In the dark night.

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Two strangers meet under the dark night on a bridge. Will they cross paths and find what they want together or depart and find it themselves? Warning: this story touches sensitive topics.

Romance / Thriller
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Lean guy in the starry night.

‘Few more steps and it will all be over. Few more steps and it will all be over.’ He repeated over and over again as he walked over the tall bridge which was an overpass pedestrians to cross over the River. The bridge for vehicles to pass was next to the footbridge.

‘Keep your head down and just go with it.’ he halted at the middle of the of the bridge and looked over to railing.

The air suddenly felt heavy as the world just caved into him, “Ahhh...” he took a deep breath as he laid eyes on him; a tall lean young man around the same age as him, with wavy hair that covered his eyes; standing on top of the railing, and looked so beautiful and lonely under the city lights, starry night and the moon that lit so bright. It soon dawned on him that this beautiful stranger in front of him was seconds away from leaving this wretched world behind. Without batting an eyelash he reached out his hand towards him,

“Take my hand, I’ll help you back down.” The lean guy looked over to him, “Please... just take my hand.” he pleaded once again reaching out his hand towards him once again. He reached out his hand in return but he flinched as he saw the bare hands that were offering him help.

He understood his reaction and held his umbrella to him, “Hold onto this.” and he did, he reached out and held the handle of the umbrella and got down.

He stared at the dark, lean person in front of him, that he just saved. He didn’t try to cry or explain why he was trying to attempt this, but he just looked down waiting for him to lash out on him. Tears weld up in his eyes and the only thing he wanted to do at that moment, was to hug him.

“I’m gonna hug you now.” he informed and wrapped his arms around him, careful enough to just hug him over his coat. With the mere touch of this stranger that saved him, tears rolled down his face. And he couldn’t stop. He sobbed deeply into his arms and screaming in pain. They stood there under the shiny night held up in each others arms, filled with a warm heart that was always so cold.

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