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Chapter 4

In the middle of the night the mysterious woman seemed to be restless. She tossed and turned throughout the night until she got up and walked to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. She drank it down feeling relieved and hydrated.

On her way back to bed, she glanced at Zyair, sleeping on the couch. She then walked to the couch and looked at him sleeping peacefully.

"Zyair... hey... wake up." She gently stroked his hair and he opened his gorgeous Gray eyes.

With a sleepy grunt, he slowly sat up and saw her near him. "Hmm... what's... what's going on? Everything okay?" He asked her.

"I can't sleep, mind keeping me company?" She asked politely.

"Not at all... do you want to watch something maybe?" He asked rubbing his slightly strained neck.

Biting her bottom lip, she replied,"I want to do something exhausting." She flirtatiously said to him.

"Uhm, what could that be at this time of the night?" He asked cluelessly.

That sounded like an odd request to him.

She crawled towards him and kneeled next to him on the couch. "Something very, very exhausting." She whispered gently biting on his earlobe and he got the hint.

"My kids are right next door. I don't think this is appropriate to do while they're in our presence."

"Don't worry, I'll be very...very discreet." She stated out planting fleeting kisses on his neck and he slightly gasped when he felt her lips on his skin.

"Please, we can't do this right now." He begged but his actions said otherwise.

"Then stop me Zyair... stop me or punish me for being a naughty girl." She chuckled and for some reason he didn't stop her. He secretly liked it.

He wanted this just as much as she did. She easily climbed on his lap, trapping him between her smooth legs. Taking his hands, he placed them around her tiny waist.

She ducked down attempting to devour him that's when Zyair woke up from his R- rated dream.

He quickly sat up, with his hands covering his face, he rubbed his eyes many times.

He couldn't believe that he just dreamt of the mysterious woman in his house, in that manner.

That dream of all dreams? What the heck? He needed his head checked.
He quickly got up from the couch covered in sweat and very aroused. He went to take a cold shower in the twins bathroom to calm himself down. It worked for some reason. He wore his pants again after he was done.

He walked to the kitchen to get himself a glass of water. He poured one for himself and drank it down, taking another deep breath then exhaled to calm himself down because even if he was calm, he couldn't stop thinking about that dream.

"What the hell is wrong with you Zyair? You just met this woman. Well, not like a few seconds ago but you barely know her. You don't even know her name and you're already dreaming about her? Seriously?" He scolded himself outloud placing his empty glass in the sink. He was a little annoyed at himself because he even ruined his sleep.

"My name is Hadleigh." Zyair heard her voice and quickly turned to her. She was standing at the door leaning against the door frame. He was flat out embarrassed that she heard him speak about her. Why did he have to talk to himself outloud? "I can't have you dream about me while you don't know my name." She teased him and he squirmed. His priceless reactions made her start teasing him more. She enjoyed making him squirm. She has never met anyone like Zyair. He was.. innocent yet attractive and funny. All the men she met throughout her life were just plain arrogant and inconsiderate but not the man in front of her. He was affectionate even without touching her, with just his words and actions. "You should atleast scream it out in your dreams. It's Hadleigh. Sexy too right?" She continued and he looked down in total embarrassment. "You really are one of a kind Zyair." She said with a small chuckle stepping inside the kitchen.

"Am I?" He asked shakingly.

"You are.. You make me want to explore your inner thoughts. Those gorgeous gray eyes have a lot going on behind them and I want to know every secret behind them. You have no idea how much I want to know what you're thinking at this very moment. You really entice me. Being around you is.. exciting Zyair. Ohh.. and saying your name makes me want to throw myself at you and let you have your way with me, but I realised that you're a very reserved man. So I won't do that at this very moment but don't think that next time I won't try..." She boldly said. He wasn't surprised by her honesty anymore because she always says what's on her mind. Her words just shocked him a little.

"Hadleigh... it's good to finally put a name to a face." He said ignoring everything she just said or atleast he tried. Her words turned him on a little because he was sweating a little. For Pete's sake he just showered to calm himself.

"Great. So do you always have dreams about women you bring to your house?" She asked sitting on one of the chairs.

He gulped. "I never bring women to my house. The only woman who has ever been here was my late wife."

"So, I'm the first woman to be brought to your house since your wife died? Now I feel extra special." She said. "So tell me Zyair... how many women have you hooked up with since your wife died?" She continued with her questions.

He cleared his throat then answered. "I haven't had time for a relationship... I was busy raising my kids."

