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"Remind me to get you shades" he shifted his weight as he got down on the floor. "Whyy" "So I don't fall for that eye thing" "What eye thing" I asked giggling as my eye's gave away a puppy dog look "Or a blindfold would do" "Maybe we should blindfold you" I teasingly replied. "That would be interesting" "Shut up" "Just imagine the things you could do to me" His body moved closer as he playfully twisted his fingers around my hair. I decided to play along this time. "Hmm the teasing,the biting" I whispered, tugging at his shirt. "The sucking" to which his jaw clenched. "Keep going" his voice deepened. "Am I making you hard Dylan?" I twisted his shirt as he let out a moan. "Say my name like that again" "Dylan" I whispered, as he gripped my back side. "Blair?" He whispered back. "" My lips mumbled as I tried to contain myself from letting out a giggle. "You are-" "hmm" I could practically feel his breath moving in closer to my mouth. "So bad at this" he pushed away letting out a chuckle making me throw the last crumbs of waffles at his face.

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Chapter 1~ Facetime

Blair’s POV:

“You should really get some sleep” Dylan yawned.

“Sure I’m the one who needs to sleep,” I replied, rolling my eyes.

He let out a smirk at the other end of the screen and rubbed his deep, mocha brown eyes together. I could tell he was feeling lethargic and would crash any second. His eyelids kept shutting as he struggled to keep them awake.

“Who’s texting you?” I asked as he picked up his phone.

“Aria,” he said, smiling.

“A new girl?” Before the words left my lips, I knew the answer that was to come.

“She’s too hot,” Dylan revealed.

“Of course she is”

“Do you wanna know how we met”

“Hmm sure”

“The stories actually crazy” he retorted.

“All your stories are,” I told him.

“I’m serious, listen” he commanded as I complied.

“You have my full attention” I playfully set my hair to the back as he began.

“Remember how I was supposed to fly back to Boston last month?” and I nodded my head. “It was honestly just pure luck. I was sitting next to this old guy, who had the middle seat but he was getting stuffy. So being the gentleman that I am, I let him take my place.”

“Gentleman?” I repeated tauntingly.

He ignored my comment and continued, “There was this dead-ass gorgeous girl sitting right next to the window. As soon as I moved to take the guys place, she gave me this seductive smile”

“The start of a love story” I cut in.

“Shush. Don’t interrupt me” his jaw stiffened, but then he carried on, “Basically she told me what I did was really cute and we low key flirted. A few hours into the flight, she started kissing me and I ran my fingers through her hair. One thing led to another and we made our way to the bathroom ”

“Ewww no” my face grew squeamish as the ending to this story was pretty obvious in itself.

“You didn’t let me finish” he complained.

“I don’t need you to” I responded, without a hint of surprise as pushed his hair back letting out a proud grin.

But that was Dylan, a new girl every month. He wasn’t the relationship type of guy and by now every girl in The University of London knew that, but they still managed to fall for his charm anyway. I didn’t want to think it was because he was into the subject of criminal law and girls found that attractive- because it was so much more than just his ability to deliver a great speech. He had charisma, when it came to girls - I had to give him that and his wooing techniques were one that I never particularly learnt the secrets to- not that I was ever actually interested in knowing them.

“Is there anywhere you haven’t done it?” I said, holding my head.

“You make it sound like it’s a bad thing,” he asked.

“No having sex anywhere and everywhere is a 100% virtuous deed” I sarcastically remarked.

“Who says I’ve done it everywhere?” he defended and my eyes lifted up to give him the most dumbfounded look.

“There’s still so many places, the shower, the beach.” he paused. “Which reminds me we need to go skinny dipping someday”


“If Tyler doesn’t mind” he teased.

“Why don’t you just ask him” I dared.

“I’ll call him right now” he defied.

“Call him” I wasn’t gonna step back.

“I’m kidding love. Don’t get feisty ”

“Don’t call me love” I whined.

