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Love letter girl

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Hana Takeru is a 13 -year -old girl who has been bullied by her cousin, Hinata, since childhood. When they turned 13, they moved to a private high school. Incidentally, Hana and Hinata are classmates with a man they have loved since childhood, the man is also very popular among female students because of his face and temperament. But, Hinata doesn't like Hana liking the man, so Hinata and her friends bully Hana by making Hana work as a love letter girl. Whenever Valentine's day arrives or someone wants to send a letter to a loved one, they will give their letter to Hana to send it to. The beautiful memory she created with the man since childhood is impossible for Hana to forget, can Hana be with the man she loved since childhood?

Romance / Drama
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Hana Takeru

“Come back later!” the counter said to Hana. Hana steps out from the store, carrying a plastic bag full of medicine for her mother at her right hand. As Hana was returning home, she met Hinata and her friends.

“Oh Hana, you bought medicine again? how pity~” teases Hinata to Hana. Hana just stepped forward without caring what Hinata said.

Hinata smirked, “Why don’t you just abandon your mother?” She hadn’t cared for you when you were a kid, did she? Then why would you?”

“You don’t know my mom and this has nothing to do with you!” Hana replied.

Hinata’s friend Mia grabs the plastic bag Hana was carrying, and throws the medicine on the ground.

“Now you dare to reply to me again?” laughed Hinata by stepping on the medicine.

Hinata and the others leave Hana as she collects back the medicine.

Hana returns home with sadness after collecting the medicine. Back home, Hana prepares a glass of water and a medicine for her mom who is lying on the bed.

“Please eat this medicine, Mom, you won’t be able to get well without it” Hana said to her mom

“I told you not to buy me medicine again, and you still bought it for me.” “Why? I want Takeru back!” her mom yelled as she threw the medicine into the corner of the room.

“I don’t want you to think about him, or you’ll die” says Hana.

“I shall just die without being beside him!” her mother replied.

“Please mom, I beg you,” Hana said.

“I’ll just die if I overdose on this medicine” Her mom reached for a medicine on the table and took so many bites.

“No, mom!” Hana throws all the medicine in the trash can, and immediately calls for an ambulance.

Hana leaves on her own after that incident, because her mother is in the hospital on arrest. Despite not being able to afford Hana’s school fees and other related fees, her uncle covers them for her.

Life continued as usual for Hana, even after the months passed. She wakes up early to go to school, before school she no longer has to say goodbye to her mom, and at school before class starts she will be bullied by Hinata and her friends. Having been bullied, she came to class with a mess on her face. Her teacher will be angry and scold her for it.

“Like usual, Hana comes to class with a bruised face,” Hinata smirked.

“Hana, you’re a girl from a broken family, okay? Why don’t you never go back to school again, there is no hope for you to succeed. Me and our friends will all go to the high school we want, a rich one,” said Mia.

Lisa, another friend of Hinata, replied, “Yeah right. Don’t worry Mia...she’ll be lost in no time.” “Don’t worry,” said Lisa.

“Hahahahahaha!” all the classmates laugh.

Hana lowered her face, admitting to herself that she had no chance of completing high school.

All students ran from their classes when the school bell rang. Hana slowly stepped out of her class when suddenly she heard her name being called.

“Yes, teacher, how can I help you?” Hana asks after being called by her teacher.

“I would like you to follow me to the teacher’s room, Hana,” said the teacher.

Hana complied and followed him into the teacher’s room.

At home, Hana read the letter that she received from the principal teacher over and over. Just can’t believe that she received a letter from high school! Hana deserves to study at Kazoku High School, according to the letter. Hana is so excited that she immediately prepares to go to bed. She wants to tell her uncle about the letter tomorrow.

When Hana woke up in the morning, she didn’t take a bath yet but went to her uncle’s house to tell him about the letter.

“The fees for your high school are so expensive, yet you want me to pay them too?!” said Her uncle, speaking in a tone of frustration. “Hinata’s high school is so expensive, yet you expect me to pay your fees as well?” he said.

“Papa, I told you not to pay her fees because if you do, she will ask for them again and again,” said Hinata.

Hana just stayed silent; she understands Hinata wants to pursue higher education, but she too wants to continue.

“Hana, listen here, I’ll pay them for you, but there is a condition, you have to study hard so I’ll pay them up until the end.” said her uncle.

She nods her head in agreement, her face etched with a smile.

“What?! Papa, no!” exclaimed Hinata with an angry tone.

“It’s my decision, so shut up, Hinata.”

Hinata read the letter on the table with an angry face.

“Kazoku High School?!” shouted Hinata do not believe “It’s my school papa!”

“Yes,” her father replied.

“NO! Papa! Why did she get this letter?” asks Hinata.

“She deserves it, so she deserved it.”

The teacher gave you this letter since you threatened to do something to her, so she gave it to you, right?” Hinata asked Hana.

Hana was startled and shook her head. Never before had she done such a thing.

“Hinata, I told you to shut up! Go to your room!” her father was angry at her.

Her foot stomped as she climbed the stairs to her room.

“Hana, you can go home now. Take a shower, and I’ll deal with this later.” said her uncle.

“I will certainly repay you, thank you so much,” said Hana after getting up from the couch and hugging her uncle.

“You’re welcome, my dear Hana,” replied her uncle.

Her heart is full of happiness when she goes back home, and she is eager to start high school and to make friends.

The months had passed, and Hana and Hinata had already graduated from middle school. They attend Kazoku High School a few days after graduating. Toward the school gate, Hana stepped forward, it was noisy, students talking with each other. Suddenly, her gaze was drawn to a face that seemed familiar. As a black-haired boy walked by Hana, his eyes were shiny blue like space and he was some taller than her.

He seemed familiar to Hana, but who was he? Why did he seem familiar?


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