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‘Bay! Are you sure you don’t want me there?’ Bay’s mom asks

‘I am definitely sure mom. I got this, don’t get yourself worried. Says Bay

‘Call me if you need anything.’

‘Mom! My hands and soul are glad as me to be doing this to these beautiful souls.’

‘Ok bye and take care…’ mom waved as she reversed the car

It was very early that in the morning when Bay arrived at the orphanage centre in their village. She came with big sacks full of clothes. She collected warm clothes from people and bought others from the donations she collected. Her mother dropped her with the sacks at the orphanage centre. It was just after breakfast when she arrived there. The older ones were washing dishes and their clothes. The young went to the play room where they sat and chat as it was freezing outside. Bay saw them and went straight to them after dropping the bags at the reception. She sat and shared some jokes. She helped with lunch. After eating they went outside to play as it was now warm. She sat there alone watching them little boys and girls playing, sending their balls higher high up into the sky, some skipping some rope and others clapping and singing. Many questions with no one to answer them started running her mind, ‘why did God take parents to these little souls? Why did God punish these kids?’ it was 5 in the evening. Bay called for them to gather and stop playing. She allocated clothes to them especially to the young ones. Everyone was happy. The workers at the centre were all wishing her all the best to Bay and to live long to continue helping the less advantaged. They all wanted to hug or shake her hand. She then called her mother from the centre leaving everyone elated.


‘I want to get myself something for lunch before the meeting starts Clara… should I get anything for you?’ Bay asks

‘I think I will be fine. Where is the meeting held? I should be there… Clara replies

‘We are using the multipurpose hall. The headmaster gave it a go ahead. You should have seen all their faces telling them I was fine with no office.’

‘Is that why you were all cheerful today? You used to be this happy when you and Mels were still… did you sort it out?’

‘What is there to sort with him? I deserve to be happy. Mels and I are done, there is nothing left. He moved on and he said that straight into my face.’

‘Bay try and talk to him. I think you heard it the other way round. I can never imagine him with any other girl other than you. The two of you belong together.’

’I just love that boy with everything on me. I always had a dream to marry a man outside her and promised to give my virginity to that man but with Mels it’s so different. He is the only guy here I would sleep with or marry and now that he found someone for himself I should with patience wait for that man.’

‘You should talk to him Bay. This can’t go on. Why are you glowing then if it isn’t Mels magic?’

Oh! I had the most amazing and super weekend. I spent some time at the orphanage centre. I took them clothes I’ve been collecting there and bought some with toys for the little ones with the donations I raised.’

‘Wow! That’s sounds awesome. I am so proud of you and I will never get tired of telling you. That incident with Letty really changed you to a mature someone.’

‘I was not aware of some stuff Clara. I thought people who got raped just called it for themselves… enough with all this, I should go or I will be late for the meeting. Let’s meet there.’

‘No problem, see you then.’

She sat next to a bench beside the kiosk and had some juice. On her way to the hall, on the corridor, she bumped into Mels.

‘Hey! Good luck on your first meeting…’ said Mels

‘Oh Christ! Mels that would give me a heart attack, you scared the hell out of me. Where on earth are you coming from?

‘Sorry! How are you anyway? Mels asks

Mels holds Bay’s hand up against his chest and their eyes freezes on another’s.

‘Pray for me, I want everything to turn into a success.’

‘Just be yourself and everything will turn out the way you wish…Bay I do miss you.’

‘Mels! Thanks for that, I think they all are ready for me there. I shouldn’t be late for my first meeting. See you around…’


‘Everyone please take some seats. This is a very good afternoon, you all are looking fabulous. Why do I see only of the girls here?’ Bay says

‘The boys thought these meetings are only meant for us ladies and that is the very same thing we have been telling them.’ Some other girl explains

‘Oh no! You must have heard it the wrong way. I want everyone to be here, remind them to join us next time. I just want us to work smoothly. I want us today to talk about ‘being proud to be you’. Not all of us are out spoken, we like keeping things because we don’t want people to laugh or talk about us. We have low self esteems and all that. I shouldn’t be the only one talking here, I would like for us to interact. I want positive results for this very first meeting. I want everyone here to be here next time with more of new faces. Am I that clear?’ Bay asks


‘Okay! Now back to the topic. I am sure you all are aware of the terms self assertive and self esteem and with that I would like someone to quickly give us some light.’

