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Chapter 7

Zyair watched her car leave the driveway. He smiled waving at her as she waved back and drove off.

He just made a connection with this woman and now she just told him that she might not come back. Her words left him feeling uneasy. He wanted to see her again and spend more time with her, but time will tell I guess.

The woman he longed to see went to her chaotic world.

Hadleigh drove to her handlers underground chamber's after the black operation company she works for reached out for her to come and see him immediately.

She quickly got out of her car and walked towards the premises.

The guard at the door searched her thoroughly for any weapon. Once he was satisfied he let her inside.

She walked through the metal detector, passing through successfully, without any hassles. No matter how trusted you were, you have to go through the same protocol as anyone else.

She walked inside the premises, taking an elevator that took her straight to the underground chamber's where her handler was waiting for her.

The elevator opened as she walked through the passage and entered the workplace.

There he was, with his operatives that were doing their work, waiting for the woman he considers a daughter. She smiled widely when she saw him too and jogged towards him and they embraced each other in a warm hug.

"My little Gina... are you alright?" He asked her while they unhooked their arms from each other. Gina was one of many names she uses when she was on a mission, but this specific name was known by her colleagues and this man that she considers a father figure.

"Seeing you always makes me feel better. You're the one I should be asking about though. Are you alright? Are you recovering well after the surgery you got?" She asked him in a concerned manner, even if it was a minor surgery.

"I am. This old man isn't going anywhere until you get married." He smiled back at her.

"Really Arthur? Are you still hoping that me and Roscoe will get married?" She asked knowingly.

"I do. Will you take me out of my misery and marry him?" He asked holding her hands.

"Arthur... dad said, I should marry the man that I'm certain will be able to take care of all this. He wanted me to marry a man that'll be capable to run this empire and Roscoe is a loose cannon. He will not be able to run this empire." She reminded him.

"I wish you were wrong but you're right kiddo. My stepson isn't ready for this. He is still a hot head." He agreed. "But I also feel like if he sticks with you, he'll change and become the man that has some sense. He just needs to focus." He added.

"I'm sure summoning me here, while I was on vacation wasn't to talk about your step son." She said changing the topic.

"Ofcourse. We have an assignment for you. This one it's quite rushed, that's why it's suitable for you. I trust you to handle it thoroughly and keep it as clean as possible." He explained.

"Got it." She replied.

"Here's your target." He said giving her a file and she saw her targets picture. "You leave tonight. Your transport and plane tickets are ready." He added.

While Arthur gave out instructions to Hadleigh, Shannon approached them listening into their conversation then asked. "You still won't ask why? I mean I'd be very curious, especially about this one."

Shannon was one of the black ops computer geniuses that has worked here for nine years. She's brilliant at her job, plus she works with gadgets, which is something she really loves. She can build a computer from scratch. There isn't anything she can't do when it comes to technological innovations.

She replied. "You know me... the less I know the better. It keeps me from getting attached to the target." She replied.

"You see why I love our little Gina, Shannon. She's one of a kind." Her handler said giving her a warm smile.

"I see why Arthur adores you so much. You're a professional. Well, I prepared this for you so we can hear everything on your side." She said, giving her an earpiece. "We'll use it to communicate before the mission. You don't need to communicate with us during your mission but since this is a dangerous one, I made this hair clip for you, instead of this ear piece, because ear pieces are easily spotted and they can jeopardize your mission I made the hair clip." Shannon explained further.

"Stylish I must say... so I can talk to you and hear you through it?" She asked looking at it and Shannon nodded.

"Thanks. I'll make use of it, if necessary." She assured her.

Shannon placed it in a sealed small box and gave it to her. She took it and placed it inside her jacket pocket, including the earpiece.

"Well, well, well if it isn't our Gina, the black sheep and the most beloved." Roscoe said when he got inside the room, coming down the staircase, where they were standing.

"Roscoe, it's always a pleasure seeing you." Hadleigh said to him sarcastically.

"You're late and my father still gives you an assignment. You really have him wrapped around your little finger huh?" He started off.

"And you're surprised because?" She asked folding her arms against her chest.

"You really aren't afraid of me, are you?" He pointed out the obvious.

She asked confidently, "Why would I be?"

"If you weren't so excellent at your job and my father didn't like you so much, I would've cut open that beautiful throat to keep it as a souvenir and feed the rest of your body to my Lions." He said in a really disturbing way but she chuckled unbothered.

"We both know that the only reason you're alive it's because you're under Arthur's protection. Don't tempt me Roscoe. If you keep being this indecisive I'm going to kill you and feed you to your own lion's while I'm sitting pretty on the throne that you think has already been given to you." She said and he clenched his jaw. Some of the members that were around them stifled their laughs after she said that.

