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Hey Bay! Would you please wait up, what’s up with you? You aren’t yourself, did something happen at home? Clara asks.

Is that obvious?

I am not sure others noticed but I did. I am your friend and we are supposed to look after another.

I thought Letty and I would last. He is a monster, he has been pretending all this time long. All that he wanted was sex from me.

He dumped you after having sex with you? I told you from the beginning he is bad news, there is something wrong with the air round him.

All I can see is his naked body; I was scared to see that long thing and imagining it inside of me.

Nothing happened right? Is that what you are saying?

He bought an expensive box of chocolate to me and a bottle of wine. We came to me groaning and we kissed, he took off his clothes. I was damn scared and never showed it to him, I had to act.

I am trying to follow but I just can’t.

I stopped him when trying to undress me. He was so furious that he started words to me. I had to act and calm his nerves, telling him we on the same page. That it should be special that he was about to take my virginity away, light candles and roses around to make it the best. We then agreed to get those at the shops and I took advantage of people around. I told him what he needed to hear. I could be saying a different story if that plan never came across me.

You should be proud of yourself and I am glad you finally got the chance to see who he really is.

You are a very good friend Clara; you are the only one I have apart from my family.

Do you miss Mels?

You have no idea, he was all I was thinking of yesterday. Wishing he could take me in his arms and tell me everything is just right. I so miss what we had let alone himself.

Don’t worry, he will come back to himself, did you try having some word with him after last time?

There is nothing to talk about, he said it himself. I can’t be running after him, got to let him go even though it hurts badly.

Stop being stubborn.

Let me rush to the administration to see who is in duty, I will see you at the assembly.’ Bay left Clara

On her way to the administration, he bumped into Mels in the corridor.

Hey Mels! Bay shouted in an excitement

Hey girl, it’s been long I must say. How is life treating you almost?

So so… you?

Very good I must say, don’t you miss me?’ he pulled his lips to smile

How can you ask that, I terribly miss you Mels… she said trying to give him a hug

No Bay! Wait up, my girlfriend might be watching us, I don’t want her to get any ideas.

I am very sorry if she saw this, tell her I didn’t mean to cause any harm. I just got carried away seeing you.

So where is that your lover boy, Letty?

It was nice of seeing you Mels. All the best with your girlfriend. It gives me such a great amount of joy to know you finally with someone who makes you happy.’ She said in a lower voice and walked away

Bay! Wait… Mels shouted

DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, my wonderful teachers and every person here in school, a very beautiful afternoon to you all. I guess and believe you enjoyed yesterday to the point that words can’t explain it. I wish I could have talked about this days before yesterday but I think it will be of great use next year. Ok! With yesterday, you were to show the closest person or loved ones how much they mean to you in your life. A kiss, a hug or just telling them in person how you appreciate them. If someone is that far from you, you send a message of any kind or give a call to them. Gifts are exchanged, they are bought and others can be home made. It’s not a problem if you do not a gift, no one should force you to give it. I am especially referring to us girls here. Most of us here are involved with older men. They have money and we don’t. They buy us nice gifts and we in return should give sex. I am quite sure most of us here yesterday were given some presents and repaid with our naked bodies. If that someone you are seeing really cares for you, they would never force you into sex, they would wait until you are that ready. Don’t allow yourself to sleep with someone you are not sure they will grow old with you. Date someone for long before getting into bed with them. Do it for your own good, don’t do it to please someone else. How are you even going to feel seeing someone you slept with last night with another girl today? I wish we had much time to talk about this even more... Let us stand for ourselves and show them what we are really made of. We deserve to be loved. Let’s make them wish they had us. Let us wait for that man who would appreciate having you, who would let the world know you are his. You are worth much more. Anyone who wants to talk to me, don’t hesitate. Good day and please make it your hobby to always smile.

There were cries of Bay as she takes a bow to say goodbye. Everyone just loved her, teachers and students.