"I understand the kids part, but I'm not talking about a relationship, I'm asking if you've hooked up with anyone, you know.. a one night stand or just occasional sex?" She explained in detail.

"That's not really my thing. Sex is not a toy that you can just play around with then toss away, it's a bond between a man and a woman." He made his view on this topic known.

"A noble man too... how interesting. I applaud you. Not many men have reservations like yours. Some would've seen losing their wives as a chance of mischief, a chance of freedom, to do whatever and whomever they wanted."

"Well I think it's pretty late. We should get back to sleep. I have an early shift in the morning and I also have to take the boys to school."

"Right... Well goodnight, dream about me." She winked at him and left the kitchen.

He released a deep sigh, placing his hand on his heart. He finally walked out of the kitchen and went back to the couch and wore his blanket. After 30 minutes of tossing and turning he finally fell asleep. He slept throughout the night without any interruptions or absurd dreams.

He actually slept so peacefully that he woke up like other normal people, instead of an hour early to get dressed and prepare stuff for his kids. When he woke up in the morning he looked at the time on his phone and panicked, thinking "how can he wake up so late"

When he jumped off the couch he saw Brayden and Jaylen coming out of their room followed by Hadleigh. They were all dressed up and ready for the day.

They jogged towards their father and he kneeled to their level. "Morning daddy." They greeted him and showered him with tiny warm hugs.

"Hi, my little minions. I can't believe you're all dressed and ready for school." He sleepily stated, checking them out.

"You were sleeping so peacefully and they were awake, so I thought why not help them get ready for school instead of waking you up." Hadleigh sweetly said.

"Thanks. I usually have my alarm on but for some reason it didn't go off today." He complained looking at his phone.

"That's all on me. I switched it off after you went back to sleep. I figured you needed some extra sleep since you mentioned to have an early shift. You have like an extra hour to take a shower and get dressed." She explained. This sweet gesture of hers got him all smitten..

Lastnight after Zyair went to sleep, she passed by the living room, heading to the bathroom. When she came out of the bathroom she pulled up his blanket and picked up his phone and switched off his alarm.

"Daddy, your friend said she's taking us out for breakfast before school because you let her stay at our house to spend time with us." Brayden said.

He looked at her. "Did she now?" He asked surprised.

"She did... I think she's great daddy." Jaylen added. "Now go and get dressed before we're late." He said.

"Okay..okay.. you guys are so aggressive in the mornings." He said sounding defeated and she chuckled.

While they waited for him to get ready, they showed their dads friend some of their cool toys. "How come you've never told us your name?" Jaylen asked her.

"Well that's because you never asked." She replied with a grin on her face.

"Well we're asking now. What is your name Ms?" Brayden asked.

"Hadleigh." She replied shortly.

"You have a beautiful name Ms Hadleigh." Jaylen smiled at her.

"Thank you." She smiled back at them.
Zyair finally walked out of his bedroom all bathed and dressed. He looked sharp in his uniform.

"So, is everyone ready to leave?" He asked making sure.

"Before we leave can we talk privately?" She said to him.

"Sure, let's step into my bedroom." He suggested. "I'm quickly going to talk to Ms Hadleigh, you guys behave yourselves." He said to the boys but immediately after they walked to the bedroom they started playing with their toys pretending to the autobots from transformers.

"I don't mean to overstep, but I noticed that the boys have one backpack each that's new and the ones they're using today are worn out because the new ones are still wet from the rain. Do you mind if I buy them other backpacks?" She politely asked for his permission.

"Hadleigh I can't expect that from you." He didn't want to take advantage or anything like that.

"I want to. I really want to. It'll be a gift from me to them." She said.

"Uhmm.. okay..ah.. I guess you can if you really want to." He replied and she smiled with a satisfied look on her face.

"By the way that uniform doesn't do me any mercy. You have no idea how hot you are in it." She teased, gently biting her lower lip.

He blinked once because her words caught him off guard. "Hadleigh, why are you flirting with me so much? Didn't we agree to be friends?" He asked trying to get to the bottom of this.

"Flirtation leads to successful seducing. If I keep flirting with you it makes me more irresistible to you. So the next time I try to seduce you then it won't take much effort. " She said, placing her hands on his firm chest then ran them up to his collar fixing it.

He couldn't believe his ears. This woman right here wanted to get into his pants. There was no way he heard that right. Having her arms around him made the distance between them even impenetrable. She knew how to make a statement and how to get a man worked up.

She send chills up his spine when she leaned in and whispered in his ear, "Keep resisting and I'll keep coming on strong." She said to him then left him in the bedroom.

