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Silent: The Mute Baker

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Chapter 2

Don't worry I will have my cousin Ivy in charge of your wedding cake...yes......trust me...you would love it..." Marie spoke on her phone while I sat beside her scowling.

I had to wait for that jerk to come out and get his stupid car out of my way so I can drive out but that was after four hours. Four good hours! I spent four hours wandering around Prings with my full cart waiting for an idiot.

".... definitely Ivy is the best.....sure ...." Marie has been of great help to me since I started living with her and Aunt Maria.

She's absolutely stunning. She has blue eyes, waist length brown hair, perfect hourglass shape, full shaped lips, tanned skin and also tall. She's the definition of elegance. She could easily pass as a model.

And then there's me the mute cousin. Brown eyes, long brown hair that sometimes appear black and olive skin.

I'm not saying I’m ugly i know i’m beautiful. I don't have a perfect hour glass shape but I'm curvy and average in height. Just the right fit if you ask me.

"Ivy!" I looked up and noticed that Marie was done with her phone conversation. "Why are you still frowning, is it because of him?" She asked me.

I nod at her. Of course it's because of that son of a hot dog. He called me a beggar indirectly insinuating I looked like a beggar.

"Sweetheart you are not a beggar nor do you look like one. You are beautiful, intelligent and hardworking." She said to boost my ego and it’s working.

I'm grinning from ear to ear. I look like a Cheshire cat right now. I keep nodding my head at all the compliments she threw my way.

"There's a friend of mine whose wedding is on Saturday. She needs a caterer and I told her you are available for the job. You up for it?" She asked and I nodded my head. Definitely up for it.

"Cool the venue is in Lagus and she’s coming over for a cake tasting soon. She also wants to see the cake a day before the wedding" Lagus is only two hours away from Dawnsville. It's a pretty small town and very beautiful. One of those towns where everybody knows everybody.


"Wakey wakey sunshine"I open my eyes to be greeted by the person I hate the most in the entire world. I thought he was dead how the hell did he find me. I noticed he's closing the distance between us and I struggle to get out of his grip.

"I see you haven't changed. Did you think a worthless piece of trash like you can get rid of me so easily? Darling you are wrong. I am back and back for good" He said and roughly jammed his lips on mine.

I wanted to scream but i could not. His grip became stronger and painful.

No. No. How is he here. How did he find me after ten years. No way. Impossible. He started ripping off my clothes while I continued to struggle.

I noticed he had a whip in his hands. Where did that come from? I start hitting everything to at least make some sort of sound. I hit everything. My bed, my bedside drawer anything i can lay my hands on. No!

No! Not again!




"I'm here Ivy calm down"

I look around searching for the owner of the voice but no one.


I woke up only to see Marie hugging me. It's just a nightmare. It's just a dream. There's no way he's still alive. No way. I assured my self as i took in deep breaths.

I hug Marie back to assure her that I'm okay. I pulled away and motioned for her to leave with a smile on my face.

"Are you sure you're ok?" She asked me with a worried expression while I just nodded giving her my biggest smile. She hesitated a little before she left.

Marie doesn't really know what happened to me or what my nightmares are about. It's not like I told anybody. It's a memory I want to forget.

Marie only comforts me and asks no questions thats what I love about her. She's understanding. Although I know she's dying to ask but is giving me time to talk when am ready.

I look at my clock. 5:35am. I don't think I can go back to sleep.

It's a Sunday after all. I get out of bed with the intention of getting ready for church. After all, if I go early I can find a good seat.
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