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Kenya McClain is so straight

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Kenya McClain is your average tomboy, full of flaws and very meticulous when it comes to serious relationships. Sade is your usual queer fem, sassy, crazy, a lover of life, who’s trying to find love with a stud. She meets Kenya but is heart broken when she realizes that the tomboy doesn’t swing that way. It’s not surprising for Sade to give up on people, but there’s something about Kenya that she can’t quite place. Seeing Kenya in those tight men pants makes Sade throw all her pride out the window and try to make the tomboy swing her way. CLICHE, but it will leave your heart dreamy! NOTE: GIRL X GIRL TOM BOY X FEM

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I swear... just give this story a shot. Trust me you’ll love it. Might get a lil boring but it’s definitely interesting and worth a read. I promise😘🏳️‍🌈

Happy reading 📖


Friday 5:40pm.
Atlanta, Georgia.

"Amelia." I shouted quietly as I hurriedly walked towards her.

"Amelia." God damn it she wasn't hearing me.

Shid, she was in earphones.

I tried to walk as fast as I could but I wasn't reaching so I ran and finally I got to her.

"Amelia." I repeated loudly as I tapped her shoulder and she turned to her side to face me. She pulled out the white earphones that were fixed in her ears.


"I been callin' you an’ you ain't hearing."

"Been in headphones." She pointed out.

Corse I knew! I scratched the back of my neck as I thought of what to talk bout with her. Amelia had been my class mate and friend since the first year, first semester of university. We'd kinda not been friends no more for I dunno what ever reason ... but she just stopped talking to me in the second semester.

So today I only had one fuckin' dollar in my purse and it wasn't enough for me to board even a taxi. Was kinda broke and I needed someone to walk back home with. I hated walkin' alone cause it was kinda boring. Amelia always used the same route as me when we were still friends back then so I thought I could hook up with her again.

"Been long ya know." I started.

She chuckled. "Yeah.”

"You heading home?" I raised a brow.

"Mmm yea. Why you ask though?"

I bit my lower lip and spoke. "We could like, ya know... walk home together like we use to last semester. Ya mind?"

"Cool." She smiled gently.

I smiled too and we started walking. Silence took over and I started thinking. I was thinking of how broke I was today. I'd never been this broke in my life to the point where I couldn't even afford money for my own transportation, but I guess thats life. One day you so broke, the next day... you rich as hell.

But to be honest, I needed a job so badly cause I was in university and hell, it's not like everyday a parent gon' give you cash. Most especially a parent from the hood.

"Yea kno, I'm planning on moving into an apartment and leave home." Amelia's voice pulled me outta my thoughts.

"Why?" I turned to face her.

She scoffed and glanced at me. "Badly wanna live alone and do whatever I want. Yeen never understand.”

"Yeah I understand." I added "But staying alone hard bro. Most especially when you gat no job. Take it from me." I glanced at her and took my gaze back on the road.

"Now I gotta think of what to eat tonight. But if I was at home like you... heck, life would be easy."

"So why don't you go back home?" She stopped to stare at me.

"I'm in university and 21 bro. I had to grow up. One thing I know is, you can never mature an know what life is if you still stay at your parents house at my age."

"Whatever, as long as I'm having dinner tonight and you aren't."

Didn't say nothing more and we got back to walking in silence. It took us bout 20 minutes when Amelia reached her street and waved me goodbye.

Amelia was 5ft and 6 inches tall, same height as me, dark brown eyes. The brown of roasted coffee beans. Unlike me whose parents were all black, Amelia's mum was white and her dad black which meant she had a lighter skin tone than me.

Today she had on a pink wig glued to her head, but no make up though ... just gloss a d lashes. She looked pretty.

I waved back and continued walking to my street. I plugged in earphones and listened to my stupid playlist to give me company.


"Yho Sade."

I heard someone shout my name from behind me.

"Dude. Wait up."

I stopped in my tracks and turned around. It was Nate, my dwang. You see, Nate was this cute black guy that always plaited cornrows, or dreads and had his right ear pierced and got tattoos on both his arms, chest, neck and cheek bone. Girls in our street liked him. Actually 'like' was an understatement... they 'loved' him which pissed the hell out of niggas that stayed around the area. I could say the same about some parents too because they always had that perspective of assuming that guys with tattoos and plaited hair were not good boys. They were always the bad boys and the hood rats!

But that didn't bother Nate at all. He was already successful in life and had his money. Hating him was useless and a sign of jealousy. Besides, as a parent... wouldn't you want the best life for your girl child? Would you rather give your child to a broke guy because he had no piercings and tattoos?

