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‘Oh my word! I did it again. Thank you so much Lord…’ Bay shouted in an excitement

Everyone in class turned to look at her.

‘Bay! Remember we in class, what’s with you?’ Mr. Lategaan asks

‘I am sorry sir just that I got excited.’

‘That I should agree with you, you did well and that’s how you should be, excited. You always on top’

‘Sir! Before I forget, there is something that I need an explanation on. Can I steal 30 minutes of your time?’

‘Bay! I am so hungry; you should have said it during the lesson. I have to go home now. We can arrange when to meet to discuss that.’

‘I have nothing to do from here; I am going with you from here to your house straight from here. You do the explaining and I go home, simple, huh!’

‘Hahahah!’ Other students laughed

I thought you said you hungry, can we please go… the lesson is over already. Bay grabbed Mr. Lategaan’s hand.

‘See you the other lesson you all…’ he waves

Mr. Lategaan’s house was not far from the biology laboratory. It took them less than two three minutes to be at his house. Mr. Lategaan was in his early twenties. He was a very handsome man, a real Adonis. He had a certain confident about himself. He had a nice voice that everyone admired. Female students around school did all type of things seeing him for attention but he was never interested.

‘Here we are. You are welcome inside.’ Mr. Lategaan showed Bay inside the house.

‘So what are we having for lunch sir?’

‘You can fix some sandwiches for yourself in the kitchen. There is something to drink in the fridge. Feel at home. I am going to put on something comfortable, these are for work…’

‘All right, I will get to them right away.’ She rose from the couch she sat on.

After changing clothes, he stood at the kitchen door and watched Bay swinging her hips side to side dancing to her ear phones making food,

‘Kgm kgm!’ Mr. Lategaan clears his throat.

‘Oh no! Look at what you did, you gave me a fright.’ Bay accidentally spilled some sauce over her shirt.

‘I am so sorry darling, I mean Bay. Let me help you with that.’

‘My hands are all buttered, can you please take this off…’

Mr. Lategaan unbuttoned her shirt slowly staring in her eyes. His blood was now boiling. After unbuttoning it, he slowly ran his fingers slowly on her body taking off the shirt.

‘Bay! You such a beauty, you have such a nice body, wow!’

‘Thank you sir, can you please do my shirt…’

‘We are not at school. Stop with the sir thing. You can call me anything but not sir please, at least for ones. Anything nice, you know? ‘

‘That I don’t think I can, I am only comfortable with sir.’

Mr. Lategaan stands back to get a better look.

‘Bay you are so fine, sexy and stunning. Turn around; I want a clear version of you…’

‘Go clean my shirt first then I give you the real…’ she bites her lower lip.

‘The real what?’

‘The real pleasure.’ She continues

Mr. Lategaan comes back within few minutes.

‘Gosh! You still haven’t done it? I am supposed to put on that now when leaving to home.’

‘Relax; it will be ready just now. The machines are doing it.’

‘Thank you.’ She pulls her lips to smile.

‘How about the real pleasure you promised me before I went out. Come and give that to me…’

‘This is the exact thing I was talking about. This, I am sure you never had something like it in your whole entire life.’

He picks one and takes a bite.

‘Wow! This is marvelous, this I never tasted before and I am sure they got the same taste as you, sweet.’

‘What are you now talking about, am I eatable?’

‘Very! Can I taste those, to give you a hint of what I am talking about?’

‘Feel free, these are yours to have.’


‘Clara, you going to be late for the assembly, aren’t you going there?’ Bay asks

‘What is wrong with you Bay?’

‘What are you talking about? I am all fine.’

‘You? Fine? No! You are more than fine, I mean you are all star. You are so energetic, active and lively. You have been bubbling since morning and it was worse in Mr. Lategaan’s class. What am I missing here? You two couldn’t take your eyes from another.’

‘I had fun yesterday, I mean total pleasure. I never thought Mr. Lategaan could be that funny. It was as if we age mates. The jokes and everything we talked about. He really is a gentleman. Clara you should have seen his legs in those shorts, he has the perfect arms one can rest on them. Gosh! Talk about the lips, I didn’t realize they were that perfect. I couldn’t handle myself being that close to them and especially that we were alone. We then did it, kissing. Oh! He even called me sexy.’