‘Bay really touched me today. These guys are using us. I definitely agree with her.’

‘Yes! I too agree with her. We really should talk to her…’

‘We should go and see her, do you know which class she is in?’

Mels couldn’t stop smiling eavesdropping to some girls.

‘Clara, Clara! Wait up for me, why are you in such a hurry?’ Mels ran after Clara.

‘Oh, hi Mels! I did not see you…’

‘How are you doing?

Is something wrong, what do you want? I can see you have something in mind, out with it…’

Kgm! He clears his voice. ‘Nothing! I just saw you standing over there and thought why not go and say hi to her.’

‘And who do you think you fooling Mels? I know your being here is because you want to know something about someone you terribly miss.’

‘I am a bit worried about her, I saw her earlier and she wasn’t herself. What’s wrong is there something I should be worried with? Mels asked in a face showing concern.

‘Why can’t you ask her yourself, I mean she would be over elated? She misses you…’

‘Don’t do that. Did she tell you she misses me or you assuming? Should I go look for her? Oh! That wouldn’t be a sane idea…’

‘What now?’

‘Like I told you, I bumped into her earlier before the assembly. She was thrilled to see me I must say. She tried to hug me and I told her to stop before my girlfriend saw us. I asked her where Letty and she left wishing me luck with the girlfriend I made for myself. I just wanted to make her jealous.’

‘Oh no! What on earth have you done? She already has a lot in her plate right now…’

‘What is it that happened; did something bad happen to my Bay?’ he shakes Clara’s shoulders

‘You promise not to breathe a word to anyone not even to confront Bay cos I don’t want to look like a bad friend?’

‘You have my word.’

‘You know she has been involved with Letty, right?’

‘Yes I know and I don’t want to hear anything about that jerk. How can a guy like him snatch such a beautiful woman from me, am I not that handsome for Bay?’

‘Would you please listen…?’

He nods.

‘Yesterday Letty picked Bay here in school to his home and when they got there Letty took off his clothes, I mean you can already imagine that he wanted.’

‘Oh Christ! Are you telling me… did they?’

‘She says she has never been that scared but she managed to control herself. She pretended to be on the same page with her, you know told him how she also wanted it. He was that furious, using harsh and vulgar language. She then had to calm him, told him he was about to take her virginity so she wanted all kinds of romantic things around to make good memories. They then agreed to go to the shopping mall to get those and that’s it. That’s when she told him never to speak to him again, she says they through.’

‘phweeee! I can now breathe, I thought for the worst. Why isn’t she herself then?’

‘I think she still is in shock. You should go and see her, explain your behavior earlier. She would be thrilled I tell you. She told me she wished you could have been there yesterday, resting in your chest and telling her that it was okay.’

‘Remind me I am an idiot. Why on earth did I just do that?’

‘You are a fool. Just go and look for her, that’s what you going to do. Don’t even say tomorrow.’

‘I doubt she would want to say a word to me. What have I done? All I wanted was to make her jealous and I believe that double worked.’

‘You miss her, do you?’

‘Tell me about it. I should at least see her if not to hold her in my arms, where could she be?’

‘I have to see someone that side. Just go by our classroom, I guess you would find her there.’

‘Ok! I will just walk over there to look for her. You are a good friend Clara, to me and Bay and you have no idea how grateful we are.’ Mels gives her a hug.

‘Oh! I just want to see the two of you happy. You make such a nice couple. Imagine how lovely your kids would look. Did I tell you I would be a godmother to them?’

‘Don’t even start; let me go before you say something stupid again.’

‘Hahaha! Bye Mels…’

Mels barely sat still on the chair. The time seemed to be moving as slowly as the chameleon. He was longing to see Bay. When she finally arrived, Mels was standing by the classroom door, hands in his pockets and the face down. Something about him said he stood there for a long time. Bay saw him but did not pay attention to him or cared to listen to what he had. He called out to stop her and then walked over to her.