He just watched her walk away, swaying her hips. He shook his head and loosened his first button because it suddenly felt hot in the house.

He got himself together and they finally left the house. "Goodmorning Mr Torsney." Mrs Graham, the neighbor, greeted him.

"Goodmorning Mrs Graham. How are you this morning?" He asked her. "Say hi to Mrs Graham boys." He said to his sons.

"Morning Mrs Graham." They both said.

"Morning to you too boys... I see you have a lovely looking lady with you this morning." She said looking at Hadleigh.

"She's a friend of mine. Hadleigh this is my neighbor Mrs Graham, lovely old lady." He introduced her.

"It's good meeting you Mrs Graham. You really have a lovely home." Hadleigh complimented her, looking at her beautiful garden.

"Thank you young lady. I'm so glad that Zyair has such a respectable and beautiful friend like you. Between me and you I'm glad he has a lady friend. He has been single for years." She said.

She always has been nosy and Zyair knows that he will never hear the end of Hadleigh from Mrs Graham's mouth.

"Okay I think that's our cue to leave." He replied pushing everyone to get inside the car. Hadleigh and the twins waved goodbye to the lovely, yet nosy neighbor and got inside the car. After that they made sure that the twins seatbelts were fastened.

"She seems sweet." Hadleigh stated out. "I like her." She added looking at him and he just ignored her because she knew why she suddenly "liked her" just because she hinted that Zyair needed a lady friend in his life.

She drove them to town and bought new matching backpacks for them and new lunchboxes, then she drove the family to McDonald's. Brayden and Jaylen chose what they wanted to eat and drink. Then Hadleigh ordered side dishes for them for their lunchboxes. She and Zyair ordered what they wanted to eat too.

"Daddy can we go and and play on the rides?" Brayden asked.

"Yeah sure, but please play where I can see you, alright?" He said to them and they rushed off without giving it another thought.

"Thanks for everything you're doing for my children." He thanked her.

"It's no problem really. I love kids even though I never had children of my own." She said looking at the twins playing.

"Is there any specific reason that made you not to have children of your own?" He asked.

"An idea of having a family in my world is not ideal." She shortly explained.

That's when Zyair realised that he didn't know much about this woman. He doesn't even know where she lives, where she works, nothing. Just her beautiful name.

He raised a brow in askance. "Your world?"

"Trust me, you're not ready to hear about that part of my life. The less you know the better." She said to him and he suddenly had this uneasy feeling in his chest.

"How are we supposed to be friends if I know nothing about you?" He asked curiously and their food arrived.

"Revealing myself to you means losing your friendship. If you knew anything about my life you wouldn't be sitting here eating breakfast with me." She truthfully said. "I haven't felt this sane in years Zyair, but sitting here with you makes me feel human again." She said to him.

"Hadleigh... you can trust me. I don't think there's anything you can say to me that can scare me away now. I invited you to my house even when I didn't even know your name remember?" He stated out making her chuckle.

"I know but please let's just have breakfast for now." She said to him.

He placed his hand ontop of hers. "I know we barely know each other but I need you to know that you can talk to me about anything. I haven't had anyone to confide in, in years and for the first time lastnight I opened up to you about my past. I don't think I would've done that if it was with any other woman." He said truthfully. "So don't keep to yourself too much, talk to me if anything bothers you, okay?" He added.

"I'll try." She said feeling the sincerity in his voice. He slowly pulled back his hand.

"Good. I'm going to call the boys to come and eat." He said getting up, walking to the kids rides to call the twins to come and have breakfast.

Hadleigh sat there by herself thinking about Zyair's words. What he said actually made her want to tell him everything about herself but she knew that nothing good would come from it. The less he knows the better. For some reason she had nothing to worry about when she's with Zyair. His presence is good for her sanity and her presence is good for his family.

Zyair came back with the twins and everyone tucked in while Hadleigh packed their side dishes in their lunchboxes and placed them in their new backpacks. Zyair liked how much she cared for the twins. The twins were warming up to her too, which was a relief.

After everyone ate their meal they left the restaurant and went to drop off the twins at school. After dropping them off she took Zyair to work.

"What time are you getting off work?" She asked him while they were still on route.

"Around 2. My boss will be flying out of the country so I won't need to drive him around." He replied.

"Do you want to do something with me later?" She asked.

"Something?" He asked.

"I want to show you what I do in my spare time. Like my hobbies. You did say you wanted to know more about me so why not start with my hobbies, right?" She said to him.

"Right... I'd like that." He said to her and they arrived just in time for work.

