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Chapter 2

Zyair became a single father of two overnight. He had to raise his beautiful baby boys all on his own. It wasn't going to be an easy task but he made it work, not only because he didn't have a choice but because he was experiencing fatherhood for the first time.

Raising children is hard work all on it's own but doing it alone, might get overwhelming at some point. Now imagine doing everything twice as much.

He had to make a total life style change in order to raise his children properly. The first few days of being home with the twins was a total night mare because he had a hard time being able to do the little things like measure their milk properly, changing their diapers and feeding them individually while the other one needed his attention and the other one cries. They didn't sleep for long periods of time, so he had to wake up in the middle of the night and keep Brayden from waking Jaylen with his cries or Visa Versa.

Before he knew it, weeks passed by like a blur and his boys were growing gracefully.

He started to have a normal routine for them. Being a stay at home dad helped him with that.

He was able to get by with the insurance policy money he got from his wife's passing, even though some of it had to pay for his wife's hospital bill.

That wasn't so bad though because they had enough money to get by.

A year later his boys were showing how enthusiastic they were to start exploring their growth development.

They started belly crawling, sitting without leaning on anything, eating with their fingers, clumsily helping their dad dress them and using the word "no" to command their needs. Mostly they threw temper tantrums.

All of this fascinated Zyair. To see how much his children were growing and doing all these things brought him joy. How he wished his wife was here to witness all this was an understatement. She would've loved to see her children's first crawls, first steps, first words and first everything.

On the second year things seemed to get very interesting. His sons did a little more than they did in the previous year. They started walking by themselves, they climbed onto and down from furniture unassisted. They could stand on their tiptoes. They also started kicking a ball. Zyair loved this because he could play soccer with them. They were also always happy to be outdoors with their father, playing this thrilling sport. Seeing all these changes made him adore his children even more.

On the third year Brayden started to get sickly. He went in and out of the hospital for three months straight and the doctors didn't know what was wrong with him. They ran every test possible but no one knew what it was until the illness suddenly stopped making the boy sick on it's own and he got better. His father was grateful that his little one was all good now. Little did he know that it would cause problems in the future.

Raising Brayden and Jaylen wasn't an easy task but it was worth it. Seeing how they both grew loving different things even if they were twins was fascinating. Their father groomed and nurtured everything they loved.

The boys were outspoken and always had their own opinions on things when they reached four years of age. Their dad enrolled them into kindergarten. That's when he started to look for work. But because he was a stay at home dad for so long, no law firm hired him because of lack of experience.

He didn't just sit and feel sorry for himself though, he went out and looked for random part time jobs. His savings were slowly depleting but at least he managed to pay six month's upfront for his twins.

Things were starting to get real now. He sold his sons small clothes and toys that they don't play with anymore. He had to save every penny he gets to put them through school. He was living for his sons now, so he didn't have time for anything else.

All his part time jobs were exhausting. He had been working so much that he just felt tired. He needed slow down and just pace slowly. So one day he decided to go to a bar and have just one beer and relax. His twins were still at school. He needed some time to himself, he hasn't had one of these lazy days in years. So just an hour to himself wouldn't harm anyone.

He went to the bar and sat by himself at the back booth, far from everyone while nursing his beer. Luckily it wasn't packed and everyone was minding their own business.

He realized that he hadn't been in an atmosphere like this one in years, not even with his late wife. They were always busy with work or spending time alone at home. The only time they went out was when they went to the movies or a date or two at a fancy restaurant when he wasn't at school or studying or when she was off duty. It wasn't a boring life, it was just their choice of living and squeezing time for entertainment was key.

He was thinking a lot about his current situation though. The boys weren't babies anymore. They needed more clothes, they were eating more solid foods now and he had to be careful not to buy food that the boys were allergic to. Their allergic reactions started when they were three and now they got worse when they got older, that meant he had to be extra careful.

Once he finished his first beer, he was going to leave but one beer turned into two and he found himself drowning in his thoughts.

An unfamiliar woman took a seat next to him and he looked up at her, wondering who she was. In a flirtatious manner, she asked, "Penny for your thoughts?"

She batted her eyes at him, with her average lashes that caught his eye. She was a beautiful woman with a beautiful body and boobs that looked like they'll almost poop out of her lower cut shirt. As a man it was difficult to ignore a pair of enticing melons, so he took a glance or two....maybe three.
He hasn't encountered this kind of fleeting moment ever since he lost his significant other. He felt a bit uncomfortable though, so he shifted a little from her. "You look lonely, mind if I keep you company?" She added raising her brow.

