Snake and Venom

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Rocco Merano the ruthless leader of Sicilian Mafia The Royal Serpents! Alessandra Russo's biggest most powerful enemy. Also handsome and tempting. Something Alessandra has to keep out of her thoughts or she will fall into the devils hands. That devil may be tempting, but he's cold, ruthless and would kill Alessandra in a second. Yet when they meet for the first time something sparks. She's to be married to Fabio Pedrotti. A man who is in love with another woman. When Roccos deep Italian voice fills her ears she forgets all about Fabio. That is until Rocco threatens her. When she finds out her dad has been Kidnapped the only one who can help her is Rocco. He has nothing to gain from helping her so she offers her hand in marriage. When she excepts she's thrown into a ride of ๐ฟ๐‘ข๐‘ ๐‘ก, ๐‘†๐‘’๐‘ฅ, ๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘‘ ๐ท๐‘’๐‘ ๐‘–๐‘Ÿ๐‘’. Will she fall for the handsome devil? Or will she resist him long enough to run away to safety?

Romance / Drama
Thekay X8
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Chapter 1

I run and run! Desperate for an escape. Needing to get out of here now before he catches me. My burning lungs are threatening to give out. Legs shaking as I push myself over the limit. Shaky breath as the cold wind brushes against my skin. It's been an hour now, but I don't know if I'm safe. Running had been the only option when he busted into my father's penthouse.

I shot down as many guys as possible with the little experience I have. Their blood splashing onto my clothes as they fell onto the floor. The heavy punch to the face I got from one of them, burning from my tears. Should have paid more attention during training. There is only 1 person who can help me now.

3 hours earlier...

I finish curling up my hair for the dinner my father has planned. Honestly, this dinner isn't even important. I look at my face in the mirror. My makeup is perfect. I've never really understood how it could make me look so perfect. My father wants me to marry the son of Dezire. One of the most powerful Mafia lords in the world.

Tall and Handsome, but I've met the guy. He has his eyes set on his "Micetta" which his father has no idea about. Sometimes I wonder If our fathers care more about who we love or a partnership. I think the latter or I wouldn't be in this bathroom curling my hair for a taken guy.

Everyone in the ballroom downstairs is an enemy in my eyes. They all want one thing. Power! My family is top 10 in this world and everyone is either out for blood or my hand in marriage.

My shoulders tighten as a thought goes through my mind. Rocco! That one name causes my face to pale. The son of the most powerful gang in this world. Jade Vultures! Son of Raphael Merone. I've never met him face to face but he has been to one of these parties.

I've seen him leaning on a wall while watching people socialize. As if he already knows they only want power. As if he can destroy them with one snap of a finger. The gaze of his eyes are enough to give me nightmares.

I sigh and lean onto the bathroom sink taking one more good look at myself. I'm not ready for this gala, but I need to be. If I don't keep my composure people will think I'm weak. I'm very capable of putting any one of these men down if they try anything though.

A knock sounds at the door. "Are you ready?" Nicole says through the door. I turn around and open it. She eyes me up and down. "You went all out tonight, ma'am." She approves. I frown and turn back towards the mirror.

"What did I tell you about calling me, ma'am. You may work for me but this isn't the 1800's" I tell Nicole while shaking my head. I hate that my staff thinks I'm stuck up enough to let them be formal with me. My staff are like my family, so when they don't treat me normally it gets to me.

"I'm sorry Alessandra. You just look more like my boss now than my best friend." She smiles. Her hand on my shoulder causes me to look at her. "You've got this in the bag! That man won't be able to resist a beautiful woman like you." If only she knew. She causes me to smile though. Nicole is always someone I can count on.

"See there you go! Smile more." She steps back as I move from the sink. "Thank you, Nicole." I pull her into a tight hug. With one last smile, I walk out of the bathroom heading for my destination. The click of my heels makes me feel powerful. The stride in my step and the sway of my hips make me feel confident. Holding my head high I smile.

No matter how scared I get, I'm going to show everyone in that room just how powerful Alessandra Russo is.

Once I walk into the ballroom I spot my father Immediately. Giovanni Russo. The world's most horrible father. As a kid growing up I was raised with the simple thought "Get married." He made me believe that life was only about being a perfect wife.

Up until 14, I believed him. I mean my mother isn't here to tell me how wrong it was. She died because of him. I was the perfect child. Smart and elegant, two things my father loves.

The reason why I'll be the best-mannered in the room tonight. Striding over to my father with confidence all eyes fall on me. I don't like being the center of attention, but this ball was held for me. "Ah" My father smiles.

That's when I see the man next to him. Rocco! Why is my father talking to our most powerful enemy? I can see the fear in my father's face so why? I stagger over my steps a bit but keep my composure. This man may be powerful, but I'm not going to show him my weakness.

My father holds his hand out for me and I smile as I take it. I can't make any mistakes tonight. "This is my lovely daughter Alessandra." A handsome man in a business suit holds his hand out. I take it into a firm shake. "Nice to meet you, Alessandra. I'm Renzo Merone." I gulp at the mention of his last name.