"You're the only woman in this universe that makes my blood boil to a point where I want to strangle the life out of you, but yet I still want to keep you around." He said.

"I know." She smiled.

Arthur was disturbed by their exchange.

"You two need to stop. I honestly thought after years of working under the same operation, you two would've gotten along by now but your relationship seem to get worse by the minute. You two need to find common ground if we want this operation to continue but if you can't get along, it'll be destroyed. I won't always be here to keep an eye on you two and everything else, I'm getting old, that's why I need you two to get married and take care of this empire that your father built from his sweat, blood and tears."

"I'm sorry Arthur. You know that I love and respect you with everything in me. You were my father's bestfriend and right hand man for as long as I can remember and you both wanted this marriage from the start so we can keep the business in the family, but I'm sorry, I will never get married to Roscoe. He isn't fit to run any of this. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a mission to fulfill." She said, then left them there.

Everyone that heard this whole conversation were looking at Roscoe who seemed to be extremely bothered by Hadleigh's words. "What are you all looking at? Get back to work!" He hissed then walked out too.

While Hadleigh was waiting for the elevator doors to open, she felt someone's hands on her shoulders.

"You smell different..." he said after smelling her hair.

She asked calmly, "I do? I didn't know you keep track of my scent Roscoe."

"You know me, I keep track of everything about you. I don't miss anything." He added.

"Get your hands off me Roscoe." She warned him.

"You're seeing someone else, right?" He asked.

"How is it any of your business?" She asked nonchalantly.

"If I find out who he is, I'm going to kill him and send his beating heart to your doorstep. You were destined to be mine and no one else's." He threatened calmly.

"I will never be yours Roscoe. I don't belong to you or to any other man for that matter. All of this is mine and you will never get a taste of it." She calmly replied.

"We'll see about that." He chuckled.
The elevator opened and she walked inside and turned to face him.

"We'll definitely see about that." She said to him with a smirk on her face, then the elevator doors closed.

Her relationship with Roscoe has never been a romantic one, on top of that it was always rocky even when Arthur tried to get them to get along. This was their legacy and it seems like they were never going to enjoy it together as a couple because they're two bulls in a single cage. They will never work.

If it was before she met Zyair she wouldn't have cared about Roscoe's words but now that she met this innocent loving man, Roscoe's words made her feel uneasy. If anything would have happened to him and his kids she'd feel absolutely crushed.

This is why she never wanted to get attached to anyone because of the danger she posses around her. She knew that Roscoe meant what he said. He was going to make sure that she doesn't have any man in her life just so he can have this empire at the palm of his hands. He was a loose cannon but he was a dangerous one.

She didn't panic though, she just had to play her cards right, besides... she made sure that she discreetly left a few bugs and camera's in Zyairs house to maintain their safety.

If anything were to happen to them she would immediately be alerted.

She drove to her penthouse in the suburbs and she prepared everything she needed for her trip to the capital of Russia, Moscow. That's where her target will be.
She packed a backpack, she didn't need much, it's not like she was going on vacation.

When time came, her transportation came to take her to the airport and she boarded the family private jet.
The hostess served her a glass of champagne before taking off. She opened her file and read about her target's behavior and personality.

Hadleigh was so good at her job that she could learn a person's behavior in a matter of seconds. Everything she learned she had already absorbed it's information. She knew what to do to get the target on her side.

The jet took off after a few minutes. During her flight she thought about Zyair and the twins. She really missed them. She couldn't believe that in just a matter of days she got to like him so much. He was a man of integrity. A man who holds himself and everyone around him with respect.
She knew that he was good for her because he wasn't toxic for her like her previous significant other and all the douchebags she came across in the past. Zyair was one of a kind. He was an amazing man and an amazing father to those adorable boys. Saying goodbye to him today made her heart flutter in sadness.

She took out her iPad and opened the app that was connected to the camera she installed in the living room and she saw him playing with the twins. She wore her headphones and connected the audio to it and listened to them.

Seeing the three of them this cheerful made her smile a lot. She laughed when the twins hit their dad with the couch pillows. They were very cheerful which made her feel more content. She closed the app after being satisfied that they were safe, closed her iPad and put it away.

A few hours later she arrived in Moscow, checked into her hotel and went straight to her hotel room, she didn't need to cover herself from the hotel cameras because Shannon hacked into them, not to show Hadleigh's comings and goings.

She laid down everything from her backpack on the bed, setting up her weapons and everything else she was going to need.

She inserted her earpiece, after switching it on and it alerted Shannon.

"Ms Gina. Can you hear me?" Shannon asked.

She replied, "Loud and clear."

