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My men think they understand my darkness. They’ve vowed to protect me from it. And anything else that tries to harm me. Unfortunately, I think I am the very thing they’re trying to protect me from. And I’m not sure I hate it. **MMMM content**

Romance / Thriller
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Don’t ask me why my mind writes these things...

But, I will warn you there are some very dark themes and graphic scenes BOTH SEXUAL AND VIOLENT throughout this book.

If you are easily unsettled by any of the following things below,



1) This is book #2 of a series. Please read PHOENIX before

you begin this story. Or don’t. You’ll just be really, really confused.

2) Characters do not always make the right choice. They sometimes follow their heart, despite the obvious consequences ahead. This includes committing crimes (see tags below).

3) Two of the main characters’ criminal activities (serial

killer and cannibalism) are at times romanticized, joked about, and accepted in this story.

4) While all sex and sexual encounters are between consenting

adults (all characters over 21), it may be rough, kinky, or involve BDSM


5) Tags include: torture, arson, fire, serial killer, mob, beatings, sex, gay sex, anal, oral sex, BDSM, cannibalism, law-breaking, kinky, desire, romance, secrecy, journalism, lying, cheating, kidnapping, guns, shooting, threesomes, foursomes, psychosis, split personality, etc.

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