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There was a complete change in Bay and Mels relations to each other. They were much happier than in the previous school. New students were welcomed by the school authority. They all looked nice in their new school uniform. New students spent the whole week in the school multi-purpose hall as they were still introduced to the school and given classes. Bay wanted to tell Mels about Letty as they were always together. She didn’t know how to break the news to him and if he would react well. She wasn’t sure where the two of them stand as they never talked about it again. Classes were not enough to occupy all the students and double were introduced. The other group of students was to come in the morning while the other group had to attend in the afternoon. Bay and Clara were so pissed for them not to be in one shift. They were sad too because they were never going to have much time to spend with another.

‘Hey babe! How are you, how was school today?’ Letty asked

‘I am loving every bit of it so far, just that I am an exhausted from walking…’ Bay pulled her neck back and forward

‘I got a thing for you by the car, catch…’ Letty threw car keys over at Bay.

‘Aah! Just what I needed, where do I then sit?’ Bay says with some scones and a bottle of juice in her arms.

‘Come sit here, there are no chairs here…’ Letty showed her to his lap.

‘No no! I will eat on the kombi to my way home…I am very tired, I just need a quick shower, a short nap before helping my mom with the super.’

‘Can I go and join you in the shower?’


‘Why? I will be a good boy, just want to scrub your back…’

‘Because I don’t need any of your assistance in scrubbing my back…’ she foists a smile over.

‘Ok! You aware of next week being Valentine’s Day?’

‘How can I not know? Everyone is fussing about it, why are you even asking?’

‘Just wait, I am going to spoil you. What should I expect from your side?’

‘Special something…’

‘Special how, do you value it that much?’

‘I can’t say much, just know it’s valuable.’

Letty bit his lower lip…

‘Oh! There is a combi, let me just run… I will see you tomorrow.’

She gave Letty a peck of kiss on his cheek and walked away

‘And what on earth was that all about?’ Letty shouts.

‘I was giving you a kiss, am I not supposed to kiss you?’

‘How silly can you be, you are allowed to kiss me anytime you feel like but babe I am not happy, you can’t be calling that a kiss.’

‘What else can you call it? Hello! I just did the damn thing with my lips, how the hell is I to do it?’

‘I want it right here then.’ Letty points to his lips.

‘In your dreams, see you tomorrow.’


Rumors about Bay and Letty quickly reached Mels. He was anything but excited. He did not want to believe it first, he tried to avoid it but everywhere he goes he could hear people talking about it. He had sleepless nights not knowing how to confront Bay. He asked for advice from his colleagues at church about how to confront her. Others told him to just let it go but others told him to hear from the horse mouth.

‘Oh! What a surprise, haven’t seen you for like ever.’ Bay threw her arms around Mels

‘Bay stop it right there, get your filthy hands off me. You and I should have a serious talk.’ Mels takes Bay’s arms off him.

‘I am all ears, what is this? Talk about the agro…’ Bay suspects something.

‘Not here, cat you see all these people? I need to talk to you in private.’

‘Ok! That sounds serious ad I am now getting nervous. I hope there is no other person behind our classroom so we can talk there.’

‘Lead the way; I just want to get done with all this.’

‘Am I the only the only one who have been oblivious, aren’t you even ashamed of yourself?’

‘What have I done now?’ Bay asks.

‘Don’t try to be smart with me here; you think I am a nin-com-poop? What is this nonsense about Letty that I hear everywhere I go? Aren’t you afraid of what people would start calling you?’

‘And what would that be?’

‘Oh so it’s true, you not even denying it? All would start calling you a cheat, harlot, gold-digger and any other name you can use to refer to a woman with many sexual partners because they always saw the two of us together and now Letty.’

Bay’s face falls and says no word and cringes.

‘Don’t even think about it, you are not moving an inch unless I tell you to.’ Mels grabs her hand.

‘Talk to me, I thought you cared about me, let alone yourself. Has this been all an act Bay?’

‘Mels I do care about you, a lot. I never thought it would be such a bigger of an issue. I had no idea where the two of us stood…’ Bay comes closer to Mels .

‘Stay right where you at, don’t think about coming near me. Consider whatever we had gone from now on. I am never going to trust you again. I just wanted you to hear it from me and these are my goodbyes.’

