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Saturday came; Miss Brittle takes Tom and Terry to visit their grandmother so they don’t disturb Bay and Mels as they’d be busy with their books. Bay just finished preparing breakfast for two and is now watching TV. She hurries to a knock on the door and open up for Mels to come in.

‘Hey!’ Bay opens the door.

‘Hi!’ he replies.

‘I ‘have been waiting for your call to tell me that you are lost.’

‘I am not that stupid Bay. I never fail where I am given directions.’

‘Come in Mr. Genius. Feel at home.’

‘What a name Mr. Genius? Where is everyone? I thought everyone would be around to meet them. I am kind of disappointed.’

‘And why do you want to meet them. I told mom that I‘d be revising here with you and decided to take the boys with him to grandma so they don’t disturb us. Cheer up!’

‘Oh! I thought you have’ not told them that I‘d be here…’

‘You will wait until they come back so they meet you coz I can see you really want that.’

‘I will wait up then….Can’t wait, ummmh! Where is Clara? I thought she will be joining us.’

Clara is out of town, I also invited her to come over but we agreed that we’d meet tomorrow after church.’

‘Oh! It smells good in here, were you cooking something?’

‘Oh! yah! I did, should I bring them so we eat first or will do so later?’

‘Let’s eat first. We going to forget about them the more we get concentrated…’

‘Okay! Shall we,’ Bay leads Mels to the dining room.

They all goes to the study room after eating with their books, pens and everything they d use for revising. They sit there with a jug full of water and a box of juice as they did not want to leave the room now and then. They help another with the little one couldn’t understand and both tackle problems they both did not understand until they got them right. They are very excited to see themselves getting everything right and they can’t wait for Monday to come. It seems like they understand everything they were taught. No one can tell that they have been fighting for the last months the way they were happy. Miss Brittle and the boys finally come and neither Bay nor Mels noticed. They just heard the bedroom doors slammed and knew everyone was home.

‘Bay! Are you in? Grandma gave this card so we give it to you…’shouted Tom

‘Tom! I am over here,’ Bay answers.

Tom comes to the study room and gives Bay a card with the good luck message on it.

‘Oh hi! Bay who is this?’ Tom asks at the door.

‘Tom! Behave, this is Mels. I go to school with him and Mels this is the youngest, Tom….’Bay introduces them to another.

Tom walked down to Mels and sat next him……

‘Nice to meet you big boy, how are you…’ Mels gives him a handshake.

‘I am very happy Mels. Mels are you serious I am a big man like you just said?’

‘Of course you are.’

‘Terry my brother thinks I am young and he is refusing to give me tips on how to hit on girls.’

‘Tom!’ Bay shouts to stop him.

Mels can’t stop laughing.

‘Hahaha! What are his reasons?’

‘Mels! Stop all that, this little boy is sick.’

‘No I am not Bay. Mels, there is this other girl I am eyeing, every time I try talk nicely to her she just runs away and expects me to run after her. I am a big man these days and can’t be always seen running, what should I do?’

‘She is playing hard to get. She will soon be yours. Show her that you are a man. Stop running after her, try sitting her down and talking.’

‘And how do I sit here and what’s playing hard to get?’

‘Mels! Stop filling nonsense in his head please…’

‘I am just trying to help the boy.’

‘Mels! You haven’t answered me…’ Tom says.

‘Oh! Just write a letter telling her you want to talk to her. Give the letter to someone so they give it to her coz she obviously going to run if you try give it to herself…..You will learn all this when you have grown into a fully man Tom. Just give it some time.’

‘I thought you said I am a big boy. A big boy is more like a man.’

‘A man has a deep voice, beard face, muscular body and all those that I can’t say to you. I don’t see those anywhere near in you. Just relax and wait for your time, the right one and you will see, all will be well…’

‘You are not helping now. I shouldn’t have asked for your advice. It sucks more than Terry’s. Sorry I bothered you.’ Tom says in a low voice walking down to the door.

‘Tom! Come here and apologize, Tom!’ Bay calls him back.