‘oh! I am so jealous; you always take the good ones… I would love to hear more of it, what then happened?’

‘We kissed for some time. He then started touching my thighs, gosh! It was sooo…. he then moved to my breasts, licking them, my navel, he groaned so sexily. I never pictured the two of us with such an act. I pulled down his shorts, leaned down kissing the tip of his dick; he removed my skirt then led me his bed room and pushed me to the bed. It was so hard and I was so wet. He came through my thighs. The feeling was compared to no other thing in this earth. He then entered me. He did it slowly as I screamed. He slowly did it until it was inside of me.’

‘oh God! I can not believe it, you and him?’

Bay nods…

‘So we now the same, no more virgins. You are never going to stop now that you already started. Sex is the coolest thing on earth.’

‘The fact that I gave my virginity away to him does not worry me. He is mature, clean, responsible and educated after all.’

‘What about Mels then Bay? You know he cares for you, a lot. Where does the two of you now stand?’

‘What about him. He does what he likes and so is I. he chose to be with that girl and I chose to sleep with Mr. Lategaan.’

‘I reprimand you for your unprofessional behavior towards Mels. You should sort this thing out before it’s too late.’

‘Must you always spoil the good mood mentioning his name? I love him, yes but he doesn’t do me. I should forget about him and I think it’s refreshing to have some time without thinking about him.’

‘So what are you going to do about the Mels issue? Are you and Mr. Lategaan officially together, do you feel the same about another, doesn’t he have another partner? There should be one coz I can’t imagine a man like him being single.’

‘I have no knowledge of that man’s personal life Clara. I went to his house for him to help me. Of course he told me how beautiful I look and he took off the shirt off me as I spilled some sauce over to wash it.’

‘I thought you said he took your virginity. The way you said it, I was convinced you two slept together.’

‘Clara I can never be that stupid and Mr. Lategaan is a responsible teacher, I don’t think he would sleep with a student. As I said before and I would continue repeating it, Mels is the only man here I would give my body to. I would force myself to him if we were given time alone.’

‘Bay! Don’t ever play that game on me again… you are going to talk to Mels, that’s what you going to do.’

‘I thought you knew me better and I am sorry I am not like you, still a virgin.’

‘Let’s continue with this after the assembly.’

‘Attention, everyone can I please have your ears.’ Mr. Lategaan shouts out.

Teachers and students keep a silence to listen.

‘Good afternoon to every single one of you here… I believe the all of you is awesome. That’s how you should be right now if you part of this school and that’s a must. I have exciting news here with me. You all aware that our soccer boys have been travelling some few places to play against other teams. We did not go there for no good, that did us marvelous. Our boys are through to the finals.’

‘Yeah!’ everyone cheered, clapping and whistling.

‘Can I please finish then I give you all the time to celebrate please. I would like one or two of you from you students to come say a word of encouragement to these guys. It would be such a great thing to them coming from you.’ Mr. Lategaan continues.

No one responds.

‘Bay, Bay! Where are you?’ He asks.

Everyone turns to look at Bay.

‘Come up stage. Come and be the first person to give them a gift, coming from you would strengthen them even beyond.’

‘I have nothing prepared sir, you should have warned me.’

‘Ah! That wouldn’t have been a surprise, believe me. Please don’t disappoint them. Come and say whatever that is in your mind.’

‘Bay, Bay, Bay!’ The crowd cheers.

‘Listen up, give her a chance everyone please!’ Mr. Lategaan shouts out.

‘People I can see you all are good and I am not greeting anyone of you, that you doing isn’t fair so my greetings only goes to our soccer team.’ Bay says.

‘Hahaahha!’ Everyone laughs.

‘You all are putting me in such an awkward situation here. You all want me to make myself a joke?’

‘Bay! Don’t disappoint your fans, yourself and especially me. I chose you because I have faith in you and I know you can never disappoint me. I know you can do it darling, just do it my love…’ Mr. Lategaan whispers to her ear.

