Lucky7#1:Love In The Forbidden Street

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Hailey Christos is the princess of Christos empire. Sweet,innocent and loving girl Hailey is a beauty with brain. Her excellent academic performance was a certified reason of her success. She has just started her postdoctoral research. Being the daughter of the most powerful family in Greece she was always in the limelight. Along with that her extraordinary brain got her a huge fame as well in native Greece and abroad as well. She thought she had a perfect life there was nothing missing until she met the guy named Danish Fawad Khan. DK is the name of fear in the underworld. Mysterious man with a dark past. He is a merciless,stone hearted man and never care about other but his best friend Dylan. For the world Danish is Nicholas Ryden who is a self made billionaire from Spain. His dark side is kept hidden from the world. Even the underworld couldn't recognize DK is Nicholas for real. Dylan is introduced to the world as his younger brother Andrew Ryden for a tragic past.

Romance / Mystery
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Near Future

Danish's POV

" They are here, Sir." Colin said and I nodded.

" Bring him in." I said to him and he nodded before going out of the room.

" Is this about the Perez?" Dylan my best friend asked me and I nodded.

" He dared to betray." I chuckled.

" He may not know about you. You were behind the scenes." He said and I chuckled.

" That doesn't give him right to betray his partner." I said to him and he nodded. At the same time Colin entered the cabin with that Perez guy.

" Sir, here he is." Colin said and I nodded. I gestured him to sit.

" So, you are Abraham?" I asked him.

" Yes but I couldn't recognize you." He said and I rolled my eyes.

" I am Nicholas Ryden." I said to him and he narrowed his eyes.

" Which Nicholas Ryden? I don't know any Ryden." He said and I chuckled.

" He doesn't know us, Andrew!!!" I said to Dylan and he smirked.

" The same Ryden whose investment you have sallowed down." Dylan said to him.

" Which investment?" That Perez guy narrowed his eyes.

" That new hotel in Miami. You forgot that quickly?! Very disappointing. Very disappointing." I said and he looked at us emotionlessly.

" I don't know any of you guys and that hotel has no investment of others cause it's a complete family project. My cousins and I have invested in this project only." He said and I sighed.

" I thought we will just talk but you are forcing me to show you the hell." I said and picked out my gun before putting it on the table. " Let's come to the point." I said to him. He looked at the gun and gulped." First of all, you said you don't know Nicholas Ryden but you know very well that you are lying cause your brother and you had reached my people to ask a huge amount of investment because you couldn't sanction a loan from bank. You said that you will return it in 3 months but it's already one year you didn't keep your promise. What should I do to you now?" I asked him.

" But it wasn't you who has landed me that money. How can I trust you in this." He said.

" My patience is running out. Stop playing with my mind. I have no intention to empty my gun in your brain but if you force me then I will not hesitate a second." I said and the next month he got the gun which was pointed at me. I looked at him sharply and smirked.

" And if I kill you then there will be no loan, no money, no repaying,right?" Abraham Perez said and pulled the trigger. I rolled my eyes. He looked at me weirdly and Dylan should up to reach him.

" Take a chill pill. It's empty just like your brain." Dylan took the gun away from him and I chuckled.

" Perez, do you think you can fool me?" I asked him and he was still in shock.

" I am not a stupid to keep a loaded gun before my enemy to give him a chance to shoot me." I said and brought out the loaded gun. " You have 2 minutes to think to choose between my money or your life and your time starts now." I said.

" I want to talk to my partners. It's a huge amount." He said.

" Exactly. I want my huge amount back cause no one is going to trust you anymore. Your details is send to your other investors. Get ready to go bankrupt." I said to him calmly.

" You can't do this. I will return your money. I swear." He said and I chuckled.

" So that you can betray someone else, right?" I asked him.

" I will not do that again. Give me one more chance." He said.

" I have given you a whole year to rethink about it and make things right but you took it lightly." I said. " I don't ever forgive the traitors." I said to him and gestured Collins to take him away.


Hailey's POV

" Where are we going?" I asked Scarlett but she didn't say anything just kept driving.

" Had you have a fight with Jordan?" I asked her and she rolled her eyes.

" He is too busy with his work these days. I don't understand how my sweet cute boyfriend turned into a crazy workaholic man?!" She said and I chuckled.

" You should be proud of your man, girl. He is doing great." I said to her.

" I am proud of her, Hail but at the same time I miss him a lot." She said.

" Once the project is over he must have plans for you." I said and she rolled her eyes.

" Yeah, plans for me." She said and I chuckled.

" You guys are so cute." I said to her. She smiled sweetly. I am sure she has captured Jordan's heart with that one.

" Why don't you have a boyfriend? You should get one. There are thousands of boys roaming around you." She said and I chuckled.

" I am going get married instead." I said and she rolled her eyes.

" Whatever but find a man and get married,girl. Am I going to die watching you single for life?" She asked me. I chuckled.

" Drama queen!!" I said to her and she chuckled.

" Now tell me where are we going?" I asked her.

" We are going to meet Russo. We want a perfect birthday cake for Tiana you forgot?! It's her birthday next week." She said and I nodded before sighing deeply.

" When is she going to come back to life, Lettie?" I asked Scarlett but she didn't say anything just sighed deeply.

" I wish I knew where Dylan is or if he is alive or not!!! I would do anything to bring him back to Tiana's life. Her happiness faded away with him." She said and I sighed.

True. Tiana's happiness was gone when Dylan disappeared from her life. Hope she would find her happy ending one day near future.
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