Yeah... everyone wants an honest person until the honest person strikes a chord with the truth they aren't ready to receive.

Luckily for me, my mum was the most laid back parent ever. She didn’t mind such small things.
I had both my ears and nose pierced. I always loved nose rings since I was like 8 and since my Mum don't fuckin' care, I got one at the age of 16.
So as you could tell, she couldn't hate Nate because me her daughter was already spoiled.

I also had tatties on my neck, chest and stomach. I thought a cupcake would definitely look astonishing on my chest, a snowflake on the side of my stomach and the word 'self care' on my neck.

So mine and Nate's life advice was "Just get that tattoo and piercing if you want. Your parents are already disappointed in you."

I stopped moving so he could catch up with me.

"Hey Nate."

"Girlfren. I missed your ass as hell. How lectures been?" He gave me a duchenne smile once he reached where I was and wrapped his arm round my shoulder.

God I loved this nigga. He was my best friend. Even though we had just known our selves for only three years now, he understood me and always helped me with any problem I had. Like heck, I'd never gotten a friend like him who could even pay my apartment bills incase I'm low on money. This made me want to have to stick up with his annoying ass forever.

"Boring... as always, hard." I sighed. "This can't be the same brain I was using to read over 850 page novels in 3 days during middle school."

"Haaa... you don't say. So you busy tonight?"

"Why?" I asked as we kept moving.

"Can't I have a night out with my gay friend huh?"

I rolled my eyes and took his arm off of me. "Told you not to call me gay. I'm queer dumbass.”

"Same difference."




He sighed. "I really don't get most labels in the lgbt community."

"You missed q+" I corrected him.

God I hated it when straight people always left the q+ out. Every label mattered.

"Okay... lgbtqia+..." he raised a brow, I smiled contented.

"Like the bisexuals... I'm still doubting that it exists. How you gotta have feelings for two people. I think it's just a layover on the way to gay town."

"It's real and it happens." I continued walking.

"It's not real bruh. You gotta love one. You just can't have feelings for two people! And then you queers ... the fuck, there's no difference between y'all and the gays."

"There is. I count myself different from everyone in a unique way. I prefer to be called queer than lesbian."

"Doesn't make sense."

"Then you need to educate yourself more on queer issues." Because I've had enough conversations about this topic with him and I'm tired of it.

He didn't argue and wrapped his arm round me again.

"Let me take you out for dinner at some beautiful restaurant tonight." He suggested after a few moments of silence.

"Or... how bout we go to a gay club?" I teased.

"You're on your own on that."

"Come on." I nudged Nate's arm. "Don't act like you don't watch lesbian porn or sum like dat." I smirked.

Since he 6ft tall and I was like 5'6 feet, it was obvious that he was looking down on me like some shorty.

"Dude...." He chuckled.

"Nate seriously, lets go. I wanna see how a gay club look like and besides... I need more queer friends.”

And I was serious about what I was saying. I needed a queer friend. A friend that actually knew how to be friends. Reason one, she would know what it feels like to be called abnormal by most straight people. Two, I'd talk anything gay with her. The bitch you like and all. And mostly, I needed a girlfriend.

Was that so much to ask for?

"Don’t you have enough queer friends already cause I'm sure, once you come out as not straight, heck you gon' find out a lot of gay peeps around. Ain't that true?"

"Yerrr... part of it. But like, I still want more."

"I gotta full blown lesbian in my contacts." He smirked.

"No shid.”

"For real. Let's get to your crib first and we can get to talk more bout this unstraight girl in my inbox."



I got my apartment keys from my purse and opened the door. Immediately, I switched on the light on the side of the wall and Nate entered in too.

My apartment wasn't that big though. It had two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, kitchen, and balcony where I could view the city at night.

"Happy to announce that I am off the market. I'm not taken."

"Good for you." I said as I walked to the kitchen to get something to eat.

I checked my fridge and I had only chicken. Great!

"Yo Nate... I seriously need a job." I shouted in the kitchen as I got the chicken to warm it in the microwave.

"You could be my wife."


I heard him walk towards the kitchen.

"It's still a job. I get to just pay you for existing and being beautiful." He said leaning against the kitchen wall and smiling awkwardly at me.

"Don't be shy, put some more."

I sneered as I gazed back at him. I loved it when he gave me compliments. It kind of boosted my self esteem.

"You beautiful Sade and anyone lucky to have you in their life."

"It's ok to call me an angel and tell me I remind you of the sun every second of the day."


