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The last few weeks that all have been waiting for especially students have finally arrived. Students were so thrilled with the examination because they would be taking a long break after writing. The all of them wished to make it to the high school but because we are not all gifted, others knew it would be the end of the road. Others knew it was the beginning of new road to paving their future bright. The examination went on for a period of three weeks .it was now a habit to Bay, Mels and some other students to revise for the next paper to write whenever they got the chance. It worked so much for them as some of the questions they used to tackle together were repeated in their exam. Mels and Bay wrote the last paper together and Bay started crying. She knew her and Mels were only going to see another after a very long time.

‘Mels do you know how much I am going to miss you? I did not give all this a thought until now and all that I have thinking was the exam and not paying any attention to you. I am going to miss you so terribly Mels. We will see another in high school if we would both be admitted in the same school.’

‘Of course we are going to the same school.’

‘I so learnt a lot from you Mels, the person I am today is because of you…’ Bay sobbed

‘Don’t say that please, do you want to see me crying? Don’t be a wimp, come over here...’ he opened his arms wide to give her a hug.

‘Bay look! I have some cash here with me, let the two of us go to and have some fun at the shopping mall, to make good memories of our last day together…’

‘Now you talking… what are we waiting for? Let’s hit the road.’

The weather was so great that afternoon, sunny, calm and the air fresh and bracing. Songs resounded on all sides of the shopping mall; the very few people walking around that afternoon. Bay and Mels were having a great time together; it was as if they were celebrating some kind of important joyful event. They bought some mouthwatering food, exchanged some cards with some few words written on them. They lost track of time and the moon had set and it was now dawn that was breaking.

‘You know I would do all in the world for you Bay but it’s now our time to say goodbye, it’s already late…’

‘Then don’t leave me, don’t go…’

‘Don’t make this difficult for the both of us Bay, we have to go.’

‘Relax; I know we have to go. I was just acting, I always see lovers on plays doing that so I wanted to see if it would suit me…’

‘It does you perfectly.’

‘Oh! You think so? I never thanked you for this Mels; I had a great time with you and I have never felt this special before, thank you for all this and making me feel like I am the only person in the world.’

‘It is my pleasure you enjoyed like I planned. I have been saving all that money so I could spoil you…’

‘You really did spoil me but you should have told me to save too to pay half of what we used today…’

‘Where on earth did you see a woman paying in a date, I am a gentle man Bay; I am glad you enjoyed all this. I do love you Bay.’

‘I know and you know also I do you as much as you do me.’

‘Maybe you missing the point here Bay, I am talking about that kind of love where feelings are involved.’

‘What?’ She asks as if she didn’t hear.

‘I don’t know how to say this but ever since…’

He suddenly stopped talking and pulled Bay towards his chest, he held her so tightly that Bay couldn’t move an inch. He released her after some time and kissed her lips. He held her again now that she couldn’t breathe well.

‘Let go off me Mels, it’s already late and I have to get going…’ Bay tried to pull back.

‘Don’t do that Bay. We just had a great time and I didn’t mean to spoil it, I don’t want you to leave here angry.’

‘I am not angry Mels…’

‘What is it then? I just told you how I feel about and you now acting weird. I just can’t help how I feel; I just feel safe around you and always feel like I can do anything.’

‘Don’t do this Mels, please!’

‘Okay! I will try to forget about, we still are friends I guess…’

‘Don’t be silly, how can we not…’

Bay hugged Mels and pulled her close. He kissed Mels right into his lips and he saw it coming. He opened his lips wide to get ready for the kiss. By the time Bay put her lips on his, Mels put them inside his. She had no other choice but to respond. They held another sexually, eyes closed and kissing. Bay pulled back after some time.

‘Oh no! Were you not having a great moment?’ Mels asked in a disappointment

‘I was…’ Bay replies.

‘What then, did you really have to ruin it?’

It is now late Mels, our parents must be worried. We have to go before we get arrested; we are not supposed to be doing this in public…

They both laughs.

‘You right, there is a taxi. Get in and go…’ Mels says.

‘Take care of yourself Mels.’

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