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Locked In

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This is a story definitely not for the faintest of hearts. If you are here expecting a 'happily ever after' ending then I would suggest you to push the brakes and turn back for you are not going to get it. This is a story of a girl who has her ideas and beliefs questioned and her life turned down because of a guy. So if you even remotely think that this story is a happy-go-lucky one then you are terribly wrong. This author can assure you it is not something that is to be lightly taken of, for it can keep you at the edge, at the same time have you crying on the floor. So if you are a emotional roller coaster kind of person then have your seat-belts on.

Romance / Drama
Halfeti Rose
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"Even the fallen, discarded flower has a story to tell"

It might have been fate that Roxanne had to meet Jason that stormy day but it was merely hope and guilt that drove her conscience to move far away from him.

It might have been a curse that Jason was caught up in the storm on the important day of his meeting but he was very sure that it was his misfortune that led him to his fate of meeting the unfortunate brunette.

Two very different characters with a lot to dislike yet they say love is blind, but is it worth it? You have more to lose than to gain when you are the only one who seeks the heart while the other just plays with it.

Jason Kerrington, the highly deputed COP. Known for his handsome looks and for his awards as the youngest to land in the highest position. Too afraid to get committed he only focuses on one thing in his whole world and that is his Job. He is known to be married to his job for all his life that he doesn't have time for any girls in his life. His Intelligence and wits are unbeatable. His wek

Roxanne Hutton, the "famous" writer of England who is a humble and kind girl. She is the most likable girl and has the reputation of being the most self courageous person. She has accomplished being the best teacher considering how much her students love her. Though she struggles in completing writing her books she somehow paves her way through Life. Her weak point though lies on trust, for she trusts anyone and everyone, blindly believing them and would do anything for them.

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