Forbidden love

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know our love is forbidding but princess I love you so much it hurts, I love you too we can do this I promise we will make this work, please don't leave me, I won't I promise". James and Jayla fell in love but the only problem is James was a demon and Jayla was an angel what will there parents say, what will they do? will they break up or will they stay together? will he keep his promise

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

James (pov)

I was walking out of my house trying to clear my head when i felt something hit me i looked to see a girl. I put my hand down to help her up ''sorry sweetheart i wasn’t paying attention" i said "its fine" she says grabbing my hand and getting up. i looked at her she was beautiful i felt stuck in her eyes but i pulled away leaving the girl.

Going into the store and getting what i needed soon leaving the store the girl being gone I walked back home putting the food away, my brother coming into the room "did you get the snacks I asked for" he said "yes i got your snacks". my sister came in the kitchen "what's that mark on your face" she asked "what mark" I asked "it's a cross under your eyes" she said "what!" I asked starting to panic my parents came in and gasped they looked mad "you found your mate and she is a angel''

my mom growled out "who is she" my dad asked " I don't know" i said "think did you bump into anyone"? my dad asked my mind going back to the girl. "no" l lied "what every you can't date her anyways" my mom says

Jayla POV
I walk into my house sighing already tired, my mom comes in "hey sweet heart your back" she said . "Yeah I got what you guys wanted from the store, thank- what's on your face",

my mom said in horror. I ran to the nearest mirror and looked, my mom was panicked and pacing back and forth. "Who could it be, who are they, why, no it can't be not my family, not my daughter no please say no, it wasn't there before you left so it had to be at the store" I couldn't listen to her as I was looking at the upside down cross under my eyes.

Then I started to panic tears coming out my eyes who could it be, did I talk to anyone, look at anyone, bump into anyone- I gasped the man that I bump into to with the eyes. I froze, more tears coming out my eyes "my mates a demon" I said "do you know who" my mom asked "no" I lied

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