"Okay... guess I'll see you later cowboy." She playfully said, leaning over and unlocked his seatbelt. Her face was inches away from his. "Don't work too hard, I'm going to need that energy for later...." She almost whispered.

He could feel her fleeting breath on the side of his neck. He should've known that she wouldn't stop being flirtatious towards him. He regretted agreeing to go out with her later. She was unpredictable, who knows what tactics was she going to use on him later on.

He quickly got out of the car and waved goodbye at her while he was outside. She amusingly waved back at him and drove off.

Zyair went about his work, driving his boss wherever he was going. His boss went out of meeting after meeting. He seemed a little tense today, things didn't seem to be going well for him but he still kept his composure.

"Who is she?" His boss asked.

"Huh?" He cluelessly asked.

"A man only smiles that much when there's a woman in his life. You've been cheerful all morning Mr Torsney. So who is she?" He asked curiously.

"Ohh I don't want to bore you with the details sir." He replied.

"Nonsense... I think hearing about something positive would actually lift my spirits up. So tell me about this woman that has you smiling so much." His boss said.

"Ohh right... well, we just realised that we met a year ago. It's actually a funny story. We met in a bar. She was actually saving me from an awkward position. I met her again in a thrift shop a year later, can you believe it? And then somehow I let her spent the night at my house with my twins. I mean we didn't do anything but being in her presence makes me feel whole again." He explained.

"Does she know that you like her so much?" He asked.

"Like her? I don't think I'm there yet. I barely know her." He said looking at his boss in the rearview mirror.

"You millenials like complicating love huh? You meet a nice girl but you don't like her, yet you want to be in her presence." He said to Zyair.

"Sir, what would you do if you had two kids and lost your wife?"

"I have no idea what I'd do, but I'm sure I'd do anything for my children." He truthfully stated out.

"That's exactly how I feel. My children don't know their mothers love or touch. I've been both parents to them since they were infants. I do not know how to let anyone else in their lives. I don't want them to end up getting hurt in the process." His boss nodded while he explained.

"How old are your children?"

"They're 5 years old."

"Well I guess you have a point. They're still at an age where they get attached to certain people. Protecting our children always has to come first." His boss said thinking about his child too.

"Yeah... I just want to protect my children."

"I know you do but then again I feel like you're shielding yourself too. It feels like you're afraid to get attached to this woman."

"A part of me feels like I'm betraying my late wife by bringing another woman into my life even though we're just friends."

"I want you to ask yourself this... Would your wife want you to be unhappy? Would she really expect you to be a single father forever? Or would she want you to take a chance at love? If she genuinely did love you then I think you know the answer to those questions."

They arrived at his destination and he quickly got out and went to open the door for him.

"Think about what I said, okay?" He said to Zyair once he got out of the car.

"I will sir. Thank you for your advise." Zyair slightly smiled gratefully.

"We men have to stick together, right?" He said and Zyair nodded. "Anyway don't come pick me up. My flight was moved up so I have to leave earlier than expected. I have transportation taking me to the airport. I'll see you in a few days. My PA will contact you and don't worry about the payment, you still get paid for the days that I won't be here. Here you go." He said giving him an envelope.

"Thank you so much sir, you have no idea how much this will help me and my kids. Thank you." He gratefully hanged onto his envelope.

His boss walked away and he went back inside the car and drove off. He went to park the car for the day and returned the key.

He walked straight to the bank to deposit his money but he wasn't aware that he was being followed, before he could reach the second turn that leads to the bank, two guys attacked him from behind, demanding that he gives them his belongings while beating him up.

"Please...just.... just take everything." He said taking out his cellphone and the envelope of money that his boss just gave to him.

One of them took out a knife. "Is this everything? You've given us everything?" One of the muggers asked, threatening him with the knife to his neck.

"Please don't kill me, I have two kids that need me. I gave you everything that I have. You can take my wallet too." He begged them, taking out his wallet in his pocket and gave it to the one holding the knife.

Zyair valued his life more than any valuables or money. Other than that, who will take care of his kids when he's gone. He needed to make sure that he stays alive for them.

"Get out of here." They said to him kicking him and he stood up limping, holding the side of his ribs that felt broken. He tried to walk faster but he failed, he still tried though, while coughing out blood.

"Where do you think you're going?" Zyair looked up and saw Hadleigh folding her arms against her chest.

"Hadleigh? What-what are you doing here? Please let's get out of here, these guys aren't playing around." He warned her.

"Is it? I like a challenge." She smiled walking towards the guys who were going through Zyair's wallet. "Hey boys, I just saw you rob my friend over there. I'm going to politely ask you to return his things back to him.