Bay shrugs and smiles, ‘okay! Listen up everyone.’ She shouts.

You boys have moved heaven and earth You put your shoulders to the wheel You worked hard in order to succeed You left no stones unturned to qualify for the nationals You brought our school at whole to public notice Our school came to light People across the country there never knew or heard of our school but we now known because of our soccer stars History has been made, our boys are now of the national giants Our team qualifying for the nationals this year for the very first time will always remain in the records Having gone that far, we must celebrate our victory We must indeed treasure every single moment Qualifying for the nationals is a red letter day It will always be a day of great importance Any happy school at the moment is ours You made our school proud and no moment since qualifying will be regretted. Loosing or leaving the tournament early does not matter The fact that you boys will be playing nationally make us winners, bringing the trophy home or not We wish you all the best of luck and you will always be in our prayers.’

‘Bay! That I call marvelous, thank you for that.’ Mr. Lategaan grabs Bay and swings her around.

‘Bay we love you.’ Shouts some other students.

Bay shakes everyone. Students and teachers were excited to touch her. It was as though she was a star or someone they never met. Mr. Lategaan was with her blocking some other students to come to her.

‘Mr. Lategaan, Bay! Would the two of you follow me to my office now… ‘Says the headmaster.

‘Can we have a moment please to finish here?’ Mr. Lategaan says.

‘I said in my office, please. This is my first time of teaching seeing such a thing.’

Mr Lategaan and Bay follows the headmaster in silence to the administration. They were both clueless of why they are summoned to the headmaster’s office so urgently.

‘Mr. Lategaan, don’t go to your office now, I have something for you too, go to my office…’

Mr. Lategaan turns on his way to his office and walks to the headmaster’s office.

‘Bay you too, in my office.’

All the three of them gets into the headmaster office, sit down in silence with no one saying a word. After some minutes the headmaster rise from her chair. She then walks out leaving only the two of them inside.

‘What is wrong with her, what could she be waiting for? Are we in trouble?’ Bay asks in a trembling voice.

‘That beats me…’ Mr. Lategaan shrugs going up and down in the office.

‘Why did she then call the two of us here? Would you please sit down, doing that isn’t doing any good…’

‘Bay, can you please stop with the questions and do you mind keeping quiet for some time? I am as clueless as you. Let us wait for her come tell us what she has for us.’

The door opens.

‘Mr. Lategaan, Bay?’ The maintenance man asks.

‘Yes! That’s us.’ Mr. Lategaan rises to his feet.

‘The headmaster is asking for the both of you outside.’

‘Outside, what game is she playing on us now, why did she…? Never mind sir, thanks for the heads up…’ says Mr. Lategaan

‘What sort of game is this? I am not sure if it started but it’s already boring me.’ Bay adds.

‘Let’s go find out.’ Mr. Lategaan closes the door behind them and he follows Bay. They all are surprised to find the headmaster in front of Mr. Lategaan office.

‘Please my child, don’t turn off this offer. We worked hard on this…’ the headmaster turns to look at Bay.

‘Pardon me!’ Bay adds!

‘Sshhhhh! Surprise!’ Shouts the headmaster as she opens the office door.

‘Wow! What just happened here?’ Mr. Lategaan steps inside to get a better look.

‘Sorry for the inconvenience sir. We wanted somewhere where Bay can have her work prepared. We gave the office we wanted it to be her’s to the English department some time back and after today I swear I would be damned not to give a place to you.’

‘Have you spoken to Mr. Lategaan about this matter madam? Maybe he wouldn’t be excited of the decision you made.’

‘I just wanted it to be a surprise to the both of you. There is plenty of space in this room and besides that I wanted you working closely to someone you comfortable being around and that someone is this man standing next to us; I have seen how close you two are.’

Bay smiles.

‘Does the smile mean you are accepting this office as yours?’

‘What can I say…?’

Mr. Lategaan winks at Bay.

‘Ok! I am going to accept it. I have no choice but to, looking at all the effort you took to prepare everything for myself. Thank you ma’am, knowing you have that faith in me makes me feel important.’

They all laugh.

