The Royal Spare

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This story follows the life of Princess Maiena, the second and youngest child of King Thaddeus-- the strong, wise, and uncompromisingly orthodox ruler of Reidonia which is a kingdom set in the modern age with customs, laws and traditions that seem to have been stuck in the 14th century. His only weakness is his only daughter. The Princess Maiena, the spare heir of the king, is a woman of exceptional beauty and charm known across the world. She is too brave, too smart, too determined and too free-spirited for her own good. She struggles to live with the stringent rules and expectations required of a member of the royal family. Caught in the demands of her scrupulous world is the unwilling but obedient, intelligent and golden-hearted Crown Prince Nikolai, her big brother who loves her more than anything in the world. Among her allies are the kind, quiet and ever-accepting Sir Gali, a noble knight of the realm and her personal royal guard; and his younger brother, the handsome, austere, unyielding and outstanding swordsman, marksman and martial artist Sir Aidan, the Crown Prince's royal guard and friend.

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1- Of Royals and Nobles


Conversations immediately stopped and everyone turned their attention up to the heavy wooden and intricately designed doors of the ballroom atop a grand staircase. Every man and woman, all a hundred and a score of them in their most expensive wool suits and silk gowns embellished with shiny precious jewels, started feeling significantly smaller than they did before the arrival of the three figures by the doorway was announced because who wouldn’t feel so in the presence of the royal family.

As is customary, the head of the monarchy walked in front of his two children as they descended the staircase. King Thaddeus has gentle eyes, and a ready smile and wave but he also has an almost tangible aristocratic air and unbending will. He was in his mid-twenties when he lost his lovely wife Queen Maristella, leaving him with only two heirs to the crown. His children were but seven and four years of age then, in need of maternal guidance, but the king never remarried. He was one of the few monarchs who had the privilege to be wed out of love and he had high hopes for the young prince Nikolai to lead the future of the country so he didn’t think a second marriage would be necessary.

Twenty years later, his hopes would appear not to be wasted as the Crown Prince Nikolai who walked right behind his father-- a traditional symbolic and quite literal act of him following the king’s footsteps, has impressively displayed his intelligence, bravery, and compassion which is a promising combination of traits for the future leader of the nation. With all that plus his tall and fit physique matched with a good-looking face, every man would question if he had done anything unforgivable in his past life to stand so invaluable beside the heir to the throne.

And then there she was... A unified gasp must have filled the room as everyone either held their chest or placed a hand over their mouth when Princess Maiena finally came in full view and glided down the stairs. Yes, glided? Or was it floated? Her footsteps were so light that her feet barely touched the ground.

She wore a white dress sans any jewels and adornments. Its simplicity shines over all the other noble women’s jeweled gowns. Her only accessories are the diamond studs on her ears and white wide-brimmed hat that matched her dress. Some ladies touched their hair and headdresses as if questioning themselves if they should’ve worn a hat instead of having spent painstakingly long hours on making their crowning glories the way they looked at the ball. Although, I doubt they would. I don’t think anyone else could wear a hat to an evening event indoors with outstanding elegance like Princess Maiena.

The wide brim of the hat cast a shadow to the tip of her nose and covered almost half of her face. It was a shame to hide the brilliance of her brown almond-shaped eyes which seems to hold the stars in the galaxies but the hat could have never done enough to keep the entire ballroom from being bewitched by the alluring smile on her luscious lips.

Although Her Highness’s beauty is remarkable, her most admirable features are more than what meets the eye--her thoughtfulness, her compassion, her courage, her intelligence, her perseverance, her exuberant spirit and her contagious laughter. It’s a pity that the laws of the land dating back to ancient times would never allow her to sit on the throne, she would’ve made an amazing queen. The kingdom, as impressive as it is, is not perfect after all. Traditions, culture and law are still highly in favor of the men. A woman, no matter how brilliant as the Princess, does not have the right to inherit or be granted titles and territories. If so, Princess Maiena would have been an Archduchess, ruling over her own people who would have greatly benefited from her commendable personality and wit.

What’s even more unfortunate was that the radiance of her personality, the genius of her mind and the mirth of her laughter could not be seen in public. Out here, in the presence of nobles and there, for all the citizens to see, the Princess was no more than a beautiful, graceful and regal backdrop for the King and the Crown Prince.

I count myself lucky for being one of the very few people who get to experience the real sparkle of the universe that is Princess Maiena of Reidonia.

The noble crowd parted like the Red Sea as the royals made their way to the most extravagant table in the room that was reserved for them. Members of the Royal Guard lined the path that they walked upon. The King and the Crown Prince shook hands and exchanged a few pleasantries with some of the nobilities present while the Princess smiled coyly and waved.

Seven members of the elite order of the Royal Guard stood around the table, creating a perimeter around it, and made sure nobody that was not authorized to be there got near it. Only knights from the noble house of Falkurina, which is the most trusted and most skilled house in the land, who for generations have sworn their loyalty and allegiance to the royal family and the crown, are inducted into the elite order. I am one of them, along with my younger brother, our father, our three uncles and ten cousins.

We waited until the royal family reached the table and bowed as they approached. I pulled the chair in front of me, the one intended for my charge. I secretly wished she would spare me a glance but I don’t want to ask for too much.

Then it happened. As she sat down, she looked up, her hat tipping just enough to show her eyes. They met mine. A breath caught in my chest. She smiled, “Thank you, Sir Gali.”

I quickly composed myself and recovered from the assaulting effect of her eyes and smile. I politely bowed and stepped back in response. My heart raced in my chest.

When I straightened back up and stood guard behind her, I met my brother’s eyes from across the table and he stood behind the Crown Prince. Aidan’s stare was like usual as his eyes moved from the Princess to me, apathetic and inscrutable.

I’m usually good at reading people’s emotions but not my brother’s. It usually took time for me to figure him out but before I do, something always comes up like the daughter of the Count of Varelli approaching the royal table.

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