"What are you, his girlfriend?" They mocked her then laughed annoyingly.
"Ohh how sweet that you came to fight his battles.. but we're going to ask you to leave before we do something to a pretty lady like you. Something you would like...very much..." They were disgusting.

"Ohh I wish you'd try. I really do." She challenged them with a sly smile.

"Hadleigh... let's go... please..." Zyair breathlessly begged behind her.

"She asked for it." The man who was holding the knife said.

He walked towards her with disgusting intentions. He went behind her and touched her shoulder then brought his arm around her neck. She elbowed his stomach with all her might, he loosened his grip around her neck as she elbowed him again.

He groaned in pain holding his stomach. She turned to him and kicked his crotch, he slightly bend down and she kneed his face countless times. He fell on his back in pain and bleeding from his nose and head. His friend wanted to catch her by surprise by coming behind her but she grabbed his hand and twisted it and hit his elbow. You could hear his whole arm crack it's bones.

She jumped and kicked him so hard in his chest that his back and head hit the wall. He was bleeding so much on the side of his face. The other guy stood up trying to hit her with his fists but she blocked everyone of them and hit him back with every punch she had. The guy fell again. She got ontop of him and hit him until he was half conscious.

Looking at this scene was like watching a movie. Zyair didn't expect this at all. He had never seen anyone so fierce before. He wondered how was she so good at throwing punches. Where did she learn all of that?

She walked to Zyair's belongings and picked them up then walked towards him. She held him carefully while they walked to her car. She drove him to the private hospital that her family owns. "You're going to be okay, hang in there." She assured him.

"How did you find me?" He asked.

"I brought you lunch at your workplace but they told me you knocked off early. I asked them if they knew where you were and they said you were going to the bank, so I came looking for you and I saw what those guys were doing to you even after you gave them what they wanted." She explained.

"Why didn't you let it be, those guys would've seriously hurt you." He said in a concerned manner, flinching.

"Well they didn't, will you stop moving because you're hurting yourself." She scolded him.

They finally arrived at the hospital and Zyair got the best medical care. He was stitched up where necessary and he was given medication that was going to help him heal slowly but thoroughly.

"Where do I pay my bill?" He asked her.

"Don't worry about it, I had it taken care off. The doctor said I can take you home, you don't have to spend the night here." She quickly said dismissing his first question so he doesn't ask anything more.

"Hey... thank you. You saved me yet again. How can I not be in your debt?" He said holding her hand while still lying in the hospital bed.

"You really want to pay me back for saving you?" She asked.

"I do. I feel like I should do something for you to say thank you." He said.

She slowly stood up from the chair she was sitting on and hovered over him, trapping him between her arms. "Kiss me then." She whispered, inches away from his dreamy lips.

"That is not what I had in mind." He almost whispered, nervously.

"Then don't tempt me Zyair, next time I won't ask, I'll just take. So if I ever save you from an ordeal, a simple thank you will do. Are we clear?" She said flirtatiously and he just nodded swallowing hard. "Good, now let's get out of here."

They left the hospital and she took him home to rest. She volunteered to go and take the boys from school because Zyair was in no position to go on his own. He called and alerted one of their teachers that Hadleigh was coming to fetch them on his behalf. She left the house and went to fetch the twins. They noticed her and rushed towards her embracing her with hugs.

"Ms. Hadleigh, where's daddy?" Brayden asked her.

"Your father isn't feeling too well so he asked me to come and fetch you two." She tried explaining.

"Is he sick?" Jaylen asked worriedly.

"Uhm... why don't we head home so you guys can see for yourself, okay?" She said to them and they nodded looking a little sad.

She opened the door for them and made sure that their seat belts were strapped on. She drove them home and they couldn't wait to see their dad. They ran inside the house and ran to his room when they didn't find him in other rooms of the house.

"Daddy.. Ms. Hadleigh said you're not feeling well, what's wrong?" Jaylen asked sadly.

"Are you feeling sick?" Brayden asked.

"Ohh.. I'm okay, now that you two are here with me. There were two bad men that hurt daddy but Ms. Hadleigh saved me from them like superwoman." He explained.

She was standing at the door looking at him explaining to them what happened.

"Wow really? Jaylen asked getting off his dads bed. "Did she do this?" He asked making one of those superhero moves making everyone laugh.

"I think that was one them son." He said to Jaylen trying not to laugh because his ribs were still a bit sore.

Atleast the boys were not sad anymore. Everyone was cheerful.
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