We both chuckled. The time elapsed on the micro wave and I pulled out the chicken. I felt sorrow in my heart but I couldn't tell Nate I was damn broke. That would be ashaming though I knew he wouldn't mind buying me food.

"Why don'tchu go to your room and make yourself beautiful so I can take you out for dinner?" He suggested.

Jeez. For some reason I kept thinking this nigga reads my mind. How he know I had none to eat?

"You don't have to." I removed my gaze off him and looked down.

I saw his shadow walk next to me and he gave me a hug.

"Shawdy, you my bestie alright? Now go get that face made up and let's go get sumn to eat."

I lightly punched him in the chest and pulled off the hug.

"Fine. Give me 10 mins."

"I'm waiting."

I couldn't help but smile like an idiot.


Makeup was minimal. Just a few sweeps of powder brush on my face, mascara and lip gloss was enough. I was already naturally gorgeous, so I didn't need to add more on my beauty.

I wore a long chess skirt and white cyber top I bought from an online shop via Instagram and matching chunky boots and walked out my room. Nate was busy scrolling through his phone but when he had my footsteps, he took his eyes off his phone screen and gazed at me.


"Yeah, I guess so."

He was so used to my way of dressing because I loved wearing clothes that made me look like an Instagram model.

And just like that, we headed out my apartment. Nate didn't come round this time with his car so we boarded a taxi and got to some restaurant called 'In n Out.'

Both me and Nate got settled once in and looked through the menu. Waiter came round.

"Hey, are you ready to order?"

"I'll have a cheese burger, fries an a cold coke." I stated.

"I'll have beef noodles an a cold Fanta." Nate ordered.

Once orders were taken by the waiter, I sat back and started touring my eyes round the restaurant. Everyone was chattering, laughing, others eating and then there was a straight couple holding hands under the table, gazing at each other saying nothing. They looked so in love. Not gonna lie, I kind of felt jealous.

When will me and someone's daughter have such a moment?

I scoffed and brought my eyes back at Nate.

"What? You look quite sad." He raised a brow.

"Nah I'm good."

"So... you still want the number?"

I cocked my brows confused. "What number?"

Nate chuckled. "Of this full blown lesbian I told you hours back."

Oh shit. I'd even totally forgotten bout that. Now since he brought it up again, I wanted to know bout her and probably get her number.

"Tell me bout her." I crossed my legs down the table and gave all my attention to him.

"She cute yo. Gat those stud vibes. I'm sure you'll love her."

A stud! My heart was dancing. I'd always wanted to date a stud but I was so damn unlucky when it came to 'em. I always dated Fems and yet I was a fem too. I needed a difference. I loved the vibes of studs. They were just so fuckin' FINE!!

"Tell me more." I smirked.

"Yea alright." He lightly chuckled.

"Uh... she ain't gat no long hair. She gat that Afro cut. Lemme see... she jus sexy. Jus, have her number an' see if you'll like her."

"Mmkay." I said as I got his phone from his hands and saw the number.

"Her names' Keisha?"

"Yeah. Cool right?"

"She gat an iPhone?" I asked.

"Of corse lol."

"She white?"

"You prefer white pussy?"

Oh he did not just say that!

"I need to know. I love me some dark chocolate."

That seemed to amuse him.

"So you don't like white pussy?"

"I did not say that. I just prefer my fellow black girls."

"Do you notice how racist you sound right now?" He raised a brow with a smile lingering on his lips.

"I thought black people cant be racist."

"They can, and you sound like one. plus... studs are black and mascs are white. i don't remember telling you she's masc." he raised a brow.


"shes black." he snorted.

I rolled my eyes as I copied the number down on my phone and saved it as 'Keisha✨🌈.'

Our food was brought to the table and we ate in silence for a few moments.

"Thanks for dinner." I said once I was done eating.

"No problem." Nate replied with a smile.

"And..." he continued touching the back of his pocket and pulled out his wallet.

"Here's 200. This will keep you going on the weekend."

"Nate... you don't have to."

I felt bad that he kept taking care of me like I was his kid or some orphan. I was a grown ass woman and I had to take care of my own self, that was by getting a fuckin' job.

"It's cool."

I sighed and took the money. "Thanks. I owe you one."



GBK Apartments.

I arrived back at my apartment and was now settled in bed after taking a hot nice shower. I scrolled through my contacts and my eyes immediately set on Keisha's number.

Should I text her? I thought. Didn't take me that long to think and type "Hey." on iMessage.


Now I had to wait. But in the process, I was so damn nervous. I dunno why. Three minutes gone and I received a notification from Keisha.

"Who is this?"

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