‘You’d have to kill me first before killing her, will you manage?’ Mels says as he walks to Bay and Clara.

‘Hahaha! Hey Mels!’ Bay greets with all smile all over her.

‘Hey !come here! Mels hugs Bay.

‘Clara! hey!’

‘No no no! Don’t!’ Clara steps back.

‘And that?’ Mels asks.

‘Never mind it? What are you doing here? Bay and I are in the middle of something…’

‘I want to ask her something…’

‘Liar! You wanted to see her. Why didn’t you call or text her?’

‘I don’t have her cell number Clara.’

‘Oh my! You don’t have each other’s cell number. How do you do it? I don’t see myself dating anyone without their cell numbers. Don’t you ever text another those sweet messages before and after sleeping? Mels! A man does give his woman a call before sleeping. Bring your phone here so I store Bay’s number…’

Clara! What has gone into you? Bay asks.

‘I don’t like seeing things that are not normal and leave them the way they are. This is not right and it should be corrected before it does happen again like last time…’

‘Clara! What is wrong?’Mels asks.

‘What is wrong? Like seriously Mels? This is wrong; doesn’t the two of you love another?’

‘Clara! Stop putting us in awkward positions.’

‘Are you saying awkward, you call the truth awkward?’

‘Of course we do love another…’ Mels says.

‘Then why are you doing this to yourselves? Time is not on your is not gonna wait for the two of you.’

‘Mels! Go to the office now, I will meet you there to hear what you wanted, I want to have a word with this fuddy-duddy.’ Bay drags Clara to the other side of the classroom.

‘Okay! Don’t take long.’ Mels waves.

What is wrong with you? Let go of me.’ Clara pulls herself from Bay.

‘Did you just do that with the intention of embarrassing Mels and I or to make us look silly? Huh! Do you ever think before doing or saying something, are you well?’

‘I had enough of your stupidity and can’t take it anymore. That needed to be said to shake you…’

[Bingbing! Message alert on Bay’s phone]

“I never thought I’d be jealous of a girl, but I sure wish I could have my arms around you like you and Clara held another. Don’t take long”

Bay opens and reads the message and suddenly her face is lighten up all with smiles.

Look my friend, I have to go. I know you care a lot about Mels and I and we do appreciate it. Let us make it happen for ourselves with ones help. I hope what you did won’t happen again, am I right?

‘Yes it won’t…’

‘I have to go, will see you.’ Bay waves she walking away.

‘I think I didn’t keep you long.’ Bay says as she closes the door.


‘What is it that couldn’t wait?’ she continues.

‘I came here earlier and never found you then went there to your class to see if you were in school. Clara attacked me didn’t know what to say and I ended saying that I wanted you for something.’

‘Are you serious? I thought it was urgent…’

‘I am dead serious….Were you doing something, I wanted to see you urgently. You left here yesterday in so not a good mood so I thought I’d check you.’

‘And what’s in your table?’ Bay picks a paper from Mels table.

‘Do you mind if I read it?’ she asks again.

‘Feel free, I told you what’s mine are yours…’

Bay goes to her desk to read it and Mels follows her and sits on top of the desk while Bay sits on her chair.

THEM kids are left with no parents. The poor souls are left to fend for themselves as their folks are taken. Shacks are all we turn to as our beautiful homes are gone. Not even a cup to drink water is left. Malnutrition all that be preached by medical practitioners as population be getting smaller now and after.

We be sleeping with shoes on and eyes wide open. So we be ready to run before our lives be taken. Sleepless nights be all we know. We be on the run all the time protecting our lives as no person wishes to die. Dead bodies we fear no more as they be everywhere. Hyenas and vultures be laughing louder as there be no hunger for them. Sorrow be all that’s written all over our faces. Sadness be surrounding us. Cries of painful and injured bodies be all that be heard across. Troublemakers be laughing be laughing with their loved ones in their homes while the innocent ones be in the run, losing their lives. Fighting brings no peace but misunderstandings. Killing brings deaths but no unity. Weapons never solve a misunderstanding but words do. The big fight is in the words and everything be having a solution. Let’s all elude fighting and everything be so perfect and peaceful. People are people because of unity.

‘Wow! When did you start writing? This is great.’ Bay picks some paper in front of Mels.

‘Did I tell you how sexy you get when you are serious and concentrate on something?’ Mels says without even considering to answer what has been asked.

Bay raises her eyes up to get a better look of him, smiles and drops them again.

‘Aren’t you going to answer that?’

‘Mels! Let’s not talk about that, bring something else up.’ She says in a low voice.

‘Something like what Bay? I am attracted to you and you also attracted to me. Why can’t we just talk about this whole thing and get done with it?’

