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3 Is The Perfect Number

3 Is The Perfect Number

Saturday night only meant one thing, getting drunk, high, or laid. Or even all three.

“Girl are you ready yet?” Anna shouted upstairs.

“Gimme 5” you laughed as you shook your hair out before slipping on your timberlands.

You and Anna were an odd combination, she was quite girly and you were the complete opposite. But somehow you were like peas in a pod.

“I will leave without you” she laughed.

“God I’m coming” you laughed taking one final look in the mirror, smirking at your appearance. Your cut-off Nirvana shirt gave a glimpse of your cherry-red lace bra and your shorts were cheeky.

Running down the stairs you hear Anna whistle at you.

“Damn girl, someone is planning on getting laid tonight” she smirked.

“Too right, it’s been a hot minute” you sighed, you had recently come out of a very toxic relationship and we’re all about having fun. “Now let’s go because I’m gonna die if I don’t drink something alcoholic soon”

“Always the dramatic one” she chuckled as she locked up.

You and Anna headed into the Sons clubhouse where the party was in full swing. The bar was the first stop of the night, flashing a flirty smile to the guy manning the bar you ordered 4 shots and 2 vodka and cokes.

“Cheers” you both giggled in unison, as you clinked the glasses together. The music was loud, the air was filled with the smell of weed, this was your kind of party. Slamming the glass down on the bar you and Anna headed to dance in the middle of the floor.

As you swayed your hips seductively to the beat of the music you noticed more than one person had their eye on you. There were two people to be exact, and you knew them well. Leonardo Allen and Joshua Harris.

A small smirk appeared on your face as an idea popped into your head, you just didn’t know if the boys would be up for it but you were. The music changed and was more of an upbeat tempo. Your hips gracefully moved to the beat as you winked at Anna, dropping to the floor pushing your knees out, before bouncing back up popping your bum out.

If it wasn’t obvious you had gained the attention of Leonardo and Joshua, it was now, as they stared at you opened mouth

“I need a drink” you laughed as you ran your hands through your hair, every action you did had a bit more effort to drive two boys insane. Slinking over time the bar you winked at Joshua before leaning against the cool wood and ordered a glass of whiskey.

“You gonna share that joint or what” you giggled holding your hand out to Leonardo.

“Lass ye surprise me every day” Joshua smirked placing his hand on the base of your back, and the flash of jealousy in Leonardo’s blue eyes didn’t go unnoticed.

Leonardo slammed the joint in your hand and you took a drag. You smirked, knowing full well that the blond-haired, blue-eyed man didn’t like the fact Joshua was touching you.

“Brother, can you grab me a beer?” Leonardo asked Joshua and swiftly moved closer to you as the other man went off to find Leonardo a beer.

“What, do you want to touch me too?” You teased Leonardo.

The man didn’t waste any time and pulled you flush against him. Your chests were now touching.

“You knew fine well what you were doing, dancing like that” he growled ever so softly in your ear.

“I was only dancing” you giggled whilst innocently biting down on your bottom lip.

“Yeah, just dancing” he nodded running his tongue over his bottom lip as he took the joint out of your fingers.

Soon enough Joshua returned, standing behind you with his chest pressed against your back, he passed the beer over your shoulder to Leonardo before resting his hand on your hip. You were well and truly sandwiched between the two guys.

“Wanna dance Joshua?” you smirked, tilting your head to look up at him.

“With you lass, I’d do anything” he grinned squeezing your hip.

You knew before you started this master plan the chase would be fun, but now you were putting the plan in place it was hotter than you thought, having two guys getting jealous at the other ignited something in your core and you didn’t know how long you could keep it up.

You grabbed Joshua’s hand and dragged him to the middle of the floor. As you did that, you looked back to see Leonardo giving you both daggers. You waggled your finger at him in a ‘come here’ motion and he put down his beer and padded over.

At this point Anna was dancing with her old man Opie not too far from you. You had Leonardo behind you, and Joshua in front, and god it felt good. The heat radiating from them both made you tie a bow at the front of your shirt, showing off even more of your red lace bra.

Leonardo put his hands on your hips, and Joshua held your shoulders and you held his. You shuddered at the sudden touches, you ground against Leonardo, making sure not to leave Joshua out, by running your hands up and down his arms. The 3 of you completely lost in the middle of the floor.

“I think you are paying Leo boy a bit too much attention lass” Joshua whispered huskily in your ear.

“We can’t have that now can we” you giggled as you spun around so Joshua was now behind you. Even from the loud music, you hear the almost animalistic growl that left his lips as your ass ground against his groin. Leonardo’s eyes were completely hazed over, partly from the buzz from the joint and partly from lust.

“Red suits you baby” Leonardo winked as his fingers ran just under the material causing a breath to get caught in your throat.

Soon enough the song came to an end, and you were starting to get breathless from the dancing and the heat that was radiating from the boys. Anna walked past you rolling her eyes at the fact that you had both the president and Vice President on the club practically fighting for your attention.

“Darlin you are gonna have to choose who you want because you are driving me crazy” Leonardo breathed in your ear nipping it softly.

“I don’t have to choose” you giggled.

Both men stared at you dumbfounded.

“What are you saying?” Joshua asked as he maneuvered you back over towards the bar where it was a bit quieter.