‘Hey Bay! You were brilliantly at the assembly. I am so proud of you…’ Mels said

‘Oh thanks! You have no idea how much it means for such to be coming from you…’ she smiled as she stared at his eyes for a moment.

‘Come here angel! How about this?’ Mels moved closer to give her a hug

‘Mels!’ she calls out as she takes some steps back.

‘Is there some problem? Thought that’s what you wanted earlier…’

‘I thought your girlfriend is always watching you. I don’t want names. I should those people there if there is nothing else. It was nice seeing you again and please say hi to your girlfriend.’ She walked away leaving him standing alone.

‘Bay! Can you please wait; there is something that I should explain to you…’

Several students camped in front of Bay’s classroom. They all wanted a word with her. Mels sat on a chair from a distance watching her.

‘hey everyone! May I please have your attention?’ Bay shouted

A male student threw himself at Bay… ‘You were absolutely marvelous.’

‘I appreciate that and make sure you never do that again. That was inappropriate.’

Mels immediately stood on his feet seeing this and walked over to them.

‘I hope you heard what she just said, don’t ever think of doing such again… you hear me?’ Mels shouted at the boy.

‘Yes! There wouldn’t be any repeat of such…’ said the boy.

‘Hey everyone! The lady here wants to have a word with you so listen up.’ Said Mels in a loud voice

Everyone keeps silent…

‘Thank you Mels!’ Bay turns and smiles at him.

‘My pleasure’ Mels smiles back and take a bow, ‘the floor is yours.’

Sorry for keeping you all waiting here for long. I have been at the administration. They all want me to have an office to use, where I can attend to every one of you privately. My answer was I will consider it. I am a student too and I should give all the attention to my studies, that’s what we all here are for so bear with me. I am a human; I can’t study at the same time making some spare time for each of you so please try to understand all that. I asked the maintenance people to make some few suggestion boxes around school. You just write the topic you want to be discussed then put it there. We will have meetings each Tuesday s and Thursday s at 1230hrs every week before the afternoon shift begins. Some of us have the same problem, we will discuss them during then together and those who think they have bigger issues I will try make some time for them. I hope that all is average if not perfect.

‘Yeah!’ the crowd shouted in an agreement

‘Bay!’ Mels calls out grabbing her elbow

‘Hi again! Why are you loitering? It seems like I would be seeing a lot of you as of these days.’ Bay smiles

I have a reason for being here. I just wanted to tell you how you make me proud to see you up to everything good. What you doing words can’t explain. Just keep it up and may our Heavenly Father continue to bless you.

‘Oh! Thank you, it always means a lot coming from you. I guess I will have to see you around. Have an awesome day.’ She turns to walk away.

Mels mouth opens; he is unable to say a word. He turns to go back to his classroom. Arms behind his back, walking slowly and kicking at some stones.

‘Hey! You look terrible. How did it go, terribly as look?’ Clara asks

‘A lot is running down my head. I am a bit happy; I talked to her though it was weird. She even smiled at me, that’s a first after long. ‘God never says no but not now.’

‘Then why you looking this horrible?’

‘She couldn’t stop with saying ‘’please say hi to your girlfriend’’. I mean what’s that?

‘Why couldn’t you tell her everything? I thought we agreed that was what you were to do?’

‘She is a busy someone these days doing busy things. She couldn’t give me a moment but I am bloody going to be patient.’

‘That’s the way my friend… positivity in your heart. I should now run bye and stay strong.’

‘Clara can I ask a favor before go?’

‘Anything, what is it?’

‘Can you please try to tell Bay this? She never would give a chance to me to explain myself. She is avoiding me and this does no good to the both of us.’

‘That’s a no with a big ‘N’. That I cannot do. Just try seeing if you could solve your matters there without me involved.’

‘Yah, yah! Goodbye… he waved as Clara walks away

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