‘Thank you for that my friend and that is so true. Let us learn not to allow people or difficult situations to control us. By doing that, we are holding ourselves some prisoners. Don’t let those people or bad moments to overpower you, to take control over your selves. If something that really hurts or touched you, don’t hesitate to share with someone for help. We are human beings and no person can ever be an island. We all need a helping hand or someone to talk to from time to time. Don’t feel like you are alone or you don’t belong to other people when things don’t go your way. If you deeply are that hurt, feel proud to cry, feel good about yourself, laugh out loud if you have to, don’t think what people be thinking or saying. What people say about us should really not make us feel bad especially if you don’t know who that person is. If you have realized, there are those people who hate and those that love us and life goes on, that’s part of it. There isn’t other person as lovely as you in this earth so feel proud to be you. Learn to ignore those who always are negative with you. Love and be proud to be you. With that spirit you would be able to stand for yourself at all times, your views or opinions. We all are beautiful in the eyes of the Creator so don’t beat yourself when someone tells how ugly you are rather feel good, ask yourself, ’’what’s that unique that made them look at me to see that I am ugly?’’ ‘There must be that special thing that made them look at you. Love oneself and be proud!’

‘Bay you really are a star…’ someone shouts in the crowd.

‘I think that would be all as for today. You can have my number from Clara and it’s should be for feedbacks about the meetings, say all that I should improve to better our sessions. Time is not with us, some have to continue with classes. And please don’t forget to tell your boyfriends to join us next time.’ Bay says

‘Bay! One question before you go. You talked about hate and love. You said it though there are those who hate you. Do you have enemies?’ Some other girl asks.

‘I cannot say they are my enemies but all I can tell you is that not all that we do please everyone and they would always be those that are against you.’

‘Those ones are fools, no sane person would ever do such a thing Bay,’ the girl continues.

‘Talking about the normal ones, I don’t know…’ B ay shrugged.

‘Bay you really are helping us and wishing you agreed to have an office where you can talk to us but we should also accept what you already doing. You are transforming us Bay and we wish the best for you and many more years to come….’ Said the school head girl

‘Thank you guys, you sound like the women at the orphanage centre, they said they wish the best to me and to live longer. I really appreciate it. Have a good day people and let’s meet again this week. God loves us all and please always remember to smile.’

‘Cheer up girl, you are… I can’t even say it. You are more than any other word to describe you. You are born a star and blessed is a womb that carried you. Does your mom know she gave birth to a star?’ said Clara

‘Of course she does know, she was so thrilled yesterday, seeing myself with all those that I gave to the orphans.’

‘I am talking about this massive role you are playing here in this school…’

‘Enough about that Clara, why should I even tell her? I just want to transform these kids into responsible people of tomorrow.’

‘Hahaha! You comfortable enough with us that you already calling us kids.’

‘Ah! It’s the feeling I just have when thinking of my fellow students. Oh! Before I forget there is something about genes that I don’t get and want someone to clarify it to me, would you care to help?’

‘You must be joking, of all the people you know I have no knowledge when it comes to biology. Why not ask Mels to help you? He would be more than thrilled to assist you…’

‘Thanks but no. I will see our subject teacher for assistance. I should forget about Mels and avoid corridors he likes taking here.’

‘Bay! What got in you? I thought you said you liked Mels… just give him time to explain himself to you again.’

‘Oh no! I don’t have time for him. I love him; you know every time I bump into him my heart start fluttering and knees trembling. I saw him earlier and felt like throwing myself at him. He is weird these days. He said he misses and wasn’t sure how to respond to that. His girlfriend is so lucky to have him; he is so cute these days.’

‘Speaking of the devil, here he is. Tell him all that you just told me… ‘Clara whispered

‘I think I should go now… hi Mels!’ she ran out

‘And that?’ Mels asked.

‘You know her. She has been telling me how weak you make her. She says she feels like throwing herself at you every time you are around but then she can’t as she doesn’t want to upset your girlfriend.’

‘I hate myself for this big mouth, I should have kept quite. Thank you for the effort Clara, you mean a lot to the both of us. I came here for her, see you around and please take care.’

‘Goodbye Mels! Don’t give up, God never says no but not now.’

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