He coughed. "I'm okay thanks." He quickly replied then drank his beer trying to ignore the nice melons in front of him. She pushed them up purposely so he can have a nice view as she continued batting her eyes at him. This move seemed like a practiced one.

"Men with respect turn me on. You have no idea how turned on I am, just by your response." She replied seductively, playing with her tongue ring.

Those words made Zyair almost spit out his beer but he just coughed and settled down. He wrecked his mind on how to escape the claws of the woman next to her. She placed her arm under his and he just froze. He couldn't remember when last did he have any human contact with a woman in four whole years. So having a woman in his presence, flirting with him like this came as a bit of a shock.

Zyair is an attractive man but he has never been one to obsess over how handsome or charming he is. Yes, women admired and drooled over him from afar because he was a married man, he was off limits, but now he was single but not so available since he was still reserved and not looking to date anytime soon.

He hadn't even thought about going into the dating scenery again, that's why he was so uncomfortable. Another thing that worried him was that if he starts dating someone else would it mean that he's tarnishing his late wife's memories? Would he forget her and concentrate on another woman? Was it even right to think about dating another woman?

The lady next to him wouldn't move an inch, but an angel appeared from nowhere and saved him from this uncomfortable position.
"Hi honey, I'm so sorry I'm late for our date. Work just held me up, there was a lot to wrap up but I'm here now." The woman said in her sweet voice.

Zyair turned to the woman that came and sat next to him on the other side. His breath slowed down a notch and he blinked once, as if he didn't want to lose sight of the angel next to him. Her green eyes were outstanding. Her red lips complimented the natural look she went for, unlike the heavily make up that was plastered on the previous woman's face. Can someone be so radiant and elegant at the same time?

Zyair had no idea what was happening right now but one thing for sure is that he just came across the most breathtaking human being he has ever laid eyes on. When she flashed her smile at him she literally took his breath away. Her smile would actually heal a bleeding heart. That's how perfect her smile was.

Zyair has come across a lot of beautiful women in his existence but no one has matched this beguiling human being.

Her aim was to get Zyair out of that uncomfortable position and she succeeded because the other girl left since she didn't get his attention anymore.

The mysterious woman had just wrapped up her business dealings. She stayed behind to have a beer or two, to unwind a bit, when she saw how Zyair was uncomfortable being next to the lady who was flirting with him.

She analysed the situation first.

At first she wanted to mind her own business but she couldn't. It wasn't in her nature to just sit back and not try to help. She was just hoping that Zyair would go along with her plan.

When she stood up from her chair at the front of the bar, every men in the bar drooled over her. She slowly walked to the back booth while she drank down her beer and placed the empty bottle on another table. That's how she ended up helping the lonely man sitting at the back booth.

"She left, you're welcome." She said to him and he felt his mouth become dry. "For someone who just came out of an uncomfortable encounter you sure are ungrateful." She said teasingly, with a sly smile and a discreet chuckle. She also looked at his perfectly sculptured face. She only noticed how attractive he was close up. She wondered how an attractive man like him seemed to be intimidated by a woman. Men like him devour any woman they come across but not this one.

He tried to find words to form but they came to no avail. "Uhm... ah.. " He choked on his words.

"I'm kidding, you don't have to be so nervous and no need to thank me. Next time look a little less lonely. Maybe the vultures will stay away." She said and her words came out so velvety. She was radiant even when she spoke.

What the hell was happening right now? Zyair has never felt this way before, not even with his late wife. He felt an immediate attraction to her. Something about her drew him in like a magnetic force.

He felt the spot she was sitting in getting cold when she shifted. The spot felt completely empty when she got up, leaving. He got up to stop her from leaving so he can thank her properly but he lost her in the crowd.

She left quickly because she knew he would follow her. His innocence made her feel a little remorse for him. Her life was chaotic so she didn't want to introduce him or any other innocent person to her dangerous life.
He walked outside to find her but she vanished. He never saw her again. The next few days he couldn't get her out of his head. He was constantly thinking about her. Where did the green eyed Angel go? He even went to the bar often to see if she won't show up but she never did.

Weeks passed and he slowly started to forget her. There was no point in thinking about her anymore. It's not like they had a thing.

He moved on with his life as usual. Trying to make ends meet and taking care of his children.

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