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Eve Winters (AKA River) has defeated all odds by escaping a brutally abusive ex-fiancé, surviving a deadly accident that caused her miscarriage, sorting out a very complicated and terrifying family blood line and finding true love. Luckily, her story was just beginning. From Malibu rich girl to mafia princess, Eve will have to face a new kind of demon to save the ones she loves. Please note this story has sex, and violence. It’s not for everyone.

Romance / Erotica
Shelly Gray
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Chapter 1: Back home

“Do it for me” by Rosenfeld plays in the background, as the sound of his zipper echoes through the small room. His pants hit the floor with a thud causing my body to jerk. My eyes are blinded by silk, my arms and legs bound to the bed. I am powerless against him. A slight chill shoots through me as I feel his eyes devour my naked body sprawled out for his taking. The mattress dips as he lowers himself between my legs. My every muscle twitches as his breath blows hot on my inner thigh. Desperate to close my legs, I pull hopelessly at my restraints. His chuckle rumbles off my skin as his phantom touch sends a fluttering wave of pleasure through my aching clitoris. His tongue teases with feathery light flicks against my hardened nub. I raise my hips just slightly in a silent plead for him to do more. My dark-haired, blue-eyed assassin Adonis.

Eve: Luke, please.

I whisper another failed attempt. He chuckles again tracing my sex ever so lightly with his tongue. I tremble with need. Desperate to have him inside I raise my hips again. The bed suddenly bounces up and I am left feeling empty and cold. I can feel his height towering over the bed while moving around it. The sound of a drawer slides open and closed. The bed dips slightly to my side as something cold brushes over my ribs, up between my breasts. A slight pinch of pain and pleasure surges through my core as metal clasps clamp down on my hard nipples. The connecting chain drops as he slides his hand up my throat to my chin running the pad of his thumb across my bottom lip before dipping it inside. I nip and suck as his fingers lax across my jawline.

Luke: Aw Fuck.

I can feel his body heat rise as he begins to slowly lose control and just as quickly he puts himself between my legs pushing his massive cock through my center. He runs his thumb along my jaw lightly gripping the side of my neck claiming my lips before both hands drop to the sides of my head as he pounds into me. Giving into the desire, he fucks me long and hard without mercy until I’m screaming his name tightening my walls around him. He yanks off the blind fold staring into my eyes with his dark hooded, lust filled glare, thrusting deeper until his own orgasm brings him crashing down around me with his head resting on mine.

Luke: I’m supposed to be the dom! My sexy little vixen.

I giggle knowing my effect on him. He peels back with a raised brow.

Luke: Does that amuse you.

He gives a knowing smirk and my smile drops realizing I’m still tied.

Eve: No!

He attacks my ribs as I burst out with laughter helpless to stop him.

Eve: Please. No.

Luke: Do you submit to me!

Eve: Yes.

Luke: Say it

Eve: I submit, I submit.

His lips capture mine again as he runs a hand along my arm releasing one strap. My fingers immediately find their way through his messy fauxhawk and around the back of his neck as I deepen the kiss. His cock begins to swell again while still inside.

Late Into the night as the moon dances off the ocean finding its way through the small window of our cabin in our yacht, and the small waves slap against the sides, I find myself reflecting back on everything my father had told us about the Sabines and the Monebellas.

(Two weeks ago)

Richard: Maria Monebella, your grandmother, she told me that her family had been in a feud with another since the beginning of time when a marriage between them ended in tragedy. No one knows what happened. Both the groom, a Sabine, and the bride, a Monebella, were killed on their wedding night. Neither side ever confessed and so the Sabines had sworn for vengeance on all Monebellas.

Richard: Carlo Sabine is suspicious about you.

Owen: And why would he be!

Owen interrupts slamming a hand on my dad’s chest gripping his shirt so tight you could hear the material tearing. My dad’s eyes widen with fear as he looked to me for help.

Eve: Answer him.

Richard: Dante came by the other day looking for you. Mumbling something about not knowing who you were and it was all his fault.

If it’s true that Dante was trying to warn me then he may be on our side and could possibly be a great ally. It helps knowing he’s madly in love with my friend Svetlana. Though caution will need to be taken if he falls in line with his grandfather’s personal vendetta to end the last Monebella.

After two weeks of sailing along the cost in our new yacht “Vixen”, healing from the after math of my abusive ex Ian’s wrath and the wounds he inflicted on us both, it was time to start plotting Carlo and Saul Sabines end. I was anxious to begin this journey with Luke, I knew he was taking every chance he could when he thought I wasn’t paying attention to start gathering data on the Sabines. But first we needed to head back to Montana for Erika’s going away party and of course check on my boys. Luke’s arms tighten around me as he pulls me into his chest kissing the top of my head.

Luke: What’s going on inside that beautiful mind of yours.

Eve: What isn’t.

