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Chapter 5

The next few days Hadleigh was helping Zyair get around the house while he was recovering. She was also helping the twins get ready for school every morning and she went to fetch them later in the afternoon. She didn't mind helping the family but Zyair was worried that she was doing a lot for them. He didn't want her to think that he was taking advantage.

The more they spent time together the closer they were getting. She was sleeping on the floor of his bedroom, to be closer to him when he needed something urgent.

Besides everything, he was healing nice and slow. His ribs weren't hurting so much anymore. The medication he was given was really helping as well and she made sure that he didn't skip a day without taking any.

Mid morning, Zyair got up from his bed, walking to the living room. He saw her lying on the couch sleeping. He carefully sat down next to her, not to wake her. She was obviously tired from doing everything around the house. She fell asleep after coming back from taking the boys to school.

He looked at her and started thinking about his boss's words from their conversation the other day. He started contemplating on how he felt about her. He liked being around her. He liked how talkative she was. He liked the fact that she cared for his children. He also liked hearing her sing, when she's in the shower. He likes how she gracefully holds herself. He admires her independence, charisma and etiquette. Most of all, her beauty.

Her beauty wasn't one you get used to... everytime you saw her radiant face you admired it. She even looked beautiful in her sleep. Her head was near his lap so he stroked her beautiful red hair, gently pushing it out of her face.

After a while she softly groaned, slowly awakening from her slumber. She opened her beautiful green eyes. In her sweet, hazy state of half-awakeness, she got up rubbing her eyes and her surroundings became clear. That's when she noticed him.

"Zyair? What are you doing out of bed? You're supposed to be resting." She said once she spotted him next to her.

"I've been resting all week, my butt is sore from always lying down." He whined.

She chuckled, amused by his statement. "Now you're just being a baby."

"I'll rest later, I just wanted to get out of bed for a little bit, the couch has never felt this good." He grinned and she just scoffed.

"Okay, do you need anything?" She asked him.

"No, I'm okay thanks." He replied.

She slightly turned to him. "You sure?"

"Positive. There's actually something I wanted to ask you." He slightly frowned.

"Ask away." She replied folding her legs under herself.

"The other day when you came and saved me from those muggers, you beat them up like a professional. Where did you learn to fight like that?" He curiously asked.

"I attend boxing classes occasionally. When I first started, I attended them often, but once I became good at it, it became a hobby." She explained.

"Do you have a specific reason why you started attending the boxing classes in the first place?" He curiously asked.

"My father wanted me to be able to protect myself when he wasn't around. He is the reason why I started attending them in the first place." She answered.

He understood, but wasn't satisfied. He wanted to know more but he didn't want to make it obvious. "I see... but what could he possibly want you to protect yourself from?"

"Bad people." She shortly said.

He arched a brow in askance. "Bad people?"

She softly sighed. "I can't give you more than that." She said, then looked down, then looked back at him.

"Hadleigh, what are you hiding from me? Why can't I know anything about you? This mysterious act you're putting on just makes me more anxious. You have no idea how much I want to know about your life. What you like, what you hate? Your preferences..." he trailed off in desperation.

With a desperate whine, she grumbled. "Why is all this important to you Zyair?" She asked sheepishly.

"Because I'm starting to care a little more than I should. You're a mystery to me Hadleigh, and yet I want you near me. I also want to know the secrets behind those bold and beautiful green eyes." He replied looking and searching for answers in her eyes.

"You won't even begin to stomach the things I've done if you knew. Please trust me when I say you're better off not knowing." She said.

"Are you afraid that our friendship will change if I knew?" He asked and she nodded. "Can you atleast tell me your favourite color then?" He smiled and she chuckled.

"Black is my favorite color." She replied.

"Okay... Your favourite accessory?" He asked again.

"This necklace...right here. My grandfather gave it to me before he moved away with my grandmother." She pointed at it.

"I see. I can also see that it has some kind of sentimental value to you but I won't ask. I'll wait for you to tell me when you're ready." He assured her.

"Thank you." She replied very thankful that he was starting to understand her or at least she thought so.

"Do you have any siblings?" He asked once again.

"I'm the only child." She replied and he gave out a few nods. "Zyair, I wish I could give you more than this. If I promise to tell you some truth in the near future will you be able to wait until then?" She asked.

"I can do that." He replied in agreement.

"Great. Now let's get dressed. I'm going to show you what I like doing if I'm not kicking anybody's ass." She joked clearing the atmosphere and he chuckled.

They got dressed and went out.

She found a parking space near the park and they both got out of her car walking towards an enclosed hotdog cart.

Hadleigh smiled at the lady that was selling the hotdogs. "Lorianne!" She happily called her out.

