Sweep You Off Your Feet(Eternal Love Series Book1)

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Thirty-one year old Jayson Meyers was a no-nonsense type lawyer. The eldest son of the Meyers family, he had no time for women. His life revolved around his lawfirm and lawyers only. His parents and siblings have given up all hope to ever get him settled down. When he met the beautiful Karen Richardson at his best friend Chase's wedding, he was stumped by her. Trying all excuses to get her to stay back at the small town of Travis Springs, he finally suceeds. She takes up his job offer and shifts from Austin. Read this sweet love story to know how Jayson will sweep her off her feet and make her finally his?

Romance / Drama
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Karen stared at the resignation letter that she had typed with disgust and then clicked on the send button without a second thought. Disgusted was a small word for what she was feeling. She felt cheated, dirty, nauseated and violated every time she thought about it.

It was only a week ago that Roland Farrell took over from his dad Alan Farrell, as CEO of Farrell Corps. where she had been working for the last two years as personal assistant to the CEO.

Alan Farrell was a sweet seventy year old man who treated her more like a daughter than a PA. Her nightmares started the day Roland took over. He was a married man of thirty with two young children of his own, yet he stared at her with lust filled vulgar eyes. He tried to make vulgar suggestions, weird passes and when nothing worked, he took the direct approach today in the evening. He sexually tried to harass her and when she protested vehemently, he clearly pointed out that she would lose her employment if she didn't cater to his physical needs as and when he wished.

She stomped out of his office and here she was in her small two bedroomed rented apartment, typing and sending her resignation letter. She didn't need such a job where her dignity was at stake. She searched for some appropriate jobs and applied and waited.

She waited the whole week. Two of the companies she applied to responded specifying that all vacancies had been filled up and that they would get back to her if there were any.

She was bored and depressed beyond words. Nothing was going well in her twenty-five years of life. She just broke up with her on and off boyfriend Edmund Brown when she discovered that he had married his stable girlfriend two months back.

She didn't love him or like him much. He was just available whenever she had to attend a corporate event with a date. He always borrowed money from her. She gave him only when he helped her out. After marriage, he had kept ties with her just for money. There was nothing more between them ever. She just didn't have time for it.

Her parents lived with her two older brothers and their families in Halifax, Canada. Her twin sister, Lauren and she had shifted to the US, two years back against their families wishes. Lauren got married to her boyfriend here in Austin, because of whom she had shifted and Karen was busy with her work.

However she found hope when suddenly out of the blue her best friend Scarlett Lewis called her. A month back she was harassed by some criminals to such an extent that she had to escape Austin with her three month baby to Travis Springs. Their friend Valentina McGuire, whose father was the sheriff there lived in Travis Springs. Although Valentina got married a few months back, Scarlett had no other choice than to go there to ask for her father's help.

So suddenly receiving her call really had her curiosity levels up. Did she get rid of her tormentors? She took the call and asked the question that was foremost on her mind.

"Hey girl, wassup," said Karen. "Did you get rid of that terrorist who was after you?" She asked.

"Yeah, he was a drug lord, one of the most wanted criminals on interpol's list for drug trafficking. Now he's dead meat, " she said, smiling. "All thanks to my gorgeous fiancé, " she added as Karen gasped.

"Hang on, what fiancé? You went to save your ass, right? How did you find a gorgeous fiancé, in a village?" She asked inquisitively, her voice laced with excitement.

"Yeah that's why I went. I met him here and he helped me save my ass, you dumbo. He's an ex US Marshal and currently the sheriff of Travis Springs, Chase McGuire. I was staying at his place actually, "she said.

"Does he have a brother? I'm coming to Travis Springs then, " she said jokingly.

"No silly, he's Val's brother, " she informed and Karen just sighed with disappointment.

"So, when's the wedding?" She asked eagerly.

"In a month, kary. 7th of next month, actually. You have to come, you're my maid of honour. Val is pregnant. Also she has Benny to look after. Give your leave application today itself," she said.

"I resigned from my job Scar. I'm jobless actually. Just sitting at home," she said, unhappily.

"Oh, but why? You were doing so well," she asked, with concern.

"My boss, Roland Farrell made a vulgar pass at me. He's married with kids yet he tried to sexually harass me. He said that if I wanted the job I would have to give him what he wanted on and off, whenever he wanted. It's so disgusting. I resigned last week," she said, sighing heavily.

"That's really cheap and vulgar. You should alert his wife about his ways. Ok, forget him. So what about Edmund? You both are still together?" Asked Scarlett.

"I broke off with Edmund two weeks back," she said, "He had married his steady girlfriend two months back, yet dated me for money," she said with pure hatred in her voice. "So, basically I'm bored at home. Had applied for a job in two companies but they don't have any vacancies at present," she said, unhappily.

"Why don't you treat it like a vacation and come over to Travis Springs and help me with the wedding preparations?" She suggested.

"Ok, I'll just wait for the response from another company that I applied to, yesterday. If they don't accept my application, then I'm coming to Travis Springs," she said.

They talked for some time about Austen and then disconnected the call.

After three days, Karen received a call from Scarlett that she was in town and coming over to meet her.

Karen shrieked with joy and wanted to travel to Travis Springs with them. The company didn't accept her application and she had packed last night to goto Travis Springs. So they visited her and Scarlett introduced her husband, Chase to her. Karen followed them to Travis Springs in her Honda Civic.

They reached in half an hour and all of them went inside. Chase took her luggage to the guest room downstairs. Scarlett introduced her to Chase's parents,"This is Valentina's and my best friend, Karen Richardson, " she said as aunt Chloe, Chase's mom, hugged Karen.

"Hello aunt Chloe, I've heard so much about you and uncle Phil from Val," Karen said. Uncle Phil was Chase and Valentina's father.

"Welcome home dear," said aunt Chloe. She loved the homely atmosphere and soon settled down, playing with Scarlett's four-month old son Austen.


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