I giggle as his two-week-old unshaven face scruff tickles my ear. I roll over facing him running my hands along his perfect pecs, swirling my fingers along the dragon’s tail.

Luke: Hey.

He lifts my chin.

Luke: You worried about something.

Eve: Not worried just? I don’t know, irritated maybe. These last two weeks have been amazing and necessary. I am so grateful for you Luke. But I thought after Ian and my father we would be free to live our lives, now all I can think about is how we can end this stupid vendetta the asshole Carlo has against my estrange family. I don’t get it. I mean after all these years why would they come after me.

Luke: Your dad did mention Dante accidentally gave you up, though, being that he is a Sabine we can’t fully trust him. I’ll handle this asshole and we’ll be free to live our lives before you know it, but we shouldn’t stay in Montana long, I don’t know yet if your life there has been compromised.

I nod with understanding and lay my head to rest on his chest. By sunrise we head for the airport and fly into Montana. In any other circumstance Rodney would be our visit stop, but we’re already a couple days over Luke’s suture removal from his bullet wound, so I make him stop at Jacks’ first.

Luke: I don’t know why you don’t just let me take them out myself.

He whispers in my ear as we walk into Jacks’ clinic.

Eve: I need to get mine out as well and I need to see Jacks for a refill of my pills.

Jody: Well shit! Look at what the cat dragged in. Look at you all glowing and the hair. Love the platinum look on you. No more broody underworld!

I embrace her hug with a laugh.

Eve: I happen to like broody!

She raised a brow and turns her eyes to Luke giving him a once over.

Jody: And you must be the one to blame for her beautiful glow.

Eve: Jody this Owen. Owen, Jacks’ wife Jody.

Luke: Pleasure to meet you ma’am.

He holds out a hand. She looked at it like it was on fire before laughing and taking him into a hug.

Jody: Bring it in sugar.

After some small talk Jacks walks out of an exam room with his nose in a chart.

Jacks: Jody, go ahead and provide a 6-month supply of birth control for Erika and can you make a call to Dr. Pratt see if his clinic takes her insurance, I believe he’s fairly close to the college.

Jody: Alright.

He starts to say something else when Erika comes bouncing out thanking Jacks before squealing in excitement when she looks up to see me standing there.

Erika: River, your back!

She runs giving me a hug. Jacks looks up with a big grin before handing off the chart to Jody.

Eve: I wouldn’t miss you’re going away party for anything.

Erika: So, I’ll see you guys tonight then?

Eve: Of course.

Jacks clears his throat and gestures to his office.

Eve: We’ll see you there tonight.

I smile and wave to Erika as Luke leads me down the hall. Once behind closed doors Jacks takes me into a bear hug before shaking hands with Luke. Then squints.

Jacks: So, do we still call you Owen and River?

Owen: It would be safer.

Jacks: Does that mean things didn’t go very well with your dad?

Eve: If finding out that you’re a last living relative of a mafia family that was wiped out by another mafia family who may have just discovered that you’re alive and will come after you to full fill an ancient vendetta than sure, things went well with dear old dad.

I laugh as Jacks’ facial expression dropped to a dumbfounded look.

Jacks: Ok you’ll have to rewind and start over again?

He points to the couch for Luke to lie down. I tell him everything we have discovered so far as he removes Luke’s sutures.

Jacks: So, your life here in Montana has been compromised?

Eve: We don’t know. According to my dad it was a friend of mine who came to him to warn me.

Jacks: Who’s the friend?

Eve: Someone who took a liking to me a while back till I introduced him to my friend and hair stylist. I feel we can trust him, even though he happens to be a grandson of the old mob boss asshole himself.

Jacks sighs as he pats the couch for me to sit and Luke stands to put his shirt back on. I carefully shift my clothes and lie down exposing only the part of my breast Luke sutured.

Jacks: You did a good job suturing this, Owen.

Luke grunts not being very pleased with the fact that Jacks just saw half my tit. I rolled my eyes and wanted to say something but held my tongue. Jacks cleans up and writes a refill Prescription for my birth control.

Jacks: You know we’ll do anything for you kid. You guys tell us what you need, and we’ll be there.

Eve: As much as I appreciate that Jacks, I can’t ask you guys to be a part of this. Owens dealt with the likes of these guys before.

Jacks: Right, well still, what did Rodney have to say about it.

Eve: I haven’t talked to him yet.

Jacks: Don’t tell him just yet. Go enjoy tonight and we’ll have a family meeting tomorrow.

My heart palpated for a second as I stare down Jacks who I sense is hiding something.

Eve: Jacks!

He kisses my cheek and shoos us out of the office.

Jacks: Enjoy tonight. I’ll see you in the morning.

Left confused, Luke places his hand on my lower back walking me to the truck.

Luke: You want to head home first.

I shook my head.

Eve: Rodney’s!
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