“My apologies” Dylan taunted. “How are things with him anyway”

Tyler was my boyfriend. We had been together for over 5 months now. I never really understood how that happened, he was definitely out of my league, with being the captain of the football team, having perfect brown hair, a muscular body, and light blue eyes. He also had every girl drooling at his feet and not to mention his gorgeous ex that to this day flirts with him. Yet by some miracle, he decided to ask me out one day under the bridge with the prettiest bouquet of flowers and a card that said,′ Be mine?′ I told him it was really cheesy but deep down I absolutely adored it and we’ve been together ever since.

He was a great boyfriend too, a sweetheart really. He checked up on me, wrote me cute notes every once in a while, even introduced me to most of his friends, and was just perfect. I never thought I’d actually ever find someone like him, someone sweet and genuine. Someone who’d give me little kisses every now and then and make me feel so incredibly loved. It was cheesy I know but I really liked him.

“They’re great” I couldn’t help but smile thinking about him.

“Oh my she’s blushing,” Dylan said almost sarcastically.

“Oh my he’s being annoying,” I replied, still not able to stop my smile.

“When are you gonna give it to him”

“Give what?”

“You know ... your flower”

I rolled my eyes wishing he wouldn’t call it that. I always thought I’d lose my virginity by college and Tyler had tried a few times but I guess I was never ready or maybe I was just too nervous and he respected that. I was actually really relieved that he did, it made me feel comfortable and I knew when I was ready I’d just go for it. I guess maybe I was waiting for my 19th birthday which was only a couple of days away, that would be a nice time or perhaps over the summer...

Which reminded me, I was supposed to go with my family over the summer to the outskirts of Boston for vacation- well it was meant to be a family holiday but I’d probably end up getting lectured by my mother on the path of becoming a successful lawyer. Boston was our home town so the plan was to stay in between our house and go on little road trips over the month but I declined. Mainly because Tyler was staying in Florida and we made all these plans about everything we were gonna do together so after begging my mom to let me stay with the excuse of finding a summer internship she agreed and knowing my mom, she was pretty chill at the condition of me actually doing something productive and despite the fact that I hadn’t exactly figured out what I was gonna do I knew I still had a few weeks and Tyler’s help to figure it out.

“Hello? Earth to Blair” I heard Dylan’s annoyed voice and instantly pushed away those thoughts.

“Sorry I zoned out” I mumbled

“No, you were just dreaming about spending an entire summer with him when you should be spending it with your dearest parents”

“You know sometimes I wish I could slap you so you shut up” I snapped at his ability to read my mind.

“You know there are other ways to shut me up”

“God you’re horny” I was pissed but I couldn’t control my laughter.

“At least I make you laugh,” he said proudly.

He wasn’t wrong. No matter how much his flirty, not caring attitude pissed me off it still managed to make me smile and with finals going on I could use a bit of his chill vibe.

“Your eyes are red please go to sleep” I finally said, wishing the opposite.

“You’re already right I’m gonna crash”

“Huh, n ... no” I spoke as he usually fought about staying awake.

“You literally just told me to go to sleep” his tone changed.

“ya but I ...”

“What?” he cut me in.

“N...nothing” He was right he needed his sleep. It was 2 in the morning here in Florida but because of the time difference it was probably over 7 am for him- in London. I wanted to talk to him of course, I missed him and we hadn’t face-timed in almost a month because of both our busy schedules and exams coming up and now that we finally had the time to talk, I didn’t want to just end the call but then again he was right, he needed his sleep. “I’m gonna sleep too it’s late”

“Chill I was kidding” His lips curved into a smile.

“no no sleep” I repeated.

“why’d you get so serious? I’m not sleeping till you sleep”

“I really don’t need a babysitter”

“Hmm wheres Lexi?” he asked.

“Umm she’s out” but seriously where was she? The party ended hours ago, she should’ve been back by now.

“I’ll cut the call when she’s back”

“Why? I thought you liked her” I asked confused.

“I do but you have your finals tomorrow”


“So you stress out and you don’t sleep and if I end the call and she’s not back you’ll end up freaking out about your exam and your boyfriend can’t stay up late if his life depended on it”

“I’m not a baby and I don’t freak out” I hated when someone tried taking care of me like I was their kid. Sure I stress out before my tests a little too much but he didn’t always have to act like my mom.