Alex, one of the operatives responded, "I just found out that your target had a change of plans so he canceled."

"Change of plans? I don't think so. This meeting is too important to him to just cancel at the last minute. It's just a diversion because most politicians are going to be there. What was his excuse for cancelling?" She asked.

"He says his son is at the hospital." She said.

"The plot thickens. Track his son down. He's the one that's going to help daddy get laid tonight." She chuckled.

"Are you going to sleep with him?" Shannon asked surprised.

"I'm going to make him think that I'm going to sleep with him." She replied.

"You're one dangerous woman Ms Gina." Shannon replied with a scoff.

"Have you found our little lamb?" She asked.

"Just did. He's at a friends house. It's even nearer than I thought. The house is a few blocks away from your hotel. I'm going to send you the location just now." She said.

"Thanks Shannon. I wonder how does it feel being a parent? Is it all chocolates and roses Diana?" Hadleigh asked one of the operatives who was a step mother.

"It's not easy but if you find a man who tries hard to look after his kids and treats you with respect so they can witness it, they will treat you however their father treats you." She replied with honesty.

Hadleigh replied, "Sounds ideal. Do you think I'd be a good mom like you?"

"I think you'd be an amazing mother Ms. Gina. Can I ask you something?" Diana asked.

"Sure Diana." She replied.

"Are you seeing someone that has a child?" She asked and every operative listened in carefully, waiting for her response.

She chuckled. "Everyone is listening right?" She asked.

"Yes, Ms Gina. You know how nosy everyone is. Don't worry, Mr Arthur and Roscoe aren't here." Diana said.

"It's not only about you guys being nosy. You love it when I talk about love life." She said to them.

"Oh for Pete's sake just tell us if you're seeing someone or not." Blake commented, making everyone laugh.

She replied truthfully, "It's complicated Blake."

"Why? Did he find out what you do for a living?" He asked.

"No, you know I'm not supposed to disclose my occupational activities. We all know what happened to the last man I told. I almost put all your lives in danger." She reminded them.

"Ms. Gina, you deserve to be happy too. If this complicated relationship you're in makes you happy then I don't think you should hesitate being with him." Shannon added.

She chuckled in amusement. "You guys are being too forward. I never said I was seeing him."

"Does he have a son or a daughter?" Diana asked curiously.

"Twins actually. They're both boys." She replied.

"He must be very special to you if you don't mind that he has two little kids." Diana said.

"He is an amazing father, but I can't be with him. My work will just put his life and his kids lives in danger."

"Ms Gina, don't hesitate being with him just because of what you do. What you're doing is for the greater good. If he doesn't understand that then it means he wasn't meant for you from the very beginning." Diana stated out.

"Diana, do you honestly think a man would fall head over heels in love with me when he finds out that I'm an assassin? Remember Pete? He found out that I killed the minister of health and he almost snitched putting your lives and our operation at risk. After him I couldn't trust a man enough to let him into my life. That's just a sad life if you ask me, but it's one I chose for myself, no one forced me into it."

She softly cut Diana off, "But-

"Let's focus on the matter at hand first, we'll continue conversating about my love life after all this. Now, can anyone show me a picture of our little lamb. I'm here already. I see two cute faces sleeping in this bedroom, which one of them am I taking?"

A second later a picture was sent to her phone and she took the boy that she saw on the picture and freely left the house without waking anyone or alarming any dogs, any alarms or neighbors. She placed the boy on her back after leaving the bedroom door opened, including the main door to the house, opened and walked back to the hotel, holding her head down until she arrived and entered her hotel room.

She placed the little boy on her bed, watching him sleeping.

"Now we alarm the man, of his missing child and Hilda becomes the woman that found the lost child. She gets to be the hero and her targets almost one night stand."

"You're creating a Hilda now?" Blake asked chuckling.

"Yes, a poor, helpless woman who lost her husband in a tragic accident."she said chuckling.

Hadleigh picked up her phone and made a call. "911, How can I help you?"

"I found a stray kid on the streets and I have no idea who and where his parents are, can you help me?"

"Of course I can help, tell me where you are so I can alert the police and they can come and assist you in finding the kid's parents."

"Ohh okay, thank you so much." She gave her the hotel name she's in and her room number. Afterwards Hadleigh hung up the phone.

Her co-workers hacked into the friends little lamb's phone making a sound that woke him up. He woke up and noticed that his friend wasn't in bed, then he walked around the house to look for him. He alerted his parents once he noticed that the doors were opened.

His parents panicked when they noticed that the child that they guarded was missing. They called his father, alerting him and they called the police as well.
Then chaos started.

Hadleigh lived for Chaos.
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