‘Mels! We in no rush, let’s take everything slowly day at a time. Let’s try concentrate on the exams then will deal with that later’

‘How can I concentrate Bay knowing that some other jerk out there is going to come and snatch you out of my fingers again?’

‘Mels! How can you say that?’

‘What Bay? Truth needs to be told, that’s what always happen but I am not going to let it happen this time around. I’ve been waiting for this moment…’

‘It’s Thursday today, tomorrow Friday, then Saturday and Sunday and the following day would be the day we all been waiting for. How well are you prepared?’

‘Fine! You don’t want us to talk about it. Like I told you I won’t rest until I got what I want.’ he says as he walks to his table.

‘That’s the second question you’ve been avoiding.’

‘I’ve always had the passion for writing and that one I just wrote when I got here. I am very much prepared, just want to finish and get away from all this rubbish.’

‘Did I tell you how sexier you look when you are angry?’ she smiles.

‘No you have not coz you have never seen me angry. I don’t want you to see my other part. Right now I am helpless and sad; I cannot understand what I do bad…’

‘Come here! Stop beating yourself over that. All be well, trust me;’ Bay opens her arms wide to hug Mels.

‘Is that a promise?’

‘Trust me…’

Friday came and there are no classes at all. The students are cleaning the school, preparing for the examination that is to commence on Monday the following week. They all are shown where they would be writing and given numbers so they don’t mix up. After cleaning they all went to the dining hall for lunch then went to the assembly for good luck messages.

‘Good afternoon you all!

This is for those in their final year; I would still be here saying the same to those that’d be also in their final next year. I know some of you here have already started dating and going to bars. All am asking you my dear children is to avoid those for this next coming month only and give your school work all your time. It’s this month or never for paving your future. Your future is in your hands and yourself there only is the one to make it happen. Study harder now so you won’t need to depend on anyone tomorrow. We have books to read, friends and classmates to revise with and teachers to ask where you don’t understand. Let’s use this little we have to make our future bright. All these people you see holding high occupational jobs had some sleepless nights building their future, for you to be like them, work hard, and have faith. The time is now and let’s make it happen I know you can. Have a good weekend and don’t go out, the books will be waiting for you and please let them be your friends for this month, you will throw them away after finishing. And please go to church this Sunday. Go and ask help from God.’ says the headmaster.

‘A very good morning to those I haven’t seen today and I hope you all having a good day. I just wanted to tell you that we will be having no meetings after school from next week.’ Bay announces.

‘Aaaah!’ the crowd shouts.

‘Listen up, please!’ the headmaster shout to make them listen.

‘If I have something to share with you, I’d say it here during the assembly. Unlike the headmaster, this is for y all and I want everyone to pay very much attention.’

IT might have been that difficult as a puzzle yesterday. It might be hard as a metal today. But you will never know what tomorrow has for you. It might be the end of that pain and misery today. Tomorrow will be the beginning of new eras. You will be swimming in happiness, as a child. Happiness will all that be surrounding you soaked in tears of joy. Never ever doubt your existence in this earth. Never ever believe or think you have no purpose in this earth. All of us were created with purpose. We all are different from another and so are our talents. You might have not discovered yours yet or it might have not worked for you. Patience and trusting in the Lord will be all you need as you going through all this. Nothing comes free in life. You will never get anything if you not determined. Hard work and determination pays. Good results will show if you put in your all. God never created us to suffer if that’s in your thoughts. He created and gave us brains to better ourselves. He made us to live differently. Never will we have same lives or .Life in general would be boring. Those at the top sweat to be there. They had sleepless nights to have all that, because they wanted a better life. Don’t just sit there and feel sorry for yourself. Stand up and make your first move. Have faith in all you do. Never doubt yourself or one else would ever believe in you. Make yourself recognizable. Make people talk the good about yourself. Diamonds don’t just fall from the sky, one has to dig deep to obtain them….

Everyone can’t stop cheering. Bay stands there smiling waiting for them to finish. They all keep quite to hear more of what she has to say…..

‘With all those words I am done, it’s up to everyone of you to decide whether to just use those or just throw all that I said…..have a good weekend and remember to always laugh…’ Bay says as she walks down the stage.

Mels cannot remove the gaze from Bay’s mouth as she is saying all this.

‘Can I ask you a favor Bay?’ Mels walk with Bay.

‘Shoot!’ Bay says.

‘Now that I see you are talented, would you please write a little something for me?’

‘I will do so and give it to you on my own time. Don’t ask me where it is every time you see me, I will give it to you myself.’

‘Yes madam!’

‘Do you mind checking me home tomorrow so we can revise together?’

‘Oh!i’d love that, the problem is that I don’t know where you staying.’

‘Don’t be silly, I will give you directions if you do agree.’

‘How can I not agree, I long wanted to meet my mother-in-law. I will be finally being doing so tomorrow, God is so great and never will I stop praising Him.’

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