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Scarlet Woods is a 17- year old intelligent, notorious, carefree and happy-go-living girl who is turning 18 in a few weeks. Her life revolves around her shy and nerdy elder sister Hashley Woods and her mom, Maria Woods . With no haunting past, (except for the mysterious death of her father, she has no clue about) she lives life to the fullest. Adrian Marks is the most popular bad boy in school with a high reputation and a shy, simple brother, Oliver Marks, who is also Hashley’s charming boyfriend of 2 years and soon to be husband. However, Scarlet and Adrian have never met since Adrian was in Australia until now. Scarlet’s life has been perfect until now. When she discovers a haunting truth that can change her and her family’s life forever, she has to keep it a secret while she can. Throw in a hot bad boy who takes a sudden interest in Scarlet while keeping his own secrets hidden. So what happens when a badass meets a bad boy? Will they fall for each other? Will Scarlet be able to keep her biggest secret hidden? Will it complicate things for her in future? Will the happy-go-living scarlet break? Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing is certain. She will not let her loved ones break because of the storm that’s on it’s way to destroy her life. Stay tuned!

Romance / Drama
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Scarlet’s POV

I glance around us, feeling overwhelmed. The beauty of this place has left me stunned and speechless. No one’s ever done this for me and I can’t help but admire every little detail that makes this place as gorgeous as it is. This is probably the best birthday I’ve ever had.

He lifts my chin up, locking his beautiful gaze with mine. I take in a sharp breath, suddenly realizing how close we are. In his hazel eyes, I can see all the emotions swirling wildly. He’s nervous, excited, scared and happy, all at the same time. His hazel eyes are darker than usual and the heat radiating off of him is keeping me warm too. I can see the question dancing in his eyes. For the first time, I don’t feel self-conscious under his heated gaze because they seem to hold admiration and awe, for me.

“Scarlet.” He breathes out, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Mhm” I murmur, not breaking eye contact.

“You’re gorgeous.” He whispers again.

"Thank you." I whisper back. Why we are whispering, I have no idea but I don't want to leave this place ever. I don't want to be out of his sight ever again. He makes me feel safe and happy.

In this moment, I realize, he’s looking at me like I’m his whole world. He’s looking at me like Elijah did at Scarlet. He’s looking at me as if I’m the most precious thing on Earth. And for a moment, I almost believed him. For a moment, I finally realized that I am not just a girl about to face the biggest storm of her life, but I am a normal girl who’s allowed to have crushes, who’s allowed to live her life without being constantly on the edge, wondering what might happen the next moment, that I am a normal teenager girl who has a crush on her sister’s soon to be brother-in law but has no regrets over it, whatsoever.

However, every thought, every doubt, every pain fades as he leans closer. There’s nothing surrounding us at this moment and it’s just his beautiful eyes that I can see. It’s like there’s a magnetic pull pulling us towards each other. He leans in, I lean in. His eyes momentarily close but I keep mine open to admire the sharp yet soft features of his face, until our lips are centimeters apart. My eyes flutter close as I feel his lips barely hovering over mine.


I see myself lying on the bed, unconscious.

Until Dr. Collin’s words echo in my ears.

Until reality hit me square in the gut with a force I was not ready to bear.

I flinch back, and take a step back from Adrian, from his warm embrace, suddenly feeling too cold and finding it hard to breathe. He seems to be in a daze for a few seconds, before he opens his eyes which display raw pain and hurt before mere confusion.

I caused that pain. Oh god what have I done?

He takes a step towards me, but I take a step back holding my hand out to stop him from coming near me.

I can’t do this. This is not right. I can’t hurt him. No. No this is wrong. So wrong!

“Scarlet?” He calls out, pain, worry and confusion evident in his voice.

“I-I can’t.” I stutter, blinking rapidly to keep my tears at bay. I’ve been keeping this for so long and I have been the strongest I can be throughout it all. No I am not ready for them to know yet. No, I can’t cry in front of him. No. I need to stay strong. I need to deal with this situation calmly and stay strong. Or else, I won’t be able to fight this temptation. I won’t be able to fight myself.

“What do you mean?” He whispers, sounding heartbroken.

“I-I can’t do this. There cannot be an us. No-no this is wrong.” I say, shaking my head. I turn away from him, unable to meet his hurt gaze. Suddenly, strong arms wrap around my shoulders, turning me around.

Hurt and Rage.

These are two emotions I notice as soon as my eyes lock with his. He grips my upper arms and pulls me close, our chests flushed against each other. His gaze is hard, unlike it was a few minutes ago.

“What do you mean there can’t be an us? Don’t you like me?” He says, enraged.

“No, I mean- yes, I like you. B-but only as a friend. A very close one. N-Not as what you think.” I say, looking anywhere but at him. His grip on me increases, causing me to wince. He’s putting too much pressure on the bruise.

“Then look into my eyes and tell me you don’t want to be more than friends.” He says, his expression hard.

“You’re hurting me.” I whisper, trying to wriggle out of his hold but his iron grip keeps me in place.

“And you’re hurting me! Answer me Scarlet. Look into my eyes and tell me I am nothing more than a friend. Answer. Me!” He snaps, his voice rising gradually.

His grip on me is increasing by the second and I’m sure there are fresh bruises on both of my upper arms. Suddenly, I feel angry too. I push him with all the force I have, catching him off guard.

I watch as he stumbles back, shocked.

“No I don’t! I don’t want to be anything more than friends!” I yell, massaging the area that was under his iron grip.

He stays silent, processing the words I just blurted out. But I am still very mad. So without waiting for his response, I continue.

“I don’t want to be anything more than friends. And don’t you dare touch and hurt me like that ever again! I’m not one of those girls who’ll endure your irrelevant rage without fighting back! My opinion matters the most on how you touch me!” I snap, glaring at him.

He still says nothing, Just watches me with a blank expression. I take a deep breath, trying to compose myself and keep my tears at bay.

“Look, I respect your feelings but I can’t reciprocate them to you. I hope you respect and understand that. Thank you so much for everything you've done today. I really appreciate it but I think we’ll be better off as friends.”

With that being said, I turn around on my heels, ready to get the hell out of here.

I don’t look back. I don’t look back at the man whose heart has just been crushed by my bare hands. This realization makes me realize that I am the most horrible person on earth. I take deep breaths, trying damn hard not to cry. It doesn’t matter if my heart has been ripped in a million pieces or that I’ll be more devastated after this than before.

Because this is the only best thing for everyone at the moment.

Including him.

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