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Shamveel a simple person remember his past how he has gone through so much and over come the darkest point in his life.

Romance / Drama
Jannat liza
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Looking at the dark night at sky, moon and starts are sparse 1 star is perticularly bright just like her eyes years back...
I am reminiscing the past, how did it turned to be like this how much I gave up how many sacrifices I made at the end the result was this. Sitting alone all those times, all those moments, all the memories just pop up unnecessarily even if I want to delete them from my head my heart just holds on to those precious memories. What a time it was, alas! All good things have ending all pain have ending maybe would meet the person who cherishes me now, maybe I won’t be betrayed again. Opening the dairy the first page had and reminiscing the past that is what I have end up to. It is said that first love is difficult to be forget but they would never know it stitched on the skin like disease just deathly to cure, unbearable to live with. I still remember It was one summer afternoon when with group of friends we decided to visit WONDERLLA PARK, I was coming from my hometown to BANGLORE my friends came to pick me up from railway station for the weekend I went to visit my parents. According to family rules I must visit their every month to show filial piety. Hustle and bustle of people all around me, as soon as I got down from the train, standing in Southwestern railway the clock was around 10 that time. Parking lot was filled with different vehicles, Yellow green taxies waited in line eagerly, to take passengers to destination. My friends were waiting for me I got on their bike from there from a distance we could see wondella gate and waterfall. At the entrance people were taking pictures using their cameras, the area was filled with sweet, scented flowers rose, marry gold, etc. people in costume tried different antiques to make the visitors day memorable. As it is said amusement park to be happiest place in the world. Then we tried the rides in amusement park, had lunch then again, we decided to go on wave water ride it was around 1.30 or 2 the sun was fierce at that time. Due to sudden impact water went into my eyes and the bright sunlight made go blind I had to close my eyes and rub them few times to get rid of irritation. As I opened my eyes, I found a beautiful enchantress in front of me her black eyes had put me into daze. I forgot to breath for a moment the butter gold sunlight felt like warm touch on my face and her glare made my heart warm. Is this what they called love at first sight? How can glance make so crazy? I who didn’t believe in love was at dilemma I felt like a drunk person with no sense of reality. To confirm what I was feeling for a moment is true I decided to roam around, I thought as time passes these feelings would go. If it had left at that moment, I can only sigh now remember first encounter. Like a lost puppy abandoned in the street I followed her the feeling of first love were hypnotizing me compelling my body to obediently follow her lead. I bought a small chain from one of the shops in park I wanted to give this to her why? I really don’t know myself might be that crazy itch I was feeling at heart. Her laughter when she was talking with her friends were giving silent knock on my heart. After I took the chain then I realized there was no straight way to give it in her hand or talk to her as she was here with her parents. I couldn’t come up with the courage to confront her directly with my one-sided feeling. Then as desperate lover I was searching for means to approach her an idea popped into my head I went to popcorn shop and bought a packet of popcorn with that there was a small parchment paper I wrote my number the time was around 7 in evening the time ran away following her. Then I gave that paper folded the chain and gave in hand of a little girl to sneakily give in to her hand. My heart was at my throat in fear that she would not accept it I was restless whole time yet at amazing peace with her presence. How an unknown person can impact so much I knew not before this. But luck was on my side she took the paper from the girl’s hand then I happily left the place with the hope in my heart. I was hoping and waiting for her text I couldn’t believe the feeling I felt were only in my heart my presence had not affected her a bit. As she took the paper, I was little hopeful, but the doubt was still lingering my head. I didn’t have to wait for long by night I got my first text “hey black shirt what was your name?” still I have that text saved in tons of texted messaged she gave. Thus began my courtship…
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