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Where You Belong

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After Josey successfully delivers River's baby, the Luna of the local pack, in the woods how will they learn to let her live among them? Humans are not to know of their existence. Only Alpha Gorn can decide if she lives or dies while Beta Theo makes it his responsibility to keep her safe through the storm what obstacles will lie before them?

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Chapter 1

I hadn’t even made it halfway through the trail on my run and I was crapping out. I was out of shape but not overweight. I hadn’t worked out in years since high school and I had decided today was the day to change that. Though this steep trail didn’t seem to be giving me much encouragement with every rock I stepped on causing me to roll my ankle a bit here and there.

I could see a bench just a few feet up the trail and I had decided that if I stop and adjust my shoes maybe I could finish the trail and be victorious.

As I approached the rest area I heard a cry. It was so faint that I stopped walking to listen more closely. I didn’t hear it again for a few seconds so I thought maybe it was my own moan of agony from a sore ankle and bruised ego.

My shoe was freshly laced up and tied on again when I heard the woman cry again. I was sure I heard it that time and I called out. I wasn't sure what direction it came from being in the woods.

“Hello? Are you okay? Call again if you need help.” A few seconds passed and I could finally tell which direction she was in when she called out for help.

“I’m coming. Keep calling me so I can find you.” The leaves crunched under my shoes and my adrenaline was pumping hard. The train disappeared behind me and I was lucky most of the leaves had fallen this time of fall so I could make out a patch of blue amongst the mixture of fallen leaves and branches.

“I see you, hang in there. I’m coming.” I could hear her sniffles now and it broke my heart. She sounded scared and in pain. The leaves rustled as she squirmed and screamed out so loud it made me jump. I had never heard anything like it before. It was deep and guttural. Almost like a growl from a dog-like animal.

“I’m here… Are you hurt?” I rolled her over so I could see her face and examine her.

“I’m a nurse, my name is Josey. What’s yours?” It was when she leaned back on both her elbows that I found the issue. She was very pregnant and very much in labor. I waited for her to work through her next contraction and held her shoulder to support her.

“I’m so fucking glad you heard me. I’m River. I fell down that hill earlier when I was walking. I must have hit my head cuz I can’t mind- I can’t remember anything. I don’t have my phone with me.” She was getting worked up again and I rubbed soothing circles on her back.

“How far apart are your contractions?” I took off my puffy vest as she told me they were nearly five minutes apart now. I saw on her jeans that her water had broke. We were having this baby here whether we liked it or not.

My flannel was next to come off and I looked around to see if there was a stump or rock to help her sit up. Just a few feet from us a fallen tree called our name.

“Okay, well River we’re going to go over to that tree and get comfy because this baby is coming. We won’t make it halfway back to my car I don’t think.” She looked around to find any other option other than delivering in the woods but she knew I was right and gave a nod. I lifted her on one side and we managed a waddle over to the stump. She held herself upright on the log as her next contraction passed and I could see her muscles tighten and flex through her jeans.

“We need to lose the bottoms so I can see what we’re working with River.” She shimmied undressed from her waist down and it appeared she was nearly ready to start pushing whenever she was ready.

“I’m going to encourage you to stand like you are, using the log for support for as long as you can. Your baby is big and gravity is your friend here.” She chuckled a little and huffed through her next pain.

“I feel like I need to push.” I nodded and took off her sweater. She bent at the knees and gave a long steady push. I praised her as My hand rested just on top of the baby’s head.

“One more push and the head will be born River, keep going. You’re nearly there.” She smiled wide as she gasped for breaths getting ready for her next push.

The baby shoved my hand as it slipped out into my flannel. A gush of fluid followed and River’s knees shook as I clamped the cord with my hair clip. I didn’t have anything to cut it but this would do for now.

She cried as I cleaned up the baby with my shirt and used her sweater to wrap it up. The baby boy was crying loudly and bright red with aggravation.

"You certainly are scared but you're where you belong. Here's your mama." I waited for her to catch her breath and handed the little one to her.

“Tuck him into your shirt. It’ll keep him warm. I have to go get my phone and call for help. You’re bleeding a lot River.” She nodded in a daze as she slid the baby into her top.

“I promise I’ll be right back.” I suddenly felt so bad leaving her alone but there’s no way she’d make the walk back. I ran through the dense woods and the leaves made me slip a few times, missing fallen logs under the crunchy ground cover.

As I made my way back to the trail four men looking exhausted and strained marched up the trail. They were all shirtless and covered in sweat. They called out for River and one stopped in his tracks upon laying eyes on me. His broad tan shoulders were covered in tattoos and a thin veil of slick sweat.

“You’re looking for River? She’s here, follow me!”

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