‘No!’ Tom says.

‘You not getting pocket money for this week and next, you know mom always listen to me, I am going to tell her not to give it to you. When did you start behaving like this?’ Bay asks.

‘Just leave him B, it’s not that he did something wrong.’

‘Shhh! don’t let him hear you say that, he is coming back.’

Tom just came in back and sat next to Mels where he was.

‘I am sorry I said such words to you when I shouldn’t. That’s not a way to talk to an elder, please forgive me my friend.’ Tom kneels down.

‘Hahaha!’ Bay and Mels laughs.

‘Did I say something wrong? Please Mels!’ Tom pleads.

‘Don’t be silly, get up boy. I have forgiven you of course.’

‘Thank you buddy, you don’t know how terrible it is to go to school with no money. You would be sitting there looking like a monkey watching people buying some stuff and I don’t want to go through that. You really saved my embarrassment by accepting my apology, thanks again.’

Bay and Mels looked at another and Bay shrugged her shoulders to show that she does not have a comment.

‘Is your apology coming within or you just don’t want to get embarrassment at school for not having money, tell me what is it?’

‘Ummh! Both! Sucks is a very not-so-cool word that shouldn’t be used by children like me to elders, no! It’s not a very good word at all and I don’t know what came over my head to use it. It’s not that I normally use it and believe me, it’s coming from my heart, I am sorry. And the other part, I think I just explained it thoroughly to you.’

Bay smiles.

‘Kgm! You know, I’ve never came across such a wonderful kid like you. You amaze me each and every little moment I spend with you and I wish I had that long time to spend with. There is a lot we can learn from another;’ Mels says with excitement.

‘Oh! You think so? I also like you, why can’t you ask mommy to give you some other room here so you stay in it. I don’t think she will refuse if we tell her that you are my tutor.’

‘It’s not going to be easy as you think big boy. One don’t just move from their homes and stay at another’s. There should be a valid reason for the movement and all that, besides that, I also have a family. I would miss them terribly if I moved out of home; I think you get that feeling;’

‘Yah yah! I get it. I don’t see myself leaving my family, it would kill me and I don’t think it would to you as you are a man. Men always leave their families, food won’t be a problem, and mom will always cater for you if she cooks and I will share my toiletry with you, please say yes! Tom pleads.

I can’t Tom, just accept it.’

‘Tom! Give us a break, go to your room and read. We don’t want to hear more of your nonsense.’ Bay says.

‘I will come and say goodbye to you before you go Mels. Let me go before she poisons my mom.’

‘Oh! You don’t want your money to be taken. You are going to be a businessman, what do you reckon Bay?’ Mels asks.

‘Don’t put those silly ideas in this dull sculp. He would be going around tomorrow telling people that he is a businessman…’

‘What is to “reckon” Mels? You were telling the truth earlier on saying that we’d learn a lot from another?’

‘Oh! To reckon means to “think or have an opinion about something”. Like, “I reckon that you are going to be a businessman, “reckon” there has been used instead of thinking,’

‘Oh! I get that now; I really wish you were here to stay. Maybe you’d give me business tips so I make money for myself.’

‘You always are asking for ideas my poor little brother. Don’t you see they never work for you? Just pray, help will come from God if that’s what He really wants for you.’ Bay says.

‘Tom! Tell me, why you like money so much. You always talking about it? Do you ever read the Bible?’ Mels asks.

‘Yes! I have it in my room.’ Tom replies.

‘Go and open (Timothy 6:10) and read it. It says, “For the love of money is the root of all evil”. Go and read it and tell me if you understood it next time I am here and if you didn’t understand I will explain it to you.’ Mels continues.

‘Mels! You don’t get it, money can buy everything. You can’t get anything for free these days. You should have money in your pocket to get all those. Money gets you anything you wish for.’

‘Tom! Don’t you ever get tired of talking?’ Bay asks.

‘No I don’t sissy…oh Mels! Do you know who Bay’s boyfriend is? I have to talk to him.’ Tom says.

‘Why, and who said Bay has a boyfriend?’

