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Vineet has a facade of a shy and nerdy girl that no one seems to notice and she wants to stay that way until a very hot dangerous guy named Levias came to disrupt her life and that too by chance. They both have secrets of their own that they don't wanna tell everyone. Will the walls they built be crumbled by the attraction they feel towards each other or the fear to get hurt set them apart. What will happen when these two collide? What if the past came haunting Neet? Will they be together or fate will pull them apart for reasons yet to be known?

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Chapter 1

Over the phone

Where the hell are u?
We are gonna be late today.

Chill. I am just pulling over ur house and by the time u will come to the gate, I will be there.

Oh. Ok hurry.

Neet hurries down, grabbing a sandwich from the tray, runs to the front gate ignoring shouts from her mother.

Neet darling, eat ur breakfast first.

*while running to the gate*
Mom I am already late. I have grabbed a sandwich I will eat in the car. Ok bye mom, love ya.

Bye, take care.

Reaching the gate she noticed Leah's car. Sighing in relief she walked towards it with a sandwich in hand and backpack hanging on her shoulder.

Thank god u are here.

Come get in or u wanna stay here?

Getting in the car she fixed her seatbelt and turned the music on.

*eating her sandwich while gazing out the window*
Say what do u think will happen today.

*Looking at her seriously*
I don't know what's gonna happen today but I sure know that I wanna eat ur sandwich it sure looks delicious.

*passing the sandwich to her *
Sure you can have it.
Doesn't matter I am full.

Leah took the sandwich happily and continued to drive towards the school which was about 20 minutes from Vineet's house.

*On seeing the school building she turns to her best friend *
I can go from here.

*pulling over*
U know u don't have to do this.

I have to.

Gets out of the car and started towards the school with her head down just like she always does.

*murmuring to herself*
Here I come school...

Neet walks through the parking area while looking down ignoring the presence around her.



When I reached my locker I was shoved towards it from my side making me bump into it with my sides.
"Fuçk it hurts like bitch," I murmured to myself.
When I turned to see who was the person, I wasn't surprised to see Reena standing smirking at me with her minions.

Me being the afraid-nerdy type instead of cursing her looked down. You know why obviously cause I am scared of getting bullied again... [note the sarcasm]

Suddenly there was a commotion distracting Reena and her minions, coming not far from my locker.

They ignored me and moved to see what's happening. One of my friends Maya came towards me looking like she has some news. Well basically she is the person from where I come to know about what's happening in the school otherwise I won't know and I seriously don't even care.

Oh my god !! Neet did u see how hot the new transfer students are.

*Me being the ignorant one acted shy and told her *
Umm.. no, actually I just got here.

*while dragging Neet *
Never mind, come I will just show u their hotness, walk quick.

And that's how I got dragged to see the so-called new students 🙄 , despite my unwillingness to see them. Ughhh, it's really frustrating to get dragged.

When we reached where Maya claims are the boys, it won't be bad to say that the whole school was gathered there to get a glimpse of them...

Well, there were many students I was barely able to see them. I turned to go to my class but Maya pulled me back just in time to see the hot creatures as she says.

And damn god, I would be lying to not admit they were drop-dead handsome. There were a total of 3 boys and two girls, they were giving the vibe to just stay away from them.

The boys seemed to be frustrated from all the crowd but the girls were enjoying their time of limelight from the schoolboys, casually waving and winking at some as they continued to move to the reception to get their schedules and SHIT...
Sorry for my words but the whole school thing is S.H.I.T.

Well, Let me make it easy for u to imagine the boys.

One of them was having honey brown hairs with light green eyes. He was 6'1" and boy he was cute at least to me despite his cold exterior. He was having the perfect body a girl would ever wish for.

The other one was having white hairs with some silver streams, don't take him as some old man because that's a no-no thing. He was fit with muscles, I can tell the cause of his tight shirt of which two buttons were open for u guys to ogle at. He was having cat eyes with 6'2" height slightly taller than the first one.

My eyes caught sight of a dark black hair guy, he was walking in the center of the two guys having dark black eyes like that of a beast in the night ready to pounce on u. WOW, that's something cool u know. He speaks of danger like some sort of mob or mafia king. His eyes were special like they can see through anything having a glint of evil that he was trying to suppress from the student.

I decided not to have any interactions with them cause they sure as hell were no ordinary people and having any talk with them will lead to exposing myself in one way or another and I don't want that to happen not until I complete my task.

Well, I shouldn't forget about the girls.
One of the two girls was having light brown hair with some dark brown highlights and her blue eyes were to die for. She was at least 5'6" slim and totally in shape.

The other one was having blue hairs, she was slightly taller than the girl by two inches and I think u can guess her height. Her eyes were a shade of lilac-blue making her look even more beautiful than she was.

I decided not to stay there long so falling my head down, I ignored their presence and walked towards my classroom to do my favorite thing as a nerd that is to study, study and study. Wow! what a great thing to do? I guess u all will be thinking that.

I finally reached the class after having a look at myself in the restroom. Well basically everyone was present there talking to each other more like gossiping mainly girls.
Ignoring the noises around me I went straight to the vacant seat in the middle row-fourth desk.

Finally, the teacher came after a very very long time i.e. 5 minutes.
He started taking roll calls and when he has finished the door of the classroom blew like a BOOM but not due to any bomb or explosive just a hard kick by the brown-haired guy and that's how the whole gang...[well I am gonna refer to them as a gang for the time being]...made their amazing entry on their first day.

The whole class silenced, just for few seconds only to get started talking about how hot the boys were or how gorgeous the girls were.

Well, me being me instead of talking about them with Maya just looked at them curiously figuring them out or the cheerful facade the girls have put on.

(Mr. JOE)
*clearing his throat*
Oh, so u are the new transfer students?

They just nodded without looking at the teacher who was clearly intimidated by them.

(Mr. JOE)
Why don't you introduce urself to the class first?

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