“I’m saying, I don’t want to choose between you because I want you both. Together”

This rendered both men speechless. They both looked at one another as if asking ’should we do this.

Leonardo was the first to break the silence. “Are you sure? You know we won’t go easy on you”

“I don’t want you to go easy on me, I’ve wanted this for a while, and tonight I thought fuck it, I’m going to do it” you were starting to become very confident and needy and you showed this by grabbing one hand of each man and leading them to one of the rooms through the back.

“A guess this is happening Leo boy” Joshua nudged Leonardo playfully.

Letting go of their hands as you walked into the room, you had your back to them, in one quick motion you pulled your shirt off and started fumbling with the button of your shorts. After a couple of choice words, your shorts pooled around your ankles. Stepping out of them you turn to face both guys, their jaws pretty much hit the ground as they drank in the little red number you were rocking.

Lifting your leg into the bed you seductively ran your hands down your leg to untie your boot, quickly doing the same to the other one.

Looking over your shoulder, both Leonardo and Joshua were stood there staring, casting your eyes down you smirked at the tightness of both their jeans.

“Well boys” you whispered seductively “you just gonna stand there”

As soon as the words left your lips the jackets were off, clothing being tossed around.

Joshua was the first one to make a move, his hands ghosted down your sides, as he placed a few hot kisses down your neck, causing a small moan to escape your lips. Between the assault on your skin and feeling his hardness behind you, you felt the heat starting to pool between your legs.

Grabbing Leonardo’s chain you pulled him closer to you before slamming your lips against his so forcefully, your teeth clinked together. Your hands found their way into his hair tangling in the blond locks.

You knew by the morning you would be sore, tired and skin would be littered in little purple reminders of this night. One thing was for sure you knew you would be coming back for more.

Slipping your hand behind you, sinking it into Joshua’s boxers, you wrapped your hand around his length causing him to growl against your skin. A sudden chill ran across your chest causing your nipples to harden at the change of temperature, Leonardo took one of the hardened buds in his mouth making you moan, the feeling of him nipping, alongside the hot kisses Joshua was placing down your neck was driving you wild and both of them knew that as you body squirmed under their touch.

“We haven’t even started yet love and ye are a whimpering mess” Joshua smirked against your skin as his hand slipped under the only bit of clothing left on your body.

Running his fingers through your slick folds, you felt your knees buckle under you, lucky Leonardo stop you from falling. Squeezing your eyes closed as Joshua teased your clit.

“No open your eyes darlin’” Leonardo grinned looking up at you.

“Fuck” you breathed leaning back into Joshua as his fingers worked magic, you were coming apart at the seams and fast.

Soon enough you had been thrown on the bed, on all fours. Joshua was stood behind you and without warning slammed into you making you scream in pleasure. There was nothing gentle about his thrusts, each one hitting the spot every time. Whilst you were distracted Leonardo grabbed your face in his hands forcing you to look at him.

“You gonna take my cock like a good girl” he smirked as he tugged on his dick.

Words were a struggle so all you could manage was a nod.

“Good girl” he winked as you took his hard member in your mouth, gagging every so often.

With every thrust it took you closer to the point of ecstasy, the high you were feeling was unlike anything else you had ever felt. Suddenly both boys stopped and pulled out causing you to whimper at the sudden feeling of emptiness.

“Ye holding in there lass” Joshua chuckled as he ran his fingers across your back.

“Yeah” you gasped, as Leonardo slowly slid into you.

The night was filled with many orgasms, a lot of moaning and screaming from all three of you.

Flopping back down on the bed you tried to catch your breath as Leonardo passed you a lit cigarette.

“Well that was something else” Leonardo yawned before placing a kiss on your bare shoulder.

“Hmm mmm” you mumbled.

“Come on lass let’s get you cleaned up” Joshua smiled as he reappeared with a washcloth. “Then we can sleep”

Slipping out of the room, leaving both Leonardo and Joshua snoring away, you went on the hunt for coffee. Anna spotted you instantly smirking at the state your hair was in.

“Fun night” she winked passing you a mug of steaming hot coffee.

“Best night ever” you grinned as you sipped your drink.

“So the last thing I knew you had Leonardo and Joshua all over you and then all three of you disappeared,” she said. Smirking at her as she connected the dots. “Wait BOTH of them?”

“Yeah both of them” you winked before turning your attention to the door.

“So that’s where my shirt disappeared to” Joshua laughed as he made his way over to you.

“You mean my shirt now” you smirked raising your eyebrow at him as his hands found their way onto your shoulders squeezing away the tension.

“How you feeling’ this morning lass” he whispered placing a kiss on your forehead.

“I’m good” you nodded “but sore but so worth it”

You handed Joshua your mug of coffee to share with you. “You’ll need that after last night,” you told him with a wink.

Leonardo was next to emerge from the room. “I was wondering if you were sneaking out this morning cause you regretted last night” he smirked as his blue eyes twinkled as he looked at you.

“I have no regrets what’s so ever, and I know you boys don’t either with the way you were both huffing my name last night”

Joshua spat out his coffee at your remark not realizing Anna already knew what happened.

“What, you think I wouldn’t tell my best friend about the best night of my life?” You giggled grabbing Anna’s hand, and the coffee from Joshua, and left the clubhouse to spill all the beans about the previous night.

One thing was for sure, you going to make it a habit. They indeed say 3 was the perfect number.

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