‘Bay has a boyfriend and everyone can tell. It’s written on her face Mels can’t you see? She is always smiling.’

‘Hahaha! Why do you want to know the person that makes her smile then?’ Mels asks.

‘Ummmh! Terry and I…’

‘Tom is mentioning my name, what is he saying to you Bay?’ Terry asks as he is approaching the study room.

‘That’s beat me, come ask him.’

‘Oh! I didn’t notice we had a visitor. This is Mels right?’ Terry says.

‘Yep!’ Mels nods.

‘I am so jealous of you Terry, you always know Bay’s friends. How do you do that?’ Tom asks.

They all laugh.

‘Grownups always know each other just like small boys do.’ Terry replies.

‘Terry! Don’t be like that…Mels this is my other little brother Terry, he already know you from somewhere and really don’t know where that could be.’

‘You talk too much Bay. Let me introduce myself to you Mr., I am Terry Brittle and I long wanted to have a chat with you, just to sit next you. I am so thrilled to have finally met you and so very honored.’

‘Why do you say it as if he is the president of the country or any person of high power? This is Mels and he is my schoolmate.’ Bay explains.

‘I know and I love this guy Bay. I respect and admire him. He is one of the very few people I want to follow their footsteps in this country.’

‘Terry! You now scaring me, are you straight, are you attracted to; you know? Just asking coz the way you are talking about this man here, it’s really not how another man should talk about another.’ Bay says.

‘Hahaha! Bay! How can you think of something like that? I am so straight and no questions about it. You know that I am attracted to ladies like my lil bro here. you should see how they are all after me at school, if I were that cruel and had no sense of humor, I could have taken almost half of school into bed coz they always throwing themselves at me.’

They all laugh except Tom.

‘Ohoh! Did I miss something? I didn’t get that at all.’ Tom says.

‘You were not supposed to get It.’ Terry adds.

‘And what is it that you talking about that’s making you laugh out this loudly. People can hear you from a distant.’ Mother asks as she walks in.

‘Mommy! This people are not fair at all. They are talking and using some words that I don’t get then they would be laughing and I’d be glancing at their lips doing so…’ Tom says.

‘Every time they use such words, have it in your mind that what they are talking about is not for your ears my little boy. You will understand all this when you are a grown man okay?’ mother explains.

Tom nods.

‘Bay! Why didn’t you tell me Mels was still here? I could have made something special for him?’

‘Sorry!’ Bay says.

‘How are you Mels? You have grown into a young handsome man. Last time I saw you, you were a little boy. Look at you, I didn’t know you were this handsome.’ mother gives Mels a handshake.

‘Hahaha!yah, ummh! Everyone is talking about how I’ve grown quickly and all that but I don’t see any difference.’ Mels says.

‘I am so happy that I’ve finally seen you my son. Bay talks a lot about you.’

‘Aaah! Not you too mom!’ Bay growls.

‘What is it?’ mother asks.

‘Everyone in this house love Mels so much. You just met him today and you all are saying great things about him. Mels you are never coming here again?’

‘Aaah B! Come on, what did I do to deserve all that? Don’t you want your family to shower me with love?’

‘I am so serious’ she crosses her fingers.

‘Mom! What’s with the entire stare?’

Bay looks at him and smiles.

‘Mom! Mels mentioned that him and I could learn a lot from another and then asked him to move in with us. I told him that I’d share my toiletry with him and you will always cater for him when you are cooking.’

‘And who is going to sleep with him my boy?’

‘Mom! There are so many spare bedrooms here; you can give one to him so he uses it, please mummy.’

‘Tom! Forget that silly idea. Mels told you that he can’t, why can’t you just move in with him coz you think it’s that easy?’ Bay asks.

‘I can’t move in with him coz I would terribly miss you all here.’

‘That’s exactly what Mels said about his family. Do you think it would be fair to him?’

‘No, but…’

‘Yah!I thought so too…’ Bay continues.

‘Mom! Please say something; your word would be final.’ Tom pleads.

‘Have you discussed this with him my boy?’