“You’re freaking out right now,” he said holding in his laugh

“You seriously think this is funny?”

“I think it’s hilarious my love”

I rolled my eyes and murmured “asshole”

“I’m sacrificing my sleep, staying up just to make sure you’re okay and that makes me an asshole?”

“Yyyess” I replied.

His head moved and his mac screen began to close.

“What are you doing”

“Shutting my laptop” he answered.

“you’re such a drama” I uttered and his screen went back up.

“I feel bad for Tyler”

“why,” I asked pouting.

“Because his girlfriends a moody bitch” he snapped

“you’re a bitch” I snapped back and heard him chuckle.

“fucker” he responded.

“ass” I uttered instantly.

“Your ass” and I just shook my head with the response,,

“It’s gorgeous”

“hmm lucky Tyler”

“I thought you felt bad for him”

" I still do,” he said lighting his cig.

I liked this. The way we insulted each other without caring and could talk for hours without making it clingy or weird and how no matter how annoying his comments got he always managed to make me feel better. He was my best friend after all and really one of the closest people in my life.

Of course, it sucked having him in another country, and initially, I was scared we were gonna drift apart when we both decided to go our separate ways for college after living in Boston all our lives. I always wanted to go to London with him, but my parents had already decided on my career pathway before Dylan and I became best friends in 10th grade.

Both my parents were corporate lawyers with some of the biggest companies as their clients and ever since I was little I witnessed them raise my older brother Marc and my sister Lauren into following their footsteps. They were both a year apart and each of them succeeded in making our parents proud by graduating with exceptional rankings from none other than Harvard. I, on the other hand, couldn’t get into Harvard and I hoped that would make my parents let me go study in London but they insisted I apply somewhere close by so I ended up going to Stetson in Florida.

It was a different city and what I was grateful for was that at least I was away from the constant pressure of the family, not that I had a bad relationship with them or anything but I guess I just liked the thought of having some sort of freedom. I was bummed at first because Florida was never my first choice but somehow I actually ended up liking it here way more than I planned. I met Tyler here and had the best roommate Alexandra, but everyone called her Lexi. She actually ended up being one of my closest friends here.

The thought of her had just crossed my mind when my dorm door creaked open and a skinny blonde with a half-empty bottle of cannabis walked in.

“She’s here!” Dylan practically yelled from the other side of the screen, and Lexi being Lexi joined in on the screaming till I put my hand on her alcohol-drenched mouth begging her to shut up before she woke up the entire hall of people sleeping across the corridor outside.

Lexi was one of the craziest people I had met here but also the sweetest. When I first moved to Florida I didn’t really know anyone and she actually helped me by introducing me to most people here. She took me to my first party, forced me to go shopping, and made sure I attended every football game, which paid off since it was at one of those games that Tyler first noticed me. Besides fun, she was also extremely gorgeous. She had the perfect hourglass body, golden blonde hair which she had now dyed a shade of pink from the ends as part of a dare and it still hadn’t faded, and to make her seem even more heavenly, her eyes were a shade of sea-green, I guess you could say she was the prettier best friend but I never minded that. Drinking and staying up almost every night did give her bags under her eyes but despite that she managed to get every boy’s attention. She kinda reminded me of Dylan in that sense, they both loved partying and living in the moment and it drove me crazy but even with all that I loved those two more than anything and I think at the end of the day that was all that ever mattered.

“So this is my ticket out” Dylan commented.

“Nooo she’s gonna bore me with her finals talk” Lexi complained practically falling off her feet.

“You mean get you sober so you don’t fail the exam that’s gonna determine whether you pass or fail the semester,” I said

“S ... see what I m..ean” she babbled and in an instant crashed on my bed.

“I admire your patience with her” Dylan said laughing.

“Hey, I use to handle you right?” I said covering her with a blanket.

“I wasn’t that bad” He defended his actions.

“No you were worse” I condemned and he rolled his eyes, put his last burnt cig in the ashtray by his bedside, and said,

“There’s really no arguing with you.”

I grinned and just said “Goodnight Dylan”

“Good luck for tomorrow bud,” he replied, cutting the call.

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