‘Mels can we please talk about this. I can end everything with him. You mean a lot to me Mels.’

‘You sure you can do that?’

‘Anything for you Mels. We can all go to him to prove how much I value us. You are my biggest desire and you are present in the picture of my future.’

‘I meant a lot to you before that boy came into the picture; I am just like any other person to you these days. You chose him over me and I can’t jeopardize your mirth and I refuse to be in the present future of people who can’t promise 100%.’

‘Please Mels, stop saying that, I promise I can end it.’ Bay grabs his hand.

Bay! I just said it is alright. I am and can never be anyone’s second choice. Continue with what you two started and I am wishing you all the best. You are dead to me from now on Bay cos I can no more recognize you. I can never put my hopes on wrong people from now onwards think you are now a hero because you broke my heart.’ Mels pulls off his had from her and walks out.

Bay sits alone the classroom. She can’t stop weeping but never wanted Mels to notice.

‘Hey Bay! What just happened? I saw the two of you coming to this side earlier and he just left in a not so well mood.’ Clara just comes in a rush.

‘It’s all my fault Clara’, Bay sobs.

‘Bay what is it, what happened?’ Clara sits next to her.

‘Right now I am pissed at the world’

‘Bay can you please calm down, you not making any of a sense.’

‘I finally got rid of him, I chased him away and I will never find someone like him’’, she buries her head in her arms.

Bay talk to me. Is it Mels you talking about?

‘Who else could it be? I should be applauded for that. Did you just see how furious he was when he left here? He said it to me that he never wants anything to do with me anymore.’ She wipes tears away.

‘The hell happened Bay?’

No word comes from her, she is silent.

‘Talk to me’, Clara shook her shoulders.

‘Mels found out about Letty.’

‘I warned you and you chose not to listen to me’

‘Kick me when I am down’


People moods around was as high especially of business men as they were making fat profit. Their products were bought in huge numbers as gifts for the loved ones. Red and black were the most worn colors of the day. There was a little rain falling from the sky after school. Bay called Letty to come pick her up from school. There was no one around when they arrived.

‘Feel at home beautiful, it’s just us’ Letty led Bay inside the house

‘There is a champagne bottle there, help yourself and this is especially for my favorite lady’, he gave a box of chocolates to Bay

; Woooow Letty! You have no idea of how…;

‘Any idea of what?’ he smiled

‘I longed for these and I couldn’t afford them, thank you so much. I don’t know how I could ever repay you as I did not get anything for you.’

‘Your being here means everything.

‘That’s all I care about, me and you in the same room.’

He stood in front of Bay and ran his hand over her face gently, fingers slowly opening her lips. He locked the door and Bay started shaking. He started caressing her breasts leading her to the bedroom. He ran his tongue round her slowly groaning. He undressed himself slowly as Bay watched. He then pushed her to the bed and tried to unbutton her school uniform and she stopped his hand.

Don’t stop me beautiful, I want you like crazy’, he groaned

‘You want to have sex with me?’ She pushed him away from her

‘Of course I want beautiful but don’t make it sound that way, I just want to make love to you. Come on, we have been together for like a month now. I want us to express the love we have for another, haven’t we waited for such long?’

Does it take a day to jump into bed with someone you just met? Is that what you really are?

‘What is wrong Bay? I want you, I need you and I am going to fuck you if that’s the type of language I should use for me to get what I want. I know girls your type; you would be going around tomorrow telling lies about how I raped you.’ He said in a harsh and aggressive tone

‘And what is it that you want? ‘Bay swallowed hard

‘Come on, isn’t that obvious? I want your pussy’

‘I thought you cared and loved me’, Bay sobbed

‘There is no question about that, I love you and that is why I want our naked bodies to collide.’ He clings to Bay.

I want make love to you Letty, I love you… first things first, do you have protection?

‘Now you are talking beautiful, I have loads of them over there…’ he ran in excitement to the drawer not bothering to cover his naked body

‘Here’, he shows packets of condoms to her.

‘Is this the way you are taking my virginity away?’ she gives him an unhappy facial.

Oh my word, you are a virgin, where have you been all this time? Come here…’ he kisses her all over.