"My green eyed queen!" She called her out, coming out of her cart and they finally embraced each other with hugs.

"For the hundredth time stop calling me that." She pretended to whine.

"Liar... you secretly like it." She said to her and they shared a brief laugh.

"Anyway, I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine. His name is Zyair." She introduced him.

"Zyair? Wow what name! And what a man too..." She said, eyeing poor Zyair like a meal to be eaten hungrily.

"I said the same thing." Hadleigh stated out chuckling.

"It's good to meet you Zyair." She gave out her hand for a handshake.

"It's nice meeting you too Lorianne." He said, shaking her hand.

"If you don't want him, can I have him?" Lorianne said to Hadleigh grinning, not letting go of his hand.

"I do want him, he just won't surrender to me..." Hadleigh looked at him, biting her lower lip and he cleared his throat, managing to escape his hand from Lorianne.

"Wait... are you telling me that he's rejecting you? The sexiest woman on this planet? Zyair you must be one reserved man if you can resist all of this..." Lorianne joked pointing at Hadleigh's body and they laughed cheerfully.

Zyair eyed them both, while they were ganging up on him he thought of a comeback. He is a reserved man but he can also be flirtatious if he wants to. He turned to Hadleigh, walking closer to her and his tall feature covered her height. She wondered what was he doing because he has never been this brave to challenge her or stand this close to her before.

"The only reason I won't surrender to you is not because I'm afraid to take a bite, I'm like a starved creature Hadleigh, five years is a very long time." He stated that little reminder that he hasn't been with anyone the past five years and when he emphasized her name, chills ran down her spine. He gently placed the palm of his hand on her neck and leaned into her ear, almost whispering. "So keep parading yourself in front of me, you'll wish we could've taken things slow." He added, leaning away from her.

He looked down at her lustfully and she looked up at him tongue tied. His words somehow got her hot and bothered. His thumb softly caressed her jawline leaving a tingling sensation on her skin.

Lorianne's mouth dropped after hearing his words. She eyed her speechless friend in an amused manner. This was the first time she saw her intimidated by a man but that's only because no man has challenged her like Zyair does...

Hadleigh knew at this moment that he wielded more power over her because she felt like a kitten in a dog world. She didn't know Zyair had it in him until this very moment. She had been flirting with him so boldly, but now the tables had turned.

She wasn't one to give up that easily though. Her revenge was coming. He has been eating out of the palm of her hands up to this point, so the game couldn't change...not so easily. Hadleigh has always been competitive, it's in her nature to always be one step ahead in everything she does.

He removed his palm from her and changed the subject. "So, will we actually eat these good looking hotdogs or were we here to meet the lovely Lorianne?"

"We are here to try out her hotdogs." She said. She shrugged off what just happened and pretended as if she wasn't bothered. Zyair noticed though but he didn't dwell on it. For once he had the upper hand.

'If you can't beat them... join them...' he thought quietly to himself but the question is how long will his glory last and how long will he keep up with her unforeseen flirtations.

He discreetly smiled, amused at her reaction.

Lorianne bought them two hotdogs. Hadleigh paid for them and the pair walked to the park benches and sat down. This was her chance at taking the power he wielded over her.

She made sure to purposely make a soft moaning sound when she took the first bite of the hotdog, catching his attention. He glanced at her and she took a long, luxurious bite, wrapping her lips around the hotdog. She let another contentedly moan escape her lips. He has never seen anything this sexy in a while. She made eating a hotdog look appetizing and sexy. He wished he was that hotdog at this very moment. It didn't take long for the tables to turn. Not when it comes to the fierce and competitive Hadleigh. She has to always be a step ahead in this men's world. Being a step ahead helps her fulfill every mission presented to her. It's in her nature.

Zyair tried to ignore her and eat his hotdog but he was too distracted to eat because she kept making those sounds, on purpose.

"Oops." She stated out, wiping the ketchup off the top of her breast. He paused midair as she tantalizingly licked the ketchup of her finger... He swallowed hard.

She turned to him with a knowing look that she had him. "Is the hotdog not good?" She asked him purposely.

"Uhm.. err.. I'm not that hungry.." He lied.

"You haven't eaten anything since earlier today... are you sure?" She amusingly asked.

"Yeah...yeah but I'll have a bite or two." He said quickly taking a bite.

Even though he hurried to take that bite, he tasted the soft and tenderness of the hotdog. There's a reason why Hadleigh liked them. They looked ordinary but they were amazing. Lorianne had a special, secret ingredient to her hotdogs.

"It's good right?" She asked him.

"It's very good. Really delicious." He
replied after swallowing.