‘Then what he told you is the final answer…’

‘Oh! Sorry boy, your plans never work, hard luck boy…’ Terry makes some funny face to him.

‘Terry! No, must you always tease him?’ mother shouts at Terry.

‘No! Mom! Jokes aside as of now. I am not teasing him; this time around I can feel for him. I know the pain he is in right now.’

‘Oh! You do Terry, how do you know what I feel coz you not in me?’

They all laugh.

‘Mom! You see? Now who is teasing another?’

‘That was a very beautiful question, answer it.’ says mother.

‘Mom! You know, if you have realized that someone could have a positive impact in your life, you’d do everything so you keep them by your side. They are those people like Mels. I’ve been telling them here that I was so honored to have finally met and had a chat with him. He is one of the people who inspire most of us at school.’

‘Somebody say hallelujah!’ Bay interrupts him.

‘Bay! Give him some time to finish. Go on my boy.’ says mother.

‘I would do anything to keep him by our family side so we can always get help from him. I and Tom can learn a lot from him since we don’t have a father.’ Terry continues.

‘So you want Mels to be your father?’ Bay asks.

‘Bay! That’s not what I am saying. You have mom here to show you a certain behavior of a woman and we on the other side have no one to teach us all those, Mels knows a lot and I think we can learn all those from him.’

‘Don’t get too emotional.’ Bay says.

‘Pheew! I am so thrilled to know that there are people out there who look after me, I must work hard to maintain this status to my graveyard.’ Mels says.

‘I wouldn’t accept it for anyone out there to come and ask for Bay’s hand in marriage and I would do anything to persuade my mom to refuse to it but for you I ‘do anything so mom agrees to it…’ Terry adds.

‘Yes! Marry her so you move in please.’ Tom says.

‘Mom! what did you give to this boys while you were away? I am not used to them this way.’ Bay asks.

‘Search me…’ mother shrugs her shoulders.

‘Like seriously, I’d do everything even to go rob a bank so Mels can pay bride price. Always have it in mind that you have a back in case you want to marry or anything. She wouldn’t turn off the proposal and all that.’ Terry continues.

‘I will always have it here.’ Mels points to his head.

‘Mels! It’s already late, let me take you to the taxi stop before all this boys say something to upset me.’ Bay stands from where she sit.

‘Yah! And all that money you’d steal at the bank would all be given to me. I think Mels should marry her so I be a millionaire at this age, who would have thought.’ Tom smiles.

‘And what are you talking about?’ mother asks in a confused state.

‘Mom! Terry and I agreed that I’d be the one taking all Bay’s bride price when she got married, didn’t we Terry? Tell them.’ Tom explains.

Everyone laugh.

‘Mels! Please let’s go.’

‘You boys are silly, how can you go about discussing that without telling the mother of the bride?’ Mother laughs.

‘This one isn’t well mom. We should take him to mental clinic. How can I discuss such with him? I am out of words today…’ Terry laughs too.

‘People! Let me just leave, I had a wonderful time here with you and enjoyed every minute of it. I will do visit next time,’ Mels says.

‘You are leaving because of her. A man shouldn’t be ordered by his woman. You should be the one setting rules…’ Terry whispers to Mels .

‘It was nice having you my son. Please do come visit again. These boys love you. When should we expect you?’ mother asks.

‘Anytime but not soon.’ said Bay

‘Aaaah! Bay!’ Tom growled

‘What? We are starting with our exams next week. Mels has to read and we’d be doing our revisions at school. We can do it here coz you’d be coming here with all your nonsense.’said Bay

‘Let him come here on weekends at least so we can see him. We won’t disturb you sis.’ pleaded Terry

‘That is not for discussion, you will see him after we are done with the examinations.’

‘Okay! Got that, can we at least say our goodbyes to him by going to the taxi stop with you so we see him for the last time?’ asked Terry

‘Terry no! I have a lot to talk about with him and its certainly not for your ears. Go with mom to the kitchen and start with dinner.’ said Bay

Tom was close to tears when Bay and Mels left the house.

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