I have been waiting for the right time and person and I always wanted it to be that special for the very first time. U want candles light around, roses and all those romantic things, anything to make it special’, she sobs.

Don’t cry beautiful, that can definitely be arranged I tell you. I have some cash with me and there is so much time. We can get to the shopping mall and get those to make your day special.’ he hugs her from behind.

Thanks for understanding, I’ve been blessed. ’ she exhales heavily.

I am the blessed one’ he tried putting his hand under Bay’s trouser.

‘Stop it, what are you doing?’ Bay shouts and throws away his hand.

What? I just wanted to see how my precious gold is doing’.


‘Why? I thought you wanted this…’

‘Of course I want it. Should I get randy and we will never get those, don’t you get all that?’

‘Forgive me then beautiful, let me get covered and hit the road’ he picks his pants from the floor.

‘You have such a nice body, very strong. The type I like. Did I tell you before?’

‘No you haven’t and I would care to hear it. Come and feel it before I put it away’, he shows his private part to her

‘Let’s get to the shops; I don’t want to be mislead.’

‘Oh! Before I forget, can I spend the night here with you?’

‘And what are you going to say to your mom beautiful? Wouldn’t she be worried about you spending the night away? ‘He takes her hands close to his chest.

‘Don’t worry; I will think of something, I can tell her I slept at grandma’s.’

‘I love you so much beautiful, come here…’ he hugs her so tightly.

‘It will be late when we come back from the mall, don’t you think? I want to give all myself to you.’

‘What did I do to deserve such a lovely thing like you? I long waited for this moment.’ He lifts her in an excitement.

‘Put me down and hurry. How about your mom and siblings, aren’t they going to have a problem with this?’

‘Don’t worry about a thing, the moment they get here I am introducing you, they are going to love you.’

‘Aren’t we going to disturb them then as we would be awake all night long? We have plenty of work tonight and I am I afraid I might not be in school today,’

Letty understood that immediately after sleeping with her he would ask her to go. He was afraid of his mother. She couldn’t stand seeing Letty with a girl as she did not to raise another kid to his. She was the one taking care of his first born child because Letty did not have a proper job to support the baby.

‘We won’t disturb them; they all use the main house. All this space would be all ours.’ how about you go in late tomorrow, you can never miss school.’

‘Let’s go then, is my school bag in there? Want to get something…’

They go out laughing merrily and holding hands and drove to the shopping mall.

‘Letty! I don’t want to die, concentrate on driving and stop staring at me.’

‘I can’t take my eyes off from you beautiful; all I can see is I inside you.’ He smacks his lips.’

Bay fakes a smile and turns away.

‘I am going to ravish you, I’ve never felt this way and you really are doing me beautiful.’

‘How come you are the only student here, where everyone else is or they also out there giving their sugar pies some love?’ he continues.

‘They must be at the kitchen having lunch; I called you immediately after the last period.’

‘You must have wanted me that bad… let me park right here.’ He pulls a car in the shopping mall parking lot.

‘Can I please have my school bag that side?’

‘There we go.’ He passed the bag to her.

‘Unlock the doors please.’

He unlocks the doors and she steps out.

‘Come give me a kiss before we get it there.’ Letty grabs her hand.

‘Let go off my arm’ Bay said furiously pulling her arm away

‘Calm down beautiful. Why are you all of a sudden angry? I didn’t notice you such a crank, did I do something wrong?’

‘You and everything around you. Everything that nearly happened earlier at your house. You disgust me.’

‘Our naked bodies nearly collided; we had a moment to know another. I didn’t know you are a virgin but I know now.’

‘Cut the crap you fool. You thought I would give my virginity away to someone like you? I see they never told you about me.’

‘Can we please talk about this, I love you beautiful,’ he runs after her.

‘Don’t you dare ever call me that again and get the hell away from me. There is nothing we can ever talk about.’ She gets into a taxi and leaves.

Bay went home from the taxi. She washed her school uniform in hot water and popped in a shower for such a long time scrubbing herself to take Letty’s odor away from her. She couldn’t stop brushing her teeth. All she could see was his naked body; she put her arms round herself and wept. She took a nap after the shower; she couldn’t stop sobbing her body contracting in spasms. She woke up at dawn and went out with the youngest brother. They watched the stars. She wished to hear Mels voice or see him.

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