"I know. Lorianne really knows her thing." She complemented her acquaintance.

Zyair thought this will be an opportunity to ask about the closeness she has with Lorianne. "How long have you known her?" He asked.

"Nine years. We've been acquainted since then." She answered truthfully.

"I see... Well she seems like a good person and obviously a great cook." He said lifting up the hotdog, finishing it. It was really good.

"She definitely is." She replied.

"Anyway, let's go and thank her so we can get out of here." She added.

They walked up to Lorianne and thanked her for the food before saying their goodbyes. They walked to the car, side by side and got inside. Hadleigh drove out of the parking space and drove onto the road.

"Where are we going now?" He asked.

"Some place I like. A good place to blow off some steam..." She grinned.

"I wonder what place is that..." he trailed off glancing at her while she kept her eyes on the road.

"You'll find out soon.." She said making a turn, taking them to her private shooting range.

They arrived and she parked the car in her private parking space. When they entered, people were presenting their premium badges to enter but Hadleigh didn't present hers and Zyair wondered why.

"Hadleigh, I just saw everyone present their pass, why didn't you? Are we even supposed to be here? Won't we get in trouble?" He asked in a tiny bit of panic.

"I know the owner, so relax." She lied because she didn't want to tell him that she was actually the owner. He did relax a bit after hearing that she knew the owner.

When men find out that she has money, they always start acting weird and go after her wealth. So she wasn't ready to share that side with Zyair. She wanted to enjoy his company without telling him about her wealth and risk making their friendship weird. The only thing she wasn't aware of is that Zyair doesn't care how rich or poor you are, he will always treat you with respect and dignity that you deserve.

She gathered the weapons that she was going to use at her private residence.

"People take walks, run, jog or cook to blow off steam and you shoot guns to do that? What kind of steam do you blow off?" He questioned in a curious manner with half a smile planted on his face.

"You ask too many questions. Put this on." She handed him a pair of his protective ear shooting plugs and he took them from her.

"You are really making me do this?" He asked.

"Ohh yeah I am... we're going to play a little game too." She suggested.

"A game?" He eyed her.

"If you miss, you take off a piece of garment from your body." She licked her upper lip.

"Seriously? That's your idea of a game?" His eyes went wide.

"Yeah, but for this game to be fair, I'll make your shooting ranges to be closer and I'll give you an extra chance to shoot another shot when you miss, only because this is your first time, plus, I'll let you practise first for the next thirty minutes or so." She explained.

"Well, it obviously sounds like you'll be the winner of this game, because, no matter how long I practise you'll always be more good at it than I am, because, you've been doing it longer than I have." He said and she chuckled softly. "Anyway, what does the winner get from this game of yours?" he asked.

"A piggy bank ride out of here." She grinned.

"You think you can carry me out of here?" He asked.

"There's a lot I can do to you Zyair, carrying you should be the least of your worries." She licked her upper lip again and looked at him with dreamy eyes.

"What exactly does that mean?" He asked knowingly.

"That means I'm waiting for you to take a bite. You did say if I continue parading myself in front of you, you won't hesitate to devour me, so I'm provoking the beast in you to come out and show me his true colors." She said provocatively.

"You sure you want to do that?" He asked walking towards her.

"Positive." She replied confidently.

"Ohh Hadleigh... you are really begging for it..." He brushed her cheek gently.

"You have no idea...." She replied leaning into his hand.

"I'm not going to do anything to you until you give yourself completely to me. Secrets and all. I want to know everything about the mysterious woman in my life." He said.

He started tracing his fingers to her neck, then down her perfect chest. He traced circles around her right nipple ontop of her shirt and it hardened instantly.

He leaned closer to her and gave her barely there kisses on her neck. His hand other hand moved to her bare tummy under her shirt and stopped at the hem of her shorts.

"Zyair... don't tease me... please..." She heard herself beg.

"Tell me what you want Hadleigh?" he asked gently biting her earlobe.

"You. I want all of you Zyair." she replied pulling him closer to her.

"Then this should be a fair trade, right?" he softly asked leaning away from her ear and looked into her eyes with deep affection. He went on to pinching her nipple and she let out a soft sigh.

"You promised to give me time." She breathed out those words.

"I know... I just can't help but wonder what lies beneath this shielded heart and mind of yours. Can you blame me for breaking my promise?" He removed his hands from her body and he gently cupped her neck while his thumbs rested on her jawline lovingly.

"No, I don't blame you." She replied.

"Just one thing Hadleigh..." He begged looking deep into her eyes.

She debated with herself first on whether she should give him something or not. She thought that maybe telling him one thing about herself would buy her time to contemplate on whether or not she tells him everything else about herself. So she took her chance.
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