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BALA: The Duke's Contract Wife

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"Looks like the rumors about your beastly look are true," said Victor. "Seeing that you even hide your face now." Rose did not answer. Finally, Victor sighed. "I have no intention of accepting you as my wife. Go home." "You will let a woman be food for the beasts in the cold Maraina?" It was the first time Rose had spoken. Her voice was solid. No sign of fear. "It will only ruin your reputation more." "No," replied Victor, "I am giving the girl the opportunity to return home safely." He spoke the last word with emphasis. "You'll regret throwing me away, Duke." Hearing Rose's words, Victor looked back at the red eyes sharply. He thought Rose would be a spoiled annoying girl. But it was clear that she was not what he expected. Victor raised his eyebrows, "I would regret to get rid of the girl nicknamed 'The Ugly Witch from the South'? Rose did not flinch at the insult. *** Rose must marry Duke Victor Maraina who is also known as the Monster from the North. Rose's unfavorable position made her dare to offer a contractual marriage. In exchange for Victor's protection, Rose would be his strategist. Together, they have to face various obstacles and political schemes to protect Maraina. Rose thought that she only needs to be a strategist, but Victor also demands her obligations as... A wife.

Romance / Fantasy
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Rose sighed. The cold air made her let a puff of smoke out of her plump mouth. The hair on her neck stood up. She could feel the coldness of the wooden table where she sat in a tent.

But she did not feel cold at all.

In front of her, a man held her warmly. His strong hands held Rose’s hips. He was holding those hips still while they were having intimate acts.

Victor gave small kisses to Rose’s neck. The man’s lips and tongue gave a tingling sensation to the girl’s skin. At the same time, the man’s lower body struck deep into Rose’s core. It was like a battering hammer continuously barging the same hole, demanding to enter into Rose’s deepest core. His movements were fast, full of urgency ... as if the man wanted to mark the deepest part of Rose.

“Ah ... Victor ...”

Every time Victor pierced her, Rose was increasingly carried away with an inexplicable sense of satisfaction. A feeling of ecstasy that kept on piling up. She could feel her insides twitched and enveloped Victor’s like a wrapping blanket. Like the walls of her insides have been sculpted according to the shape of Victor’s manhood.

Thinking about that made Rose groaned deeply.

Rose’s voice sounded like honey to Victor. A drug that made him addicted. Victor felt satisfied and happy to be able to make the woman in his arms feel good. He wanted to continue to bring that pleasure to Rose.

Sometimes he slowed down his movements. Then showered Rose with millions of kisses all over her body. After that, he accelerated his movements suddenly, deliberately making Rose gasped ... even screaming incoherently. When he couldn’t stand it, he would increase his speed even more and deepen his reach inside of her. Until they both reached the peak of ecstasy.

“Haaa ...”

“Ngg ... Ah ...”

“Rose,” whispered Victor into Rose’s ear. “Rose. Rose. Rose.”

The two of them groaned. Rose’s body became limp. The woman hooked her arms around Victor’s neck as she tried to calm her racing heartbeat and raspy breathing.

But before Rose could restore her breathing rate to normal, Victor lifted Rose’s body easily. And without Rose’s approval, he started attacking the woman’s burrow again.

Victor and Rose continued this cycle countless times. They did it on Victor’s mattress, on the rug made of fur, on the table that held royal map and important documents. Sometimes Rose positioned herself below, sometimes above Victor, and other times they were lying side by side. But their intimate movement continued.

Rose’s body was so delicious that Victor didn’t want to stop. Unlike usual, Rose also did not protest much. The girl received Victor’s attack repeatedly.

Rose did not want their night to end.

Because before the sun rose, Rose would have to leave Victor. While Victor had to lead the troops to war, Rose would not wait.

Even though her heart was sore, she had to face this risk. The world was at stake. The world that Victor and Paul lived in ... Rose was willing to burn whatever getting in their way.

But tonight ... just for tonight ...

Rose wanted to forget the world and just focused on the man in front of her. The man that was embracing her. The man that had penetrated through her heart in various ways.

Rose actually did not want to let go of Victor’s embrace. She was reluctant to let go of the man’s warmth.

Because for Rose, that night might be the last time they could be together. Yes, Victor did not yet know about Rose’s decision. And Rose did not want him to know. If he knew, Rose was sure that Victor would not let her go.

Rose looked down, where Victor’s body made a joint with hers. A little smile crept in on her lips.

“You like what you see?” Victor asked playfully. With deliberateness, he pulled his penis out slowly. Then without notice struck its whole length into Rose fast.

“Victor ….”

“What am I supposed to do if you like it so much?” Victor asked, still with that playful tone. “I have to embrace you multiple times so you would not forget the pleasure that only I could give you.”

Rose laughed lightly hearing his jest. “Yours is the only one in the world.”

Victor, who did not expect Rose to say that, blushed. Both of his ears went red. This was too cute for Rose to see. Victor, who was called The Devil and The Monster from the North … blushed when Rose praised his shaft.

When Rose thought about it, their relationship was funny. It started with a marriage contract without love. They, the two people who never really believed in love … have learned to love each other.

Rose, who was used to pent up great anger to the world, and Victor, who was used to be mocked by the world. Now both of them have accepted one another in a feverish passion.

Ironically, for Rose, tonight could be their last night.

Before finally, they would save the world … or contrastingly, create destruction never seen before to this world.

‘Destruction,’ a word that in the old tongue pronounced as ‘Bala’ … and was Rose’s other name.

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