The Blast of Change

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Life is the most uncertain and unpredictable thing... It will never be fun if you knew everything in life or if you didn’t have ups and downs, life will not be as fun as now. It’s during these hard times that friends and family guide us through. How will life be to have parents and still grow like u don’t have anyone. How will life be to never experience your dad’s love. This is the journey of hardships and love...join me in this journey of Aravind and Adiya to experience life in a different angle. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED! PLEASE DO NOT COPY MY WORK!

Romance / Humor
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Everyone is different,
Everyone are correct according to them,
People are correct and wrong according to once perception.
Is it wrong to do what you feel?
Is it wrong for standing up for someone you love?
I'm not sure, maybe I'm wrong in another one's angel?

It's been six years and still every morning it makes me happy and smile when I take a look of the beautiful scenery in front me. It never fails to surprise me with it's beauty.

Right now I’m standing in my room's balcony and enjoying the morning glow of sunshine with my hot cup of coffee. It’s too early in the morning for anyone to disturb this morning beauty with the pollution nor anyone would see me enjoying my alone time.

“Have you ever been with someone in this house that today your enjoying your ‘alone time'" said the sarcastic part in me.
It’s correct. I live alone here for the past six years. Its not that I don’t have my family but I’m...

Okay...why spoil this beautiful day with the bad past right? I glanced the wall clock and realised, “Oh God! I’m late I have only an hour to reach office. I’m damn late on my first day to office. God help me from that barking Sharma." Oh I forgot to say Mr. Sharma is my new boss and bit an angry man.
I’m late I’m late I’m so dead today.

Thankfully I reached office just 15 minutes late, that’s not late right? Okay so my first work is to report to my ‘Boss' and then start with the work he orders me to do.

I entered the office. It was quiet too big for what I expected that to be. It looked really modern and with high-tech cameras and security block which I had to cross before I finally reached the reception and for some reason I didn’t like this whole place.

The lady in the reception looked sweet. Had enough makeup and looked pretty with it. She must be in her mid thirties. She was wearing an yellow blazer and a white shirt which I assume to be an uniform kind for the receptionist.

“Good morning, how may I help you" asked the sweet lady with a really cute smile. “Hi. I’m Adiya, a new joiny. I was told to meet Mr. Sharma. May I know where can I meet him." I asked in a crisp and excited tone. Of course how won’t I be excited its my first day in office and my first job, after my bakery of course. She was shocked, but why, I don’t know. Do I look weird, but she smiled at me first.
Oh! She is shocked because I asked her where her ‘boss’ was of course she will be shocked why wont she.

My trail of thoughts was brutally cut with her sweet voice. “Go to the 12th floor, right from the reception first room.” What are these directions for? Oh I asked for where I could meet ‘The great boss' himself.

I gave her a grateful smile and headed to the cabin as per her directions. There was a huge black door with a golden knob. With its very first sight I started to feel nervous. I’m actually going to meet my da..boss.
“Come on get in. Are you planning to stay here the whole day"
“ Umm...No, why would I?"
“Then knock the door you fool."
Right, I have to knock the door first to get in first.
I knocked the door slightly. I wonder if that man even heard it, but a faint come in comes from inside. I push the door open. The first thing I noticed was that the chair was turned towards the window behind the huge table. The cabin was huge. There was a huge shelf near the glass table, which had so many books. Almost half a library man. There was a set of white plushy sofa, which I felt calling me to sleep on it. But I cant do that, I’m sorry couch. I thought. There was also a glass tea table. There was a coffee mug with streaming coffee in it. Your distracting my mind. I wept internally. Pity me.

My thoughts were cut with “Come in Miss. Adiya." I stepped in and noticed the man have turned to face me. He was in his mid fifties. A tall gigantic man, with tanned skin tone. He was wearing a perfectly stitched dark blue formal business suit. He looked crisp. “Why are you late Miss" he asked with a demand in his tone. “I’m sorry sir. There was a lot of traffic and I didn’t get a bus." That was lame. He made an angry face which actually looked funny to me.

I had the habit of laughing at the most serious situation. Here I am, standing in the lion’s den and in the verge of laughing. How stupid I am right? I know I go nuts at times.

“I’m sorry sir?” I repeated. There you go, I received the most unexpected answer from him which boiled my blood. “It’s not new of you. You never value things" he said. I didn’t answer that. “Your today’s work is to get a file from Bandra from a client. The address and details will be sent to you. You may leave now.” He ordered. Did he just tell me to go back in the hot sun to get a file, seriously from Nariman Point to Bandra. It takes minimum 45 minutes man! Is he doing this to punish me for being late. Man, he is acting childish now.

After two hours of search I finally found the address and successfully received the file which he ordered me to get. I was waiting for some taxi or a rickshaw so that I don’t have to walk to my office in this blazing sun.
My phone buzzed in my back pocket. When I saw the name on my screen, my eyes welled up. It was my mumma. After that incident mom was not allowed to contact me in any ways. I attended the call before it was too late. “Adiya..”, it was so nice to hear my mumma’s voice after so many days. “Mom..” My voice was cracking. “How are you sweetheart” was the first thing my mumma asked me. I’m not good mom, I feel so bad, I want to hold you tight and cry my heart out. I thought but instead I said “Great mom. Happy as ever" with a huge grin on my face. I could imagine her smiling on the other side. After that we spoke a lot, which seemed too little. Before I could cut the call with a bye, I was literally in air. A huge ear-splitting noise. Before I could figure out the reason for me flying in air like Spiderman and that ear-splitting noise, darkness consumed me.

Wish to see a ray of light
In the dark tunnel I live!

Hey guys!!! This is the 1st chapter of my first book! Hope you'll like it. Please feel free to comment and like and do support my book:)
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