The True Alpha's of Africa

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I watched Daisy enthusiastically continue to rant on about her new obsession with werewolf tales and novels. She explained how the fictional world stimulates her imagination and makes her wish it was all real... "you really wish werewolves were real?" I asked to her surprise "oh come on, I know they aren't but you have to agree that it will make this boring world alot more exciting" she responded I simply smirked and didn't bother probing her since it just gets her more riled up to apply logical reasoning to their potential existence "but it would also mean there will be rogues and ruthless killer werewolves as well. I don't think I like the idea of that much" she said as she suddenly stopped to tie her eshoe laces "You can't only accept the part you find good and reject the bad. If you want werewolves to be real, just be ready to accept them all" I replied She reluctantly agreed as she picked up her purse and took out the key to lock the door and we headed downstairs. Her silence made me sad and worried me as I have still yet to master up the courage to tell her what my family and I really are. You think werewolves are bad enough, try being from a race of elemental twins with elemental abilities and the bloodline of the true Alpha's of old... With an innocent human mate who has no idea what awaits her. Damn....this could turn bad really fast!!!

Romance / Mystery
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Who We Are

I really hate moving around, but I could get over that as new places gave me new adventures to explore. What I can't stand is the fact that I have to change schools as well. Hopefully we don't have to stay here for long since I'm already in senior high school. I also hate living in the city. Mostly because you can't just shift for a run when you need to get away from my crazy family.
Being a shifter of Alpha bloodline is bad enough with all the territorial attitudes and dominance behaviours. Why did we also have to be elemental twins stuck on earth these humans as well!. These beings have an annoying tendency to just poke at your emotions carelessly. You have no idea how hard it is being a teenager with all these hormones driving you crazy. Now I have to put up with, with humans and their constant touching, hand-holding, and hand slapping norms. And yet, we are the ones that get punished with daily meditation training to master our emotions.

I know this is vital because any sudden outbursts in our emotions could set an immediate vicinity on fire or cause thunderstorms. But we are also not allowed to rip off people's heads when they cross the line. I am so sick and tired of this. I will definitely opt for a college far from the city just to have some solitude. Sorry if i have you confused. I am zenos, and my friends and family call me Zen. My twin brother Zainel and i are the first twins to be born to the royal alpha family in this era.

Let me clarify things a little more for you because
I know you may have heard alot of things about werewolves, our social traits and how our kind was created to protect other vulnerable mythical creatures including humans. But even within our small race, there are a few specials that are rare and can be dangerous which includes the true Alpha's of old. I come from a bloodline of shifters that are very special among wolves since we are direct descendants of the first werewolves. Our kind are stronger than most wolves as we are born with Alpha traits and innate powers to control various natural elements in this universe.
Legend has it that my family in particular are the direct descendants of the first wolves the moon goddess ever created. With so many vulnerables to be protected, the goddess created two male wolves and one female bonded them. She imbued them with her own magic which enabled them to control their environment more easily as they were few. The unexpected happened when both men fell in love with their only female as they had no other females to choose from. They therefore agreeded to both love her equally and share her with each other. She got pregnant with the first pups around a time of war between some leaders of the mythical realm and humans. As it was their duty to protect the weak, the two wolves had to do whatever it took to protect the humans from the shadows. This put them in the limelight of the vampires and succubus clan. They hid their luna in the human realm and went to battle where one died protecting his brother. The second brother managed to escape by causing an unexpected earthquake. He returned to her just when she was in labor and held her through the pains of child birth. Unfortunately, he died from an unhealing battle injury meted by the Succubus queen.
Having been impregnated by two Alphas, she had a set of twins that shared similar alpha traits to their fathers and elemental powers also. She raised the kids in secret and passed down the legend of their fathers before her death from broken heart in their early twenties.
To keep the pack strong and growing, the moon goddess fashioned special partners for each of them. To each, she made a mate whose presence and attributes increased the strength and powers of their alpha partners when they are fully mated.
By finding their mates, the wolf clans came into full existence and has continued to grow till date. The bloodlines diversified over the decades and most pups were born without elemental powers as there had strengths in their pack. However, in some very special instances, a set of twins are born once in a millennium who possess the powers and abilities of the first alphas. They become leaders of various special royal task forces because of their alpha traits and help protect the pack from unforseen danger.... Or so our gramps told us on our 11th birthday.

Our abilities start poking its head when we turn 2 years old and this means raising children from my family bloodline are harder than raising children of any other race. Simple tantrums can create volcanoes and unwanted natural disasters. So how did we survive this long and go unnoticed? Well, that's because there are not a lot of us on earth. Oh sorry I forgot to mention we can travel across alternate universes. And whiles earth is our favorite place to live since it's more welcoming, most of our kind prefer alternate realms where they get to rule as the Alpha's they were meant to be.

After finding his mate on a warriors trip to earth decades ago, my great great great grandfather had chosen to establish his family on earth to be closer to her. In addition to the fact that he didn't want to change his mate, he had made a justified case to his parents about how having a home in an alternate realm will help expand their pack's territory. As children from their realm are born in pairs (popularly know on earth as twins) with alpha traits, there was a growing need to expand their territories to reduce the fighting rates and bring more peace. The upside is that there was never a shortage of Alpha replacements to lead the pack in the absence of one. All the children born to our family are raised as Alpha's and trained separately from the others. Also as a warrior race, each child specializes in a specific fields of interest with equal responsibility as you become the alpha of your chosen unit. Gramps had included living on earth through our teenage years as part of our training since mimickry and assimilation are elective courses for joining the stealth force.
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