‘No! We the school team, teachers and students appreciates all that you doing. You are an angel sent from heaven to this school; we are so blessed to have you.’ The headmaster kisses her cheek.’

‘All right you can all feel free; the office is back in your hands again. Sir please help her where it’s necessary. You don’t understand how happy you have made me. I will always be available to help you, anytime you need to talk to someone, you know where to knock. Bye and enjoy the rest of today…’

The headmaster closes the door going out leaving them inside. Mr. Lategaan goes to the door and locks it. Bay sitting right onto the table.

‘Hey girl cheers up!’ he pulls her right out of the table.

‘Hey watch it!’ Bay shouts.

‘Relax! You are the most precious thing and I can never let you fall.’ He pulls her even closer.

‘Sir! Stop it; someone might walk into you holding me this way.’ Bay tries to pull back.

‘Don’t worry yourself babe, no one outside can hear us, there is sound proof and you just saw me locking the door.’ He gives a peck of kisses on her cheek.

‘Sir! Stop it!’

‘I asked you million times not to refer to me as sir. Try nice names like babe, darling just to name a few.’

‘Oh oh!’ Bay could feel Mr. Lategaan’s penis in her stomach.

‘What is it; do you want to touch it? Feel free, give me your hand.’ He pulls her hand to his trouser.

‘No! I don’t want to…’ Bay giggles.

‘Come on Bay! Please babe, just touch it…’

‘Knock knock! Is anyone inside, Bay, Mr. Lategaan? Please open up for me.’ The headmaster calls out.

‘Someone is knocking. I think it’s the headmaster, let me open up for her.’ Bay pulls herself away from him.

‘Not so fast, come here!’ He gives her another peck of kiss.

‘Knock knock!’ the headmaster continues to knock.

‘Can I sit down before you do that, I don’t want her seeing all this.’ He points to his penis and went behind his desk to take a seat.

Bay opens the door.

‘Hey! Did I interrupt, were you in the middle of something?’ The headmaster asks as she walks in.

Bay’s mouth opens wide with no words coming out.

‘Yeah! You did. I was showing and explaining something to her.’

‘Sorry about that then. I have something for you Bay. Come to my office and I will explain all to you there.’

‘Are you not going to ask what it is all about?’ Mr. Lategaan turns to Bay.

‘Let’s say there are massive prizes to be won…’ the headmaster says in a loud and excited voice.

‘Mmmh! I am now being tempted when you talk of prizes. I will stop by your office…’

‘You should hurry, time isn’t on our side and there is none to waste.’

‘Okay! I will just collect my books from there and I will be with you just now.’

‘No problem I will be waiting. Let me give you time to finish what you were doing.’ As she leaves.

‘I guess I will see you tomorrow. I will be going straight home from her office.’ She picks her school bag and walks to the door.

‘Just like that?’ He walks to her.

‘Yes! What else would I be waiting for?’

‘Come on, that’s not what I’m talking about.’

‘Would you please stop playing games, what is it Mr. Lategaan?’

‘I will jump straight to it then, I want a kiss, hug or anything to show you care about me.’

‘A hug will do I guess then I run.’ She put her arms round his neck for a hug and he immediately pulls her closer to him as if they are glued to another. He leans to her, open his mouth, put Bay’s lips inside and licks them until Bay responds to the kiss. They kiss for some time and Mr. Lategaan fells it that he starts running hands around Bay.

‘Stop it…’ Bay pulls away from his arms.

‘Come on, what now? I thought you liked it…’

‘I lost it. You forced yourself into me; I’m out of here.’

‘Babe wait! Bay, you know, ever since spending time with you, I feel young and energetic. You give me this other before feeling and I think I am falling for you. I don’t ever want to see you hurt or sad.’ He says in a calm voice running his hand over her face.

‘Stop calling me babe please… this is crazy; I and you can never… you are… I should get out of here.’

‘What? Say it right away… I am an old man, I’m your teacher, and I’m a heartbreaker? Say it…’

‘You disgust me, you pathetic.’

Bay you don’t have to leave this way. Can we please talk about it?

‘There is nothing left you and I can talk about…’

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