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The influenceled story

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Romance / Fantasy
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The love you gave

It was just one summer day when I met a boy named Leo he was everything I want in a guy he had piercing blue eyes so blue every time you look into his blue it felt like you were swimming in the ocean when I first saw him I knew he was the love of my beautiful life I met him at school when I saw him I knew I had to pouch him and start a conversation I started the conversation by asking if he was new to this school in a romantic/sexual way he just glared in a awkward way I knew he was just playing hard to get because everyone at this school wants me to introduce me my name is hayley Cora Jones I have this beautiful green eyes with gorgeous light brown hair and a beautiful body a lot of girl would die to have so there is no possible way he could not love me with every bone in this body so I go up to the little shit at lunch time and try to start conversation again this time I say this is really random but I love your blue eyes you know all he did was just say thank you and go back to eating his lunch this was very surprising to me because normally when I complement guys they start worshipping me like I'm a goddess but all he did was just say thank you and go back to eating his lunch I definitely knew he was trying to play all cool guy by pretending to not be aroused by me and my beauty but at wouldn't last for long tho because it never does every single guy at comes to our school eventually falls for me one way or a another this little phase of his wouldn't last long me and everyone at this school knows it
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