So he's Rocco's brother. He isn't as intimidating. His hair is flipped to the side into a stylish hairstyle. He looks a lot like Ricco except he's shorter. I'm guessing he's the younger brother. Tattoos show from his rolled-up sleeves. He has so many that he really does look like the son of the mafia.

He's really good-looking. Maybe my father should have considered him as my marriage partner. "Nice to meet you" I smile. I feel an intimidating stare on my body but I don't look to my side. I know he's there and I will wait for my father to introduce us.

"This man next to you dear is Rocco Merano! Next in line to take the throne." I turn my head to look at him. My breath catches when I do. He's stunning up close. His eyes are a deep shade of green and his jawline is just perfection.

He has a tattoo on his neck with his family's name on it. Merinos! His beard is clean-shaven and his suit completes the look. He completes the look of a leader just fine. To stunned by his looks to talk my father nudges me.

I clear my throat and hold out my hand. "Sir," I say with a serious look which causes him to smirk. "You don't have to be so formal Alessandra. I am just a human being after all." His deep Italian accent creeps through.

Oh, that voice makes him even sexier. Everyone around me has an Italian accent, but his is just exquisite. He takes my hand and I feel cold shivers go up my spine. What am I thinking? This man is pure evil.

I remove my hand from his and turn back to my father. "Is Fabio here," I ask my father. I'm not really interested in if he is or not. I just want to get away from this intimidating man next to me.

"He's actually coming over to us right now." My father points to a smiling Fabio. Good, He and I need to have a little talk. Fabio walks up to me and wraps an arm around my waist. I look up at him speechless.

He knows not to grab me like that in public. I mean what if his girlfriend sees's. I actually like her so being on her bad side would be horrible. Unless those two had another fight and Fabio is trying to bring me in between them.

"Hello, my American fiancee." He smirks. I can't react like how I want to with my father right here. "Fabio, My father and I were just talking to the Merano brothers. Now that you're here though we will have to excuse ourselves." I say and he gets what I'm trying to do.

"No. You stay here Alessandra. I will give Fabio a tour while you tell the Merano brothers more about you." My father says. Why did he have to ruin my escape? "Yes, father." I don't have much choice if it's what my father wants.

"Please come with me, Fabio." My father walks away and Fabio looks at me. I'll be fine." I signal with my eyes. He nods and follows my father.

"So you are American," Renzo asks with a slight tilt to his head. "Yes. My mother was born in New York, while my father in Sicily." You would think they know that we are all in America right now.

All of these people have either flown here from out of the country, or they live here. The Merano's live in Sicily but moved to the US this year. Something about expanding their business all over the world.

I feel his eyes on me again as if he's studying me. Trying to determine what I'm going to do or say. "I guess that's why you don't have an accent?" I look to Rocco who is smirking down at me. "Yes, that is why. Would you men like a drink?" I ask nervously.

"I would love a drink. You two stay here, I'll go grab one." Before I can get another word out Renzo walks off. "Seems like he's found a woman at the bar." Ricco steps in front of me. Curse this world for leaving me alone with him.

I don't say anything as I look up at him. "You're wondering why I'm here talking to your father right?" He says with a ghost of a smile. How did he know? "It's written all over you're face Alessandra." He steps closer to me.

"What If I told you I'm here to kill your father." He chuckles in my ear. All the color drains from my face. "W-what?" My voice cracks. He moves back and smiles. "I'm kidding." He winks and I frown.

"That was hardly a joke Mr. Merano! I don't take lightly to threats." I say angrily. Just who does this man think he is. He may be powerful, but threatening my father in my face is a big No!

"What are you saying, Alessandra?" He looks down at my neck. I move closer to him putting my fear aside. "If you touch a hair on my father's head...I promise I'll kill you with everything I got."

As much as I hate my father for how he raised me. If he were to die I would have nobody. "Is that a treat Ms. Russo" There's a coldness in his voice. He's trying to show me he has control over me, but it won't work.

"You bet your giant ego I will! You've never met me, Rocco. I'll do anything for my family." I walk away from him and I can feel his stare on my ass. That entitled ass. If he wasn't Rocco Merano I would have slapped him.

For the rest of the Gala his eyes are on me. When I drink, When I eat, And especially when I dance. I swear I thought I heard him groan when I danced. As if he's turned on by me.

I feel my phone vibrate in my purse as I make eye contact with my stalker.

I pull it out and turn the screen on. I see a text from my father.

Father: Meet me in my office. I need to go over my will with you.

Me: We agreed we would do that once I hit 27.

Father: Times have changed my child. I'm afraid someone is after my head.

Is Rocco going after my father? Is that what he meant earlier. I was acting on confidence earlier, If he kills my father I really will be alone.

Putting my phone back into my purse I quickly stride out of the ballroom. My fathers office is at least 5 minutes away from where I am. I need to get there quick.
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