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All is noisy around the village. It is festive season and every family who stayed away came back to see their relatives. Sound of bells from shops suggests sales and the approach of Christmas. It was one of those wonderful evenings that Bay would always treasure. Examination results were out. Almost everyone in Bay’s class did well and Mr. Spencer was the proudest teacher walking around, he was the topic of every conversation around. Bay and Mels were the outstanding students in their school. Gifts such cell phones and money were awarded to those who did well as a way to show appreciation and courage. They welcomed New Year with much happiness. Holidays were now over. Bay’s mom decided to give her some money so she could go and buy uniform for herself as she worked.


From all sides of the roads, people talking, riding bicycles, driving in cars and walking and laughing merrily. Students were now coming from school, some waited for taxis or combis by hiking stops. The sun had sunk under the clouds as it was raining but light was still there. Bay was inside one of the shops still looking for school uniform when the rain decided to fall. She bought an umbrella to avoid herself getting wet and stood under the shop roof with some people waiting for taxis.

‘Hey beautiful, do you mind knowing you’, Letty says.

‘Excuse me!’ Said Bay looking down at him

‘Forgive me beautiful; let me do this formally… hi! I am Letty. I would really like to know you if you don’t mind’

‘Of course I do mind, why on earth would I tell a stranger who I am?’

‘Because the stranger would really love to know you? What are you doing in this rain any way; a beautiful thing like you should under cover now sipping some hot chocolate.’

‘For your information charm boy, I just came here to buy school uniform and did you buy that hot chocolate for me that I should be sipping?’

‘It would be my honor to buy it for you, can i?’

‘You really are something, did I ask you to?’ Bay smiles.

‘Oh! Did you just smile? I will take that as a progress…’

‘Why are you here? You really can nag…’

‘I was over that car. My cousin and I are selling some fruits there and I saw a beautiful thing standing right here by itself so I thought I could just come and keep its company and to know more about her.’

‘Larry or whatever your name is, I have a lot in my mind and I don’t need some company now, say whatever it is that you want me to know and leave me please.’

‘It’s Letty! And I want you…’

‘You must be joking, what do you want me for?’

‘I am serious; give me your cell number so we can talk about it. You should get in a taxi and go home before you catch a cold.’

‘I don’t have a cell phone…’

‘Ok! Let me just you my digits so you give me a call.’

‘And where am I going to store it?’

‘In that scull, I hope that beauty has brains too.’

‘I don’t fill my head with unnecessary stuff, that’s stupid…’

‘Oh, that’s hurts!’ Letty touched his heart.

They both laughed and Letty started staring at Bay’s eyes

‘What are you now looking at? You make me uncomfortable…’ said Bay dropping her eyes

‘You are so beautiful Bay.’

‘I am used to that, I get it a lot…’

‘Can I borrow your umbrella to get something by the car?’

‘Don’t take long, I have to be leaving.’

He ran over to the car. Took a piece of paper and pen and wrote down his cell number and ran back to Bay. He gave some money and the number to her but she only took the number. Letty was so happy, he couldn’t believe Bay agreed to take his number. Bay got into the taxi and it drove away. Letty was from a very rich family… His mum would buy some fruits from neighboring countries and Letty would normally sell them at shopping malls. Letty had a baby he kept a secret, he did not want people to know about it especially the girls he always proposed .he had many sexual partners and he normally would sleep with new students in high school and would immediately dump them. He promised himself to treat Bay differently from the other girls should she agree to date him. When she got home, she showed all that she bought to her mother. She borrowed her mother’s cell phone ‘to call and ask someone about some shoes she wanted’, that’s what she told her mother.

‘Hello!’ Letty after picks a call.

‘Hey! It’s me.’ Bay says.

‘Hey, is that you beautiful? Oh my! I can’t believe this at all…’ Letty shouted

‘Yes it is me Letty; Bay…’ she lowers her voice.

‘Why are you now whispering beautiful?’ Letty asked…

‘I am using my mother’s phone to call you as you asked, tell me what you wanted to tell me over the phone, I am all ears.’

‘I was serious later on beautiful, the moment I saw you; I sweat like never before. I fell for you.’


‘I love you beautiful and I would like you to be mine; I want you to be my girlfriend and I don’t want to share you with anyone else…’

‘What if I am already involved?’

‘Is there that someone already?’

‘Yea! There is already that someone in my life…’

‘I want you to be mine Bay; I don’t care if you are already seeing someone. I will keep it under wraps. He will never know about us but if he ever hurts you; I will show him who the man is…’

‘As I already told you, I am seeing someone and I don’t want to see him hurt.’

‘I promise you, he won’t find about us.’

‘Okay, we can give it a try then…’

‘Oh thank you! You are not going to regret this beautiful, this was indeed a blessed day for me.’

‘We will talk; please don’t you ever call this number it’s my mom’s…’

‘Okay! I love you Bay and sleep well.’

She opened her bedroom door and walked to her mother pretending to be still on the phone.

‘Oh that one, I see. I will talk to you to let you know how it went then, have a good night.’

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