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I'm new in the city. No one knows where I'm from or what I like. Trying to be my best self ends me up a deaths doorsteps, again. I was saved. Now I owe a favor. Which lands me in a deep whirl pool of shifters, witches and the mafia. Only God knows where it goes from here.

Romance / Action
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The beginning

"Are you listening, Alexandria? " my teacher asked. "Huh? Me? Yes, of course I am" I lied, snapping out of my lustfilled daydream.
"Then what did I just say?" He asked. " you asked if I was listening" I said matter-of- factly. "Before that, Alexandria" he said my name like a curse.

I didn't know. If course I didn't know. I wasn't paying attention to his dumbass, I was daydreaming about busty maidens and the occasional mermaid. There was a long silence. I had to say something even if it wasn't right. "I believe you said-
"we're working with partners for the rest of the semester," The rich boy behind me chimed in.

"-That we are working with partners for the rest of the semester ", I said with a smug smile on my face. Mr. Loan turned away annoyed with my existence as the facts started to hit.

Working with a partner? For the rest of the semester? This is trade school not high school!

Plus I'm introverted. And I hate people. And I do t really know anyone here.

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