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Gabriel Dupont has to make some difficult choices. Thirty six years old and a dedicated Alpha to a growing pack, he knows that its only a matter of time before his his territory becomes too small for the three thousand strong community it houses. His people need space to grow, develop and run. So he has to make one of two choices: defeat and absorb the neighboring pack, and expand his borders or convince its elderly alpha to give him his oldest daughter to marry. An alliance sealed with marriage held just as strong as any bound by blood. The Alpha, recognizing the determination in Gabriel, reluctantly agrees. But there is one thing the ambitious younger Alpha had not counted on at all. His Fated Mate. An unplanned stop by the closest human town has Gabriel reeling and searching for the woman that bumped into him, all plans of the marriage of convenience temporarily forgotten. When he does find her, it takes everything he has to keep from claiming and marking her immediately. But his Fated Mate has secrets of her own, Secrets she isn't willing to let go of just yet. Secrets she might never be willing to part with. With Gabriel's upcoming nuptials and a Wolf that will refuses to settle for anyone other than his Mate, the Alpha must make the ultimate choice